Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Defining moments....

There comes a time in a persons life when you have to take a step into a new stage in life. Yesterday was such a day for our little girl. It was the day she got her ear's pierced, well more like the day we got her ears pierced.

We've been wanting to do it for a while but have not had the opportunity because of classes and all. So this time since we have a decent break from school and work too we decided it was time. After work we mustered up the courage and took her. Wifey wanted to have the little one's hair trimmed too which is something I was slightly against since I like her hair long. Alas for practical reasons wifey's arguments prevailed. So after a quick visit to her regular hair salon we went over to the goldsmith where they do the piercing. It's supposed to be very quick because they use two guns so no time for protests after the fact. I kept insisting on getting the best people for the job as I was getting a little apprehensive. They reassured me that it was okay and everything would be fine. Wifey held the little one tight and the two girls marked the ears and cleaned the spot with alcohol. Then everything went quiet...well for me at least as I waited for them to put the guns to her ears.

She was such an angel and did not protest although you could visibly see that she was uncomfortable. I went over to look at some little earrings for her to choose from so as to distract her. I found two that I thought she'd like, dolphins and dragonflies. She picked the dragonflies. Then it was be honest it happened pretty fast since they did it at the same time. I had my phone ready to snap a shot and did...just a split second before she burst into tears from the pain or fright or attention. I don't know....I was just feeling guilty for inflicting unnecessary pain to her. Wifey quickly distracted her and she was alright in a minute. I was relieved.

The studs are in there now....they are put automatically when they use the gun...Okay so i don't know about these things and it was all intriguing for me. Anyway, only after a couple of weeks will we be able to use the real earrings. I tried to snap a picture of her with the studs but she just refused to sit still. Will have to do it quietly without her knowledge. hehe

It's HARI RAYA today and I'd like to wish all Muslims a very Happy Raya especially, Marzie, Lady Java and Emila. Peace to all!

PS Don't forget the rendang folks....hehehe