Saturday, August 29, 2009

Malaysian Safari?

Recently I posted about a trip to Bangkok and the fun time we had at the Bangkok Safari...well this has got nothing to do with it! LOL Last month the family went for a little restaurant hopping to celebrate our wedding anniversary and my birthday, which is only a day apart.

No this is the first ime we've done this but I was pretty down then and wanted to just celebrate. hehehe

A moment of peace...

On the day eve of my birthday we went to Tony Roma's of favourite joint (which reminds me that I haven't been there in a week because of that blasted flu). I'm not going to elobrate cause the food there is excellent and we always have a good time. Then on my actual birthday we ended up in Chili's for another wonderful meal. The day after that was our wedding for that I wanted to go to somewhere different. Oddly enough someone in the office gave me a keychain that day and it was from Africa. The tagline was out of Africa...after the movie. That reminded me of this restaurant near my place that goes by the same name. So i actually googled it and found that it was a great restaurant that was highly rated by one of the expat magazines, which meant one thing to me....authentic.

My fav ribs...all 10 of them just for me...unfortunately could eat only 3...

Okay so we watch TV when we're out too...wife and her darn spy cam

To think that it's been around for ages and was so near by (five minute drive) that I have driven past it many a time and that had great reviews and that we had not been there at all. So we of cours decided to go there to celebrate our 16th wedding Anniversary! We didn't really want to eat that much because it was the third day of celebrations but the minute I saw the Johannes Burger with blue cheese grlled on an open flame...I had to have it and it was excellent. The next time I want to try the Broewars sausage....

Entrance to Out Of Africa

The restaurant was actually quiet when we got there becaues we went early and pretty soon it was filled to the brim as there was a group of visiting African students and their Malaysian and South African counterparts there for some gathering. The pictures below don't realy do justice to the place as the athmosphere was really great and I'd recommend this place to anyone.

My Johannes Burger with melted blue cheese

We were still enjoying ourselves actually. So we went for the fourth day of celebrations. It was Saturday and we went to Bubba Gumps in the Curve. They had a set menu promo and it was the ribs again for me...but this time it was babyback ribs which gave Tony Roma's a run for their money. Being loyal is one thing...good ribs is another LOL It's always fun when the family goes fact I rather go out because at home I'm glued to the TV like a moth to flame. LOL

Nelson mandela was there to say hello...NOT

Entrance to the bar...err...or was it the toilet... That deer gave up it's life to bring us closer to Africa and it's preserved wildlife...pun intended LOL

This was the set at Bubba's
My favourite gals...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Green Jeans

My good friend and fellow Genie Marzie is having another one of her fab contests over at her Mariuca's Perfume Gallery blog. This time it's in conjunction of her upcoming birthday and the prize is a mini Green Jean's Mens Perfume.

I rememeber having a bottle of baby Blue Jeans a long long long time ago and I think I still have the can it came in somewhere around the house. Winning this Green Jeans perfume will bring back some memories considering the fact that wifey did own an awesome pair of green jeans the denim kind that is hehe

One of the rules of the contest is that I have to guess how many mini bottles of perfume Marzie has in her collection. Boy that is gonna be tough cause I think she has a million or so hehehe

Anyway after some sluething my official guesses are 130, 133, and 135. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed and making a Genie King Wish that I guess right!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bangkok Safari

Another thing that we did on our recent trip to Bangkok that we have not done before was to go to on a Safari. Yes you read right a Safari! You see now that the little one is older and more demanding LOL we need to find stuff that is more entertaining for her. So instead of the usual shopping and stuff we have to find new and improved things to do.

Now when I first heard about the Safari I too was skeptical but boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.

There were birds and macaws of wonderful colours at Birdland. This picture was take by my little girl.
There was a Sea World that had several dolphins and beluga whales in the show which was very impressive.
Above you can see one of the whales taking a bow and below are the dolphins lined up for treats.

This is at the beautiful entrance. As you can see we take the part of looking like tourists very seriously LOL
There was a neat place to have lunch with food cooked fresh from little boats.
This little black swan took a liking to us and we gave him some goodies for his troubles. Pic by daughter.

This was the Orangutan show that was pretty amazing. At firstI thought it was going to be totally exploitative but it wasn't so bad. There was a fake boxing match, with cheering fans, nurses, drives, stretcher bearers and boxers and all Orangutans.
There was even a few polar bears. This big guy looked so cool and relaxed in his enclosure.
There were a lot of crocodiles and this one looked nasty...probably wondering who's going to be his next meal.
This was also at the entrance. These girraffes look like they are having so much fun...but they are fake...hehe...the real ones are at the safari side of the park.
This is the entrance to the dangerous animals enclosures at the safari park. It's all drive through.
Here are the bears. They were huge.
This fellow was having a nice cool dip in the pool. Reminded me of Yogi bear LOL... Wassamatta Boo Boo?
This was after we realized that the windows should be wound up. DOH The bear looks like he is at a Japanese restaurant where the food is on a conveyor....and we are the food. LOL
The tigers looked lazy...I guess they were waiting for dinner...and we were the main course LOL. The real feeding time was a little later.
Here is a picture of a lion looking real majestic. There were quite a few big lions around and I caught one snacking in the distance with the videocam. Just wondered which tourist who left the car was the snack...hehe
We then left the predators enclosure..these are either wilderbeest or Kudu...nice pair of horns dude...hehe
This strange creature was found in the car...LOL
There was a nice little "flintstones type house" for the deer to mingle and have a "beer" LOL
Stork island...there were loads of stork and flamingos all around the part was practically covered with them
More birds of a feather flocking together...
A little lost mousedeer...okay he was not lost but he does have that deer in the headlights look LOL pic by daughter...
This is not a close up of a rhino...this was us real close to a real big rhino....
The big fella was trundling along as we drove past...I couldn't help thinking that we'd be toast if he decided to give the car a little nudge
One of the camels...this guy is probably wondering why he has to have those horrible humps to carry water when there was a lake nearby LOL
Another strange creature...hehe
Zebra... Bubt, butt, butt!!!
More rhinos and some giraffe in the can feed the giraffe over there...nice shades dude LOL
Actually this is the first picture we took...of some ostrich...we were excited cause we could actually drive in the park Then we knew why they put the ostritch at the begining...this nasty fellow came right up to the car...reminded us that it was still wild animals and we should stay in the car :)

We'll that was only some of the pictures...there were loads more to do like the Cowboy show, the Spy Show and the sealion/walrus show, not to mention a jungle cruise and loads of other things to see. I only wished that we had more time but it was our last day in Bangkok and we departed that night so we couldn't stay until later. If fact I really must thank my friend Ning who took us there. It was a fourty five minute drive each way from our hotel.