Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas is a time of giving...

Christmas is a time of giving....and when you give... someone has to receive, right?? Guess what I've been so lucky to receive a few award these past couple of weeks from a few wonderful folks!
From the mysterious Lady Java!!

From pretty Polli of Polliwog's pond

From gentle Bokjae and yummy Jean...isn't this the cutest?!?

From super Sugar Queen's Dream

From still mysterious Lady Java again... Sweet Ann thinks I'm a little nutty and I think she might be right sometimes LOL

And finally from cute Ratu Syura a nice little slobbery kiss...

If you already have it or gave it to me, it doesn't matter because it's coming from me to you now. I'd like to give these awards to you for your support (take one or two or all if you like...all except the Slobbery kiss award...that's only for the ladies LOL):

A Great Pleasure
A Nice Place in the Sun
Anything Goes!
Aunie Dar's Life
Brainy Bimbo
Monday Morning Power
Sugar Queen's Dream
Christy's Coffee Break
Diamonds Saphire
Emila's Illustrated Blog
Huma B
In Cinq
Journey with Water Learner
Kim Fei's Blog
Lady Java's Lounge
Mariuca: Wishing on a Falling Star
Maunie James
My Life is Murphys Law
NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)
Nessa's Mumblings
Nihal's Anything & Everything
Petty Ramblings of a Petty Queen
Room's of My Heart
Project Heavy Traffic
Random Magus
Speedcat Hollydale Page
Purple Frog
Polliwog's Pond
Santa's Community Blog
The Magical Golden Cat
This Is A Miracle

Congratulations to all!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much....although I was quite looking forward to a slobbery kiss.....but from the ladies hahaha

Cheers buddy, have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your giving, Adrian... I think I could use an extra dose or two of the nutty award, lol!
Take Care & Have Fun! -Jos:)

Mariuca said...

Adrian, u did ur award post oredi!! I can't keep track of my awards la, really need to dig them out and do my post soon lol.... thanks for the kissy award, that's new! ;)

Nick Phillips said...

Thot it was a tag free month for you? LOL!

DiamondsSaphire said...

Thanks Adrian, your so sweet...I love the slobbery kiss one!!

LadyJava said...

Here's a slobbery kiss back to you GK... Muahssss#$%$*$%&$*^%$5...hehehhe.... Thanks for ALL the awards..looks like I can have my own Award party like Trin lahh...hehehhehe

Adrian said...

Colin! LOL!! A slobbery kiss will come form one of the ladies I'm sure LOL

Congrats to you! And cheers!!

Adrian said...

Hi Jos! Have all the nuttiness you want....Ann who gave me the award got five doses herself LOL

Cheers and take cae too! :)

Adrian said...

GP!! The longer I kept it the more awards I kept getting so I had to do it soon...besides if wait too long the meaning would be lost! Besides it's hard to dig them up after a while LOL :)

Glad you like your kissy award :)

Cheers GP and I hope you're feeling better! :)

Adrian said...

Nick! LOL This is not a tag post's an award post! Have you seen any memes around here...I don't think so!

Too bad I bought your Christmas present already or else I'd get you a pair of glasses LOL

Cheers bud and I hope to see you later! :)

Adrian said...

DS!! to give at Christmas hehehe Just make you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn't it!

Glad you love the slobbery kissy's so cute LOL

Adrian said...

Wet wipes wet wipes!!! LOL Thanks for the slobbery kiss LJ!!! And congrats on the awards....:)

I wanted to do something similar to what Trin did but was too hard! Then also wanted to do a Christmas tree with the awards as ornaments but somehow it just wouldn't work although it looked nice in my draft! Was a little disappointed with that! :(

But glad you guys like my good old fashioned lazy way! LOL

purplefrogcat said...

the nutty award i have made and yet this is 4th one i get back..the best friend one-this is my 5th one.the one from polli i like your blog-this now makes 2...Thank you..i now have some i haven`t got yet till now...happy holidays to you and your family this holiday season...

Adrian said...

Hi Perps! You made the nutty award!! Cool!! I like it! And to receive it four times...must say a lot now doesn't it LOL

COngrats to you and I hope you enjoy the awards you have received for the first time! :)

mauniejames said...

Oh my lovely of you my big greenish yellow man...I am so honored by them..the picture of your baby..the one with the big and beautiful smile makes me smile every wonderful to have her to enjoy the holidays with..your a very lucky man..and a loving and giving man..again, thank you....Maun

Adrian said...

Hi Maun!! Yeah I love that picture too!! It's such acheeky little smile she has there that I simply had to put it up and now even with all the new pictures I have of her I can't take it out! LOL

Congratulations to you and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! :)

J@n!ce said...

Thanks for the kissy award. Its new to me & glad to be part of the recipient :)

Adrian said...

Janice you are most welcome! I gave all because sometimes some have received this and some have received better to give all and let the recepient decide! :)

The Bimbo said...

Thank you Adrian!!! :)

Emila Yusof said...

Hi GK! Thanks for the awards! And thank you very much for the X'mas pressie you sent for Yassin! I was speechless as I opened the package. Thank you so much to you and your family for being so generous. Oh, I didn't have anything for Lil Ellie, will send something but it might be a lil bit too late for X'mas but hope it'll cheer her up! Thank you so much again Adrian!

Adrian said...

You're welcome Bobo! :):)

Adrian said...

Emila! The pleasure was all ours! Please do not get anything for Ellie. We just wanted to repay your kindness and generosity for giving me those wonderful mugs!! Thank you again!!!

I hope Yassin likes the pressie! :)

darlene said...

hey Adrian, thanks for listing me!!....;-)
Merry Christmas my Friend....

Adrian said...

Hey Darlene! THe pleasure was all mine! :):)

Merry CHristmas to you too! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I will take .... any but the slobbery kiss one - Ha haaa!!!! I will get that tomorrow.

Thanks Adrian

Adrian said...

Hiya Speedy! LOL I'll be waiting LOL

You're most welcome my friend! :)