Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay I've been lost for a while. Can't help it....busy at work and busy at school and of course busy with the little one. Yes, it's a juggling act of enourmous proportions. This term is deemed to be a short term, which essentially means that we ahve to cram three months work into two months. In addition to that at work we're down two staff at the office so basically it's just time time time or the lack of it.

Actually I've been meaning to post about my little one's first day at school....which was of course last month. Man were we proud parents just beaming at the sight of our little one in her new school (pre -school that is) uniform. The camera was snapping away like crazy because we wanted to record the momentous occasion. Alas as fait would have it the day I wanted to post about it, I tried to download the photos and lost the whole lot. Boy was I disappointed and so was wifey when I told her. Fortunately everyday is still an adventure for us.

Her first week was fine. We took the whole week off to try to get her used to the routine. It was us who actually needed to get used to it. She took to school like a duck to water. Never turned back. We felt kinda sad but also a little happy too to see her love to go to school. Of course getting up in the morning is another issue.

One thing abut school is that that there are a load of germs around...cause she got sick after the first week and then in the second week too. It seems like this is normal for all kids and helps them strengthen their defences. Don't know how true that is though.

For the first month, whenever we asked her what she learnt in school the answer was an outright "nothing". Doh...I wasn't sending her to school to learn nothing LOL However, this month she seems to have opened up more and is busily telling us about what she did and which teacher did what and about her friends and what snacks she had. So we breathed a small sigh of relief....hehehe

In fact on Monday, because wifey and me were both on leave, we popped in to school to talk to her teacher and we were pleasantly surprised to hear that she is attentive and active in class. Our first Parent Teachers Meeting LOL It sorta reinforced that we've been doing okay with her at home.

Her birthday is coming up next month and I'm also trying to squeeze in being a party planner. She is a Ben 10 fan for you cartoonaholics and we want to have a Ben 10 theme. Yes just having a party is not enough....some people are just suckers for punishment. I've got a few ideas and have aske dfor help from my good buddy. He's graciously volunteered to do the backdrop and the table centerpieces. I'm planning to make each table look like the fact of the Omnitrix....again for not cartoon type it please. I also got the help of a Ben 10 subject matter 9 year old nephew...and he suggested pin the tentacle on opposed to my pin the tail on the alien. That should be fact planning hte party is half the fun....the last time we had a party for her was her first birthday...and last year because of exams we ahd to forego it....this year is the same....I mean exams...but I can't postpone this party any longer. The show must go on hehehe

Now all I need is a caterer that will serve alien gunk LOL