Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I’m Back!!

I’ve finally handed in my last assignment and I’m unofficially done with my Master's degree. Of course I need to get my results for my last two papers this semester but after that I’ll be graduating. Woo hoo!!!

This has dragged on for more than a year and a half and I’ve totally neglected my blogging pretty much throughout the whole period. Worse I’ve neglected all my blogging buddies during that time too! SORRY FOLKS - I'll make it up to you!!

Wow so much has happened since then! The worst news was the recent passing of Michael Jackson! I have grown up to his music and been a fan of his for a long long time and it was unbelievable when I heard the news that morning that there were unofficial reports of his passing. I quietly wished that it was just a rumor but within minutes, the news was confirmed.

We spent the whole weekend catching up on the news and tributes to the King of Pop. As I watched past performances it reminded me of just how remarkable he was. One funny thing was as we listened to the car radio on Saturday morning while on the way to breakfast, my little girl who is only four and listening to MJ’s music for the first time remarked that she liked the music. She doesn’t usually say things like that about any songs whenever we listen to music. Unfortunately I can’t remember which song it was because I was thinking that even in death MJ’s music is timeless and can still reaching out to win over a new little fan!! Amazing!!!

I remember when MJ performed in Malaysia for the first time, I without hesitation went for his concert (I am not the concert going type and this was my first and only paid music concert that I have ever attended). While I remember the show very well, what left a lasting impression was after the show as we were walking back to the car. There was only a few of us on the road as the majority of the fans were still at the stadium trying to catch a glimpse of MJ. As we crossed the road and were standing on the divider I look up and see Michael’s vehicle drive slowly by right in front of us and he is happily standing up and waving through the sun roof. I personally call the place Michael Jackson Road whenever I drive past. Just goes to show that although his performances were out of this world, he was really a down to earth person. Rest in Peace Mike!

Okay that’s it for now.


PS I’m long overdue for a Blog makeover so stay tuned!!