Sunday, December 9, 2007

My 100th Post!!

A long time ago in Bethlehem...there was a Star that shone bright! It shone so bright that it led shepherds and kings to the place where a baby was born with the hope of bringing peace on Earth. This was the beginning of Christmas! The Star of Christmas therefore signifies a light so bright that it shines in the night and guides us to the goodness of life.

I am fortunate that my 100th post coincides with the wonderful season of Christmas so I'd like to take the opportunity to create something in the spirit of Christmas for my readers and community members to commemorate the occasion by giving you back a little something.

That is why I created my very own Christmas Star. It is to be shared with all the people on the blogsphere who are my Christmas Stars for their role in being a guiding light by shining so bright in one way or another and lighting the path of my journey here!! Thank you all!!

Drumroll Please:
A Great Pleasure
A Nice Place in the Sun
Anything Goes!
Brainy Bimbo
Monday Morning Powerl
Sugar Queen's Dream
Christy's Coffee Break
Diamonds Saphire
Emila's Illustrated Blog
Huma B
In Cinq
Journey with Water Learner
Kim Fei's Blog
Lady Java's Lounge
Maunie James
My Life is Murphys Law
NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)
Nessa's Mumblings
Nihal's Anything & Everything
Petty Ramblings of a Petty Queen
Room's of My Heart
Project Heavy Traffic
Random Magus
Speedcat Hollydale Page
Purple Frog
Polliwog's Pond
Santa's Community Blog
The Magical Golden Cat
This Is A Miracle

& last but not least my best blogger friend Mariuca!!

I hope I have not missed anyone but if I have please feel free to help yourself to your Christmas Star! They come in two colours, pink and blue, and you can pick which one you like or even have both... I really do hope you like your little Christmas token. Thank you again!

Peace to all and Have A Very Merry Christmas!

With love from our family!


LadyJava said...

HOHOHO!!.. yey.. first comentator again...hehhehe (smiling sheepishly at Nick)....lolzz

Congrats on your 100th post GK... this is indeed a special moment..and thanks so much for the Christmas Star Award... so pretty!!..

Merry Christmas to you and your family.. and what a beautiful family you've got :-)

Cheerio and hugs for all

DiamondsSaphire said...

AWWWW, thanks Adrian. I wish you and your family Happy and safe Holidays..btw, what a beautiful picture.

mauniejames3 said...

why look how handsome you are...your not yellowish green at all...but I shall call you that anyway..thank you so much for the honor...I do so appreciate it..your the best, and congrats on the 100 post...your friend maunie

J@n!ce said...

This is a wonderful post. So meaningful & seeing your whole family immensing in the joyful season. Beautiful :)

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Adrian for the Christmas award thing...Hope you and your family have a wonderfull holiday season..Hope over anytime to visit...ribbit,ribbit,ribbit...

DubLiMan said...

Thank you. I will display it with pleasure and pride!

Trinity said...

I love your family picture, Eddie! :-) thank you for including me in your Christmas star... you made blue and pink star.. for boys and girls.. LOL.. very thoughtful of you.

Congrats for your 100th post, it's really great to have this celebration on Christmas season!

darlene said...

ya you missed hoo!!...whaaaa!!
Congrats on the 100th post!!...
love the pic of your family...its truly beautiful....;-)

Sophiagurl said...

wow! congratulations! lovely photo of your family. God bless!

Sophiagurl said...
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Jos said...

Hi Adrian! Congrats on the 100st post! And keep it up! Thank you for the Star Award, that's much appreciated! Happy Holidays to you and your family, too!

Mariuca said...

Alakazam!!! GP is here to wish a very special congrats to dear GK! You made it to ur 100th post in less than a year, that's excellent! Remember the first post u did and the reason u started blogging? Well, I for one am glad that u decided to take up blogging cause now, I have a wonderful blog buddy who's so much fun! Congrats on this great achievement and thanks for the lovely award! Genie hugzzzzz :):):)

Nessa said...

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas Star award :D

I'll take the pink one...

... and congratulations on the 100th post!! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

ADRIAN!!! This is really nice. 100 posts, only 10,000 more to go LOL!!

I love the family picture, and the whole Christmas theme you have right now. It's really fun to see. I would say that your blog has never looked better. You make a great Santa too!

I'm so glad we met. So many times you have brought fun and attention to my blog. This Christmas Star will be a proud emblem to display from my friend, the Genie King Homer Adrian first time DAD!

Happy Holliday's and Congratulations Mr. 100

Nick Phillips said...

Yo, buddy, sorry for the late message, been a little busy with Christmas stuff.

Congrats on your 100 post. You've come a long way since I first told you I had a blog ... LOL! Didn't expect to see you stay with it for this long but I must say I'm glad you did. Here's to your 1000th post buds :)

And I see Lady Java is still first commenter. What, she got special 'fist commenter card', ah? LOL! LJ, what do you do? Camp out here at GK's blog? hahahaha ...

LadyJava said...

Lolzzz Nick.. you don't know ahh.. GK got special telescope for me.. that way I always know when he's

Ratu Syura said...

woww!! thanks a lot!! and congrats on the 100th post! keep on posting man! maybe i should send out awards on my 600th post.. i'm nearly there!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

adrian, this is one of the best chirstmas pressies i've ever get! thank you so much. I love the picture of you & your loving family! so cute!!! HUGZ & LOVE to you & your family and a BIG KISS to the adorable girl! :) Merry Christmas! :)

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Adrian, thanks for the Christmas Star! Congrats to your 100th post! You have great work here, keep it up! & Cheers to you and all our great blog buddies especially all the 1st time fathers (me included LOL)!

cotojo said...

Thank you so much for the Christmas Star, simply awesome! Also many congrats on your 100th post and long may it continue :)
Have a great week,
Colin - Life

Adrian said...

Lady Java! Wow first commenter again! yay!! Glad you like the little token...if you prefer the one the gingerbread man is holding I can make that available...wasn't sure if I should leave it plain or like the way I did!

Yeah the family was having a Kodak moment that night LOL

Cheers LJ!!

Adrian said...

DS! I should be thanking you and everyone else for making this journey memorable!

Hope you, hubby and Z Have a Happy and Safe Christmas and New year too!

Cheers and Thanks again! :)

Adrian said...

Maunie! hehehe I'll always be a yellowish green guy to you! :):) Thanks for the fun and sharing all those brownies and donuts with me!

Cheers my friend and have a Merry Christmas!

Adrian said...

Janice! Hey you're one of the special people who have made blogging so much fun! I really appreciate our friendship and thank you for everything! :)

Have a Merry Christmas! :)

Adrian said...

Perps! ribbit ribbit...hey I speak frog too and I was saying thanks so much and haev a wonderful CHristmas! hoppity hop!

Adrian said...

Mel! Hey thanks! I had fun with our meme and look forward to the next one! It's good to have friends like you! :)

Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!!

Adrian said...

Trin! Thanks!! I was thinking of saying that blue was for the boys and pink for the girls but then again some guys like pink and some gals like blue hehehe Equal Opportunity that way ! :)
Yup I'm so lucky that this little event came at CHristmas time because for me it's the most wonderful tmie of the year! :) And it's also the season of giving too! :) Cheers!

Adrian said...

Darlene! I'm so sorry...believe me, you're not the only one I missed...I apologize...please pick a Star for your self okay!

Thanks for your friendship and support Dar! :)

We wish you a Merry CHristmas and a wonderful New Year! :)

Adrian said...

Sophiagurl! Welcome...and Thanks for the nice words and I hope to see you around more often! :) Cheers!

Adrian said...

Hi Jos! You're welcome! Thank you too and we hope you have a great holiday season too! :)


Adrian said...

Marzie! Yay! Yes I do remember my first post...Seems like so long ago yet it was only in May! The journey has had it's ups and downs but there were really more ups!
I didn't know a thing about blogging and then I got help from a really special star!
May our friendship last an eternity! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Nessa! Thank you! I hope I can do another hundred LOL Enjoy your star! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Nessa! Thank you! I hope I can do another hundred LOL Enjoy your star! :)

Adrian said...

Speedy buddy! Thank you! Hey you've been a great friend and support and one of the funniest bloggers around! I always have a good laugh at your blog with your imaginative posts and those hilarious pictures! The journey would not have been the same without you my friend! :)

I want to post nothing but Christmas themes until the big day at least and I'm glad you like the effort! but thank goodness CHristmas comes but once a year LOL

THe family wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hollydaledays!

Adrian said...

Buddy! The man who introduced me to blogging and also my best friend! :):) Woo hoo It's been a ride dude!

No apologies necessary because I'm also in the same boat...busy like poop and enjoying every moment of it LOL

Lots more to do too...hey how is our party music coming along...must come over and discuss the lighting too...wanna make the dance fun...btw...are you having a dance at your place too? :)

Adrian said...

LJ!! Howdy...looks like you and Nick are really "Hitting" it off LOL

Well I don't mind being the refree and GP can be the bell ringer LOL
Ting tong round one...

Adrian said...

Ratu! Wow 600th you're good...I hope I can make 200 myself LOL Looking forward to your 600th! :)


Adrian said...

Jean @ Ms. Yummylicious! One of my first friends here! You're part of the reason I continue to blog...with your friendship and support it made the journey fun and easy! Thanks so much !

Have a Very Merry Christmas too and a WOnderful New Year! :)

Adrian said...

MT!! You're most welcome! and thank you too for being a part of the journey!
Yes, us dads ought to stick together or maybe have a group/community where we can exchange ideas and tips on raising kids:)
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

Adrian said...

Colin! Thank you too! I hop eyou enjoy the star and have a great week and also a Merry CHristmas and Happy New Year! :)

LadyJava said...

GK, I love my star just fine.. but thanks for the offer.

Hmm.. round one?? hehehehe

Adrian said...

LJ hehehe! So want a round one or not LOL

LadyJava said...

lolzzz GK.. I'll leave that to the gentleman over there....heheheh

Adrian said...


emilayusof said...

Adrian, thanks for the award! Will put it up on a post soon!

Bobby Revell said...

Happy 100th!!!!! I think you should publish 10 posts per day and get to 1000 posts before summer...hahaha:)

Adrian said...

Thank you! 10 posts a day to reach a 1000 before summer hahaha you have a great sense of humor!! :) said...

Thank you so much Adrian, it's beautiful, and I shall put it on my site immediately as one of my first Christmas cards, stars, and gifts. LOL

I have one coming for you, except for the life of me I can't figure out how to make the code. Mel from Monday Morning Power made a blog button for me from Photobucket, and I 've tried to copy it, I can't figure out. :( However, I did manage to make a Christmas card that will be coming along this week. You are so smart- Thanks so much for always including me in your thoughts. You're a great friend~


Adrian said...

Ann! Glad you like it! It's only a small token of appreciation for all the wonderful people who have dropped by and made this fun! Glad you're gonna put it up too! :)

I can't wait to see your one! I'm sure you'll get the code thing sorted out and ready soon! :) But it's nice to know that your Christmas card is ready! And you call me smart! hehehe

Cheers my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Adrian-Congrats! That is quite a milestone. I hope you and your family had a very merry christmas! Best wishes to you and your in the new year!

Adrian said...

Barrett!! Thank you!! It's so good to have you back!!! I hope all is well with you and wish you and your family a Happy New year too! :):)

Cheers my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

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