Friday, July 6, 2007

ROCKin' & AWEsome

When it rains in pours! It must be awards season because as soon as I'd sent out the Power of Schmooze Award which I got from Marzie, I get a Awesome Guy Blogger Award from DiamondSapphire. Best part is my good buddy Nick also got one too. Talk about a great week! By the way do these awards come with any cash? LOL

I'm not a man of many words (most of the time) and I want to keep this brief because I don't have the time right now (juggling between the little one, work and the gym and trying to blog) and because I want to send this to one particularly special person who I feel deserves this award before someone else gets to her. :)

Marzie for the friend you are! You've blown me away with your kindness and patience in helping me on my way! And from what I've read you've done this for everyone and they all are touched my your magical hand! You really are A Rocking Girl Blogger no matter what they say LOL!

Janice you a a really geat mom who is so wonderful with your Amos and Zach! And one Rocking Mom!
Yasmin For making me laugh with the jokes you post! You rock!

Speedcathollydale For the witty comments that you left behind! Awesome Dude!

Barrett For the support you always gave! You're Awesome!

Congratulations to all the wonderful recipients! The check is in the mail but I wouldn't hold my breath! LOL Yikes look at the time...gotta run! Ciao!


Mariuca said...

Hola!! Hey, that's so cool getting the same award as your best bud on the same day! Congrats guys!

Oooooh, I love this Rockin' Girl Blogger award Adrian! Honestly, I was not expecting this at all, thank you SOOOOOO much!!!!And it's PINK :) :) :) You really know how to make my day Adrian, that's why you're da best!

Adrian said...

Hola! I'm glad you like it! I just picked it up today and knew I had to send it out ASAP otherwise someone else would be sure to get to you! :) Have a wonderful Friday! :)

J@n!ce said...

Adrian, thanks for coming over to my blog to congrates me despite your bz schedule. Wah, u still work out at gym. I feel so ashamed, I very long nv exercise aledy :(
I am really happy to get this one BCOS of the COLOR.... I love pink.....somemore I got the award together with my good friend, Marzie. Give me a "5"... :)

Thank You again ...

Mariuca said...

Yup! Janice ME TOO love PINK!! Wah, another thing in common with you Janice! :) Adrian, you really know how to pick your recipients, he he..congrats Janice :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I like blue! {I am a boy}

First off, I would like to thank the Academy for all of the mail, and Mr. Simpson (aka Eddie John First Time Dad) for providing us all with a fun blog full of awesome pictures and thoughts.
I would like to write more, but they are informing me it is time for a commercial...

Thanks for thinking of the SCH Page!

Your pal, Speedcat H. =:~)

Adrian said...

Janice and Marzie! Glad you both have one more thing in common! :) COngrats on the awards girls! You both deserve it! :)

Adrian said...

Speedcat! The Academy just called and you're also down for best actor in a comedy! LOL Have a great Friday! :)

It really feels good to be able to give out awards! Afterall it's better to give than to receive! :)

Cheers everyone!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hey, gurls (janice & marzie)! i love pink too! ;)

Adrian, congratulations! :) now I can see why you and nick are best buddies. Even getting award also at the same time.! :)

Mariuca said...

HI Adrian, Jan & Jean, I hope all of u are enjoying your weekend & great job on the awards everybody :)

Adrian said...

Jean! Thanks! Yup we do practically everything together! So it's great that we both get awards at the same time too :)

Hi Marzie, Thanks! :)

Yasmin said...

OMG....An Award, for me??? Adrian, you're such a Darling. I'm lost for words! And the best part it's pink, (you know, we girls are suckers when it comes to the colour pink) he he he. I wish I could hug you now, Thank You, Thank You and Thank You :)) And, Marzie and Janice, they're brilliant!

Adrian said...

Yasmin! I'm glad you like it and in pink too (girls will be girls)! I always have a good laugh whenever I visit your blog! Congratz!!!