Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka (Independence) Day!

I've been so busy lately that I've totally neglected my blog and to a certain extent going out for a little fun! So yesterday, ont he eve of Independence Day we got up late and had a heavy brunch of thosai and coffee at our old haunt and then headed to the park. Our little one...well she's not that little anymore but she'll always be little to you know what I mean!!

We haven't taken he to the park in ages and she loves going there so we made it a point to go. When we got there we hear a lot of music and loud goings on! It was a pre-Independence Day Celebration organized by the city council. We didn't really want to get involved because we thought it was for invited guests only at first so we headed to the slides and swings for some action. We had fun, when I say we, I mean my daughter had most of the fun sliding down while Mummy and Daddy had the honor of carrying here up for her next bit of fun. The apparatus were a little too high for her so to make things easy that's what we did! Liek I said, we had FUN!! LOL

Anyway, we heard that there was an art competition and a sand art competition too. Since the little one loves sand art we decided to mosey on there for a look see. There were a whole lot of kids there and they were happily drawing and "sand-arting" away. So we got Ellie one of the thingys to get going. With a little help from Mummy to remove the stickers, she happily colored her sheet. By the time it was completed it looked pretty nice and we went back to the booth to get the cover . The attendents there asked us to join in the competition and we said okay since they were going to announce the winners in a little while and we stil had some swinging and sliding to do. So we submitted her little "masterpiece" and she was the last entry or at least thats what the attendents said because it was supposed to close at 11.30 and it was 11.35 then.

So we went back to the swings and slides and continued with the fun. It was getting pretty late and after a while we decided to head back. So we went to retrieve the sand art from the judges table and gave her name. They said not to go back because she had won something. We were elated because it was totally unexpected. So we headed to the tent and waited a few minutes more for the announcements and soon heard her name being called up for the kindergarten category. The announcer called her name first and said that she had won a consolation prize, she also said that she was the youngest competitor. We were happy and a little excited since it was her first "official" competition and all. So Mummy helped ehr up stage amidst the clapping and cheering since the crowd saw that she was so little and encouraged her. Proud parent moment!!
After that we headed for home since it was getting late and we had a group assignement to work on that afternoon in college. So we made a quick stop to get her her favourite "Hor Fun noodles" at her favourite restaurant "Old Town White Coffee". She just loves the place and doesn't wanna go anywhere else and we give in because she is a fussy eater. We got home and after a quick rest it was time to go to school.

When we got back from group we decided to take her out for dinner. Wifey wanted to try somethign new and we decided to go to "Bubba Gump" at the Curve. We almost regretted the decision because they had blocked several roads leading to the place to facilitate a performanc ethat was being held there in conjunction with Independence Day. Somehow we hmanaged to take the right turnings and ended up at the mall without too much hassle. We headed to Bubba Gump and found that it was a nice place. A litttle like being on a boat, especially upstairs where it was all woody and well decorated. The place ws packed and many had made reservations but being first timers we had left it to chance and I guess we had to make do with whatever seats were available, which were upstairs. Fortunately a booth opened up and we went back downstairs and made our orders. It was there that we saw the staff "perform" for someone birthday! I won't reveal too much but it was very entertaining!!
For the little one we got her some linguini that came served in a little paper boat which she was delighted with. Also instead of fries we got to substitute it with fruit, a healtier option. Me loves shrimp... so we ordered "shrimp heaven" which came with four baskets of shrimp and some sauces...the most unique being the marmalade and mustard I think...Me like. We also ordered the "Pulled Beef" Sandwich which turned out to be pretty tasty and might be high on my favourites list. We were getting prety full but we just had to order some dessert. The ice cream and chocolate chip cookie....oh mama...that was so nice...Ellie and Mummy finished most of the ice cream and I got most of the cookie which was pretty darn came in a small pan which was a BIG COOKIE!!. We didn't finish the sandwich and the cookie so it was all packed up and brought home. Fortunately the trip home was less stressful and we didn't have a jam to contend with.

A rather fulfilling day don't you think. We got back pretty tired and played with the boat which we had to bring back if you get my drift. Soon we were all tired and went to was twelve by then and we heard the sound of fireworks in the distance as we drifted of to sleep. What a day...

Today I'm looking forward to the rest of the pulled beef sanwich and that chocolate chip cookie. Ah the little one just wok about timing...I'm gonna get her to hold up the sand-art for me to take picture of...
Happy Merdeka to all!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My New Pet

I haven't had that many pets in my time that I can remember. Our first family dog was called Bingo and he was a nice old fellow. Of course I was rather small at the time and the story goes that we used to cling on to him and we'd pull us around. Well at least that what my elder brother told me...I was young and gulliable then! Old Bingo went to Doggie heaven one fine day and we never had a dog who could replace him.

My mother, told me that my uncle had once brought a baby monkey for me as a pet. Of course I never even saw that one. Mum gave her brother a earful and so went my chances of having my own little monkey....that would have be so cool!!

One pet that I do remember very well was my parrot, his name was Bobby! We used to try to teach him how to talk and he was a bundle of fun for a youngster like me back then. I was like eight or nine then and had just lost my father to illness. I remember everyday after school I run to his little corner to play with him. I had so much fun. in fact the whole family enjoyed him.
One day though after school I found him motionless at the foot of his space. I couldn't believe it. I cried so much. My brother and sister were so nice that they got an old shoebox and put Bobby in there. Then we had a small procession in the garden and buried my little pet red parrot. In hind sigh we must have looked wierd but I still remember that day and it meant a lot to me to put Bobby in a nice final resting place.

After that we never really had any pets...we had fish and bird, budgies to be exact and bubbies too. We once had a grey bunny that we called Bugs and he was still a wee fellow...after work we'd take him and his sister, Blackie, out for a few minutes to have fun in the garden. One day, we went into our routine and all was well until our insurance guy came along. So left the bunnies outside for a moment near the budgie cage and went inside. All was well until we heard the budgies making a huge ruckus. Budgies a re pretty quiet bird but this time they were shreiking. We ran outside only to see a stray cat with little bugs in her mouth. He was still alive so I gave chase. Cats can move real fast when they want to and he bolted throught the garden and over the wall in a blink of an eye. We searched all over for hours but that was the last we saw of poor old bugs.

Okay all my stories seem to end with my little pets meeting their maker but thats why they are pets, right? Anyway, I have one more story of our arowanna fish that also met an untimely death but that was due to an accident and while w like that fish...he was almost two feet long he was just a fish.

Anyway, my new pet is actually a plant. Yes, folks you read right!! A plant....a venus flytrap to be exact. I've always been fascinated by this insect eating carnivorus oddity and I've finally got my hands on one. They are pretty rare and I've looked through countless plant shops but to no avail. So would you believe that I found it in Carefour hypermarket!! Of all the places. He's just a little baby right now and who knows if I feed him right and treat him well he migh grow into a giant tree that eats more than just mere little insects Muahahaha