Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas....

Okay okay it was the night before Christmas and we were supposed to go to church to remember the real reason why there is a Christmas to celebrate!! At first the little one was cranky from lack of sleep...then it started to rain and we were not sure if we'd actually make it to church. I really wanted to go that night because it was another tradition but having a two year old can sure change things.

In fact we were pretty beat from the previous night too. However, becaue we got invited to a couple of parties during our party we had to go get more gifts. So a quick dash to MidValley it was! We were supposed to jst get a few items but ended up doing some shopping for wifey...apart from the presents! By the time we finished it was close to four in the afternoon! Regardless we still wanted to go for the mass and was glad that the little ones mood cleared and we were able to go.

The mass was surprisingly quick as Christmas masses go (try saying that fast a few times LOL) and finished by 11 pm. So we rushed home to prepare supper. My brother and his family would usually come over to our place to exchange presents after supper and hot mugs of cocoa. Ad on que a little after 12 they came over...also present was a surprise visitor from the North Pole! Yup Santa had come over again (but he did look a little taller than the Santa who was over yesterday LOL) to drop off a little pressie for the little one! She was so happy to see Santa with her present but as usual was too shy to shake his hand!! I don't know where I was but missed the whole episode and was not able to get a picture of me with Santa! Ho Ho Ho

Anyway after Santa left we had our supper and cocoa and then proceeded to open our presents. The little one did want me to assemble the toy Santa had left her but it was getting late and she was getting tired. She didn't even make it through all her presents before she wanted to be hauled off to bed. Yes, she was that tired!!

In the morning the first thing I did was assemble her new toy. It took a little fixining but I managed to get it all done myself (proud father talking) We'll since Santa had left her such a nice toy the least I could do was assemble it, right! ? ho ho ho As I was about to finish the little one woke up and wanted to play with it our haste we didn't take any pictures of he first slide down LOL

I only caught a quick picture just now throught the gate and manaed to get the rear of the slide!

Oh and I almost forgot I finally opened my little pressie from the Genie Princess and it was one of my best gifts!! Thanks GP!

Look what the postie did to the beautiful gold box my pressie came in, fortunately the contents were not harmed!

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Party

Some of the kiddies

Well my Christmas party has finally come and gone! It was a lot of hard work and preparations and although we are all dog tired, it was well worth all the effort. All our guests came except for my sister and her son who were flying off to meet her husband last night and Sean and his wife because he had to work on a last minute job. I missed them all. I knew my sister might not make it but Sean really wanted to be here however in the advertising line there is no mercy! In the twenty over years I've known him this is this is the first time he couldn't make it!

The food table and the guests

This year after our usual struggle to decide between catering and cooking we decided to cook at home. We knew it would take a lot of effort but with everyone chipping in the load would be lighter. Plus we had to be organized too or everything would be a mess and even then there were a few hiccupps LOL Anyway, we had roast pork, Sheppherd's Pie...well Cottage Pie because it was made out of beef, Chinese style mixed vegetables, spicy prawns and chicken curry accompanied by almond and raisin rice. I think everyone liked the food judging from the reviews! We served the usual assortment cookies and cakes and murukku and beverages.

Some of those who used ot be the kiddies

Apart from feeling tired because of the work I also felt a little old too. You see for the first time one of my nephews brought his girlfried to the party and it was a sign that the next generation was starting to grow up.

The kiddies singing carols and playing with sparklers

Even Santa dropped by for a visit to give presents to all the little children.

Santa arriving on his sleigh

Santa giving out treats to the guests

Some of Santa's happy customers!

Santa with my little one and a family picture with the Jolly Red Guy

Santa making a hasty retreat!
Thanks Santa for dropping by before the big day...
will catch you again tomorrow!
The party may be over but the clean up now begins! Boy that task sure feels daunting right now. Also need to go and get something for tonight's supper which is after the Midnight Mass. That is another tradition and my brother and his family will be over as usual. After supper we all get to open our presents! Woo hoo
A Blessed and
Merry Christmas
to You All!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Almost there...

Tomorrow is the day of our Christmas party....or should I say later tonight!! You're probably wondering why a Christmas party is before Christmas...well it's simple. Firstly, my sister will be going to Qatar to spend Christmas with her husband who is currently working there. Then my cousin will be going to Malacca to spend time with his wifes family. Before this he used to open Christmas here but his mother passed away last year and I guess he wants the kids to have time with their other grandmother. Next, my brother will be going away on the 26th for a quick holiday to Port Dickson and that left me with little options on a date if I wanted all these folks to attend. So the 23rd it is and at least it's better than not having anything for Christmas! LOL
To tell you the truth we've been really busy buying stuff and presents for Christmas these past few weeks. We've also been taking the little one around looking at the decorations at all the malls. So on Friday, after going to the market to pick up some large prawns we had ordered but was not there because the supplier forgot, we decided to take a little time for ourselves. As usual we went to Mid Valley since its the closest to our home. We also had to get another last minute gift and while looking for it found that one of the stores had slashed prices on some of the items we had already bought to fifty percent off. DOH!!! Oh well you win some you lose some. Anyway, we walked around a bit and did a little shopping for ourselves too. I didn't get anything but wifey found a nice blouse that she liked so she got that. I think we just needed a break to relax a little because we were tired and Christmas hasn't even started LOL

At night we took the little one for a train ride at the Curve. I had initially got in the car with wifey and daughter but the attendant said only one adult with one child even if we did have tickets DOH!! Besides I didn't really want to go around the mall sitting in the train LOL After that we got some nice little blouses for the little one and headed home tired but satisfied!!
This morning we headed to the market again to pick up the prawns and got what we wanted. After that a quick trip to the supermarket to get more stuff. The reason we have so much shopping to do is because we are cooking this year and not catering as usual. It's a lot of work but in a way it's a lot of fun too! Besides I like to cook and try out new stuff. The last time I cooked I invented a new prawn dish which everyone liked...some folks even asked for the recipe LOL What recipe???...It was all in my head!! LOL
In the afternoon some friends who were not going to be able to come for the party came over to drop off some presents for the little one. We ahd fun chatting and eating the cookies and murruku we had made...our first guinea pigs so to speak LOL and they actually liked it!! Hope the rest feel the same.
While they were there the tables and chairs we ordered from our neighbour arrived too. Poor guy had to fix some of the lights that he had put up. The rain had come and knocked out some just like my electrician had warned. Fortunately he heeded my advice this time and coved the contact points and at least they are all working again (see picture below). After that I had a much needed nap in the afternoon because I totally didn't sleep the night before and was watching the Battle of the Bulge, no not a weight loss program, a WWII movie. DOH!! LOL

At night we went to see my other best buddy Sean. You see a few nights ago he happily called me and asked me to listen to group of carollers at a restaurant he was at over the phone. The next day he called me again to say that the group would be singing again tonight and asked us to join him. The restaurant they were singing at was a few doors away from his office so we met him there. I must say that this was one of the highlight of Christmas this year so far. They weere called six to eight and sang accapella which means just vocals without musical instruments. They were simply amazing, singing all the Christmas favourites and a few other songs too. There were a few twists too like when the only Mat Salleh guy (Caucasian) sang a Chinese number. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and even the little one was clapping! Even the food was good so it made for a very enjoyable evening for us all.

I better go sleep is going to be a long and busy day and I also need to go to church in the morning! I'll let you know how the party turned out tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Carollers

Today the carollers came.

I've been waiting to hear from them and had almost given up hope that they were coming. But on Sunday night we found out that they would be coming today! That didn't give us much time so today after work we rushed out to get some juice and snacks for them.

When I got home I got a pleasant surprise! You see I've been wanting to put up lights on my Christmas trees around the perimeter but when I asked the electrician about he wiring he gave me some lame excuses. So dejectedly had to forego my idea of putting up blue and white lights. Instead I put up the lights in my porch! And it looked nice as a consolation. But like I said when I got home my neighbour who lives opposite from my house had his workers install guess what?? Blue and white light on my Christmas trees. I was really happy. He runs a rental company and is familiar with the outdoor lighting and my Christmas trees actually face the front of his house so he also benefits but I'd say it was mutually beneficial! LOL

Here is what it looked like outside my house tonight...
The carollers came at around 8.30 pm. There were close to thirty of them. They stopped at my neighbours house first and we went over to hear them sing. After that they came over to our place. The first number was Frosty the Snowman and my little one was so happy and she clapped and danced along to the singing! Next they sang It Came upon a Midnight Clear...a classic...and I enjoyed it although daughter was not too amused LOL Then came Santa Claus is Coming to Town and the rounded off with We wish you a Merry Christmas! It was nice to hear them sing!!
This was just before they came and then the place was filled!!
You can see the little one had a good time from her smile!

After they finished at our place we decided to just follow them as they went to a few other houses in our area. We left the camera behind and just had fun singing with them. Even the little one seemd to have a good time. I can't wait for her to grow up a little so that she can join the group too!

Christmas is a time of giving...

Christmas is a time of giving....and when you give... someone has to receive, right?? Guess what I've been so lucky to receive a few award these past couple of weeks from a few wonderful folks!
From the mysterious Lady Java!!

From pretty Polli of Polliwog's pond

From gentle Bokjae and yummy Jean...isn't this the cutest?!?

From super Sugar Queen's Dream

From still mysterious Lady Java again... Sweet Ann thinks I'm a little nutty and I think she might be right sometimes LOL

And finally from cute Ratu Syura a nice little slobbery kiss...

If you already have it or gave it to me, it doesn't matter because it's coming from me to you now. I'd like to give these awards to you for your support (take one or two or all if you like...all except the Slobbery kiss award...that's only for the ladies LOL):

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Congratulations to all!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

More Christmas Shopping....

I don't know but I can't seem to finish the list that I started out with this Christmas! I keep getting stuff but somehow it just never seems enough. It's not like I didn't draw up a list nor am I simply buying unnecessary things. Even today we went out to get a few items but fell be honest we have been even going around after work too. We'd rush home and pick up the little one and then go out. I'm thankful that we have a stroller for her. It's really been a help to us so that we don't have to carry the little one when our arms are sore or full! Alternative ly you can also carry the little one and put the bags in the stroller which is what we did when I bought my large new Santa! Hey he was heavier than her so it made perfect sense right! LOL

Doesn't he look heavy to you??

I'm glad we got a nice one but we had to look around a lot before finding it. I wished then that there was a site with stroller reviews but there was none at that time. So we had to go from store to store looking and testing. Nowadays there are an abundance of places that have stroller reviews so it's much easier to pick and choose what is suitable.

We really use our stroller to the max. I mean everywhere we go! We've taken it on our trip to Bangkok and we took it when we went to Singapore too. We used it in the zoo and practically everywhere we go! When my other best buddy gets his little one I'm going to recommed him, I'm gonna tell him that he must get a stroller. It' just somehting you need as a parent. It'll be up to him to find which model he wants but like I said with all the places that have stroller reviews he'll have no problem finding a suitable one to suit his budget and needs!

Stroller in the background in Singapore!
Stroller at the bird park

Final could really say we don't go anywhere without a stroller and the times we forgot...welll lets just say the back aches are not worth it! LOL

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Woes

Well not really woes but my trust old washing machine just went kaput! Not sure if it can be fixed either. It's a darn good machine and has served us well for nigh over 14 years since the wife and me got married. It's a real quiet machine and hardly ever gave any trouble so it's sad to see that it's shiny metal drum that won't spin no more!

The woes start because I have to now try to get the service people to come fix it. Who knows when that'll be!!! And then it's so close to Christmas and there will be tons of stuff to wash too. Right now, I'm contemplating getting a new washing machine and maybe a stackable washer dryer to get the job done. Argh I hate having to do this in such a short time and so close to Christmas but because this is such an important tool I have to.

We went to the the mall to actually look at a new washing machine today but we got caught up with other things...err like watching the Christmas decorations and joining a meet and greet with Santa that the time just disappeared. (We've done that a few times this year hehehe) Pretty soon we had not done anything except take some photos and make a few cards for Christmas and that was it! Time to go home and no time for the washing machine!
#1 is the card...Nice Santa! #2 is Midvalley at night #3 is Midvalley during the day #4) Skinny Santa at the Curve #5 is "snow" at the Curve

Since that was the case I decided to check my favourite site, Wize, for product reviews because it is done by the customers. If you can't trust the uses then who can you trust!! This way I can actually save a lot of time going from store to store to find out about washing machines or even stackable washer dryers. Having a stackable washer dryer would save space and be so helpful too in our weather. Don't get me wrong we have sunny weather all year around but also we have as much rain showers too. So sometimes because of the unpredictable nature of the weather, it's impossible to get the laundry all dry and smelling fresh.