Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh to be young again...

No no I'm not feeling down or anything. It's my little girl's 4th birthday today and I'm as happy as can be! I've been so busy lately that I feel that I've been neglecting her a little and wifey and me almost did not have a party because we have exams both this week and next. But try explaining that to a little girl. Besides it's something I've wanted to do since last year and I didn't want pust it another year. Moreover she asked for a party this time. She is growing up I tell ya! My little girl is growing up!
Anyway we somehow managed to get things done between classes. It wasn't ahrd getting a caterer. In fact I had my mind set on this new Eurasian Restaurant that serves the lovliest food. It's my new hang-out on weekends. The food is tasty and reasonably priced too. So of course we had them cater. Simple. I'll post pictures of the food tomorrow if I can spare the time. Remember I have a party to plan and an exam to study for too.
Now when decided to have a party it was not just going to be any party it had to have a theme. Of course I ain't no fan of Barbie or Disney Princess etc. And we already had a Winne the Pooh theme for her first birthday...not that she remembered anything. Anyway, when the little one wants to watch cartoons it's usually something we both agree on. I like the action toons...yes always have and always will. Superman, Batman, the Justice League or the Legion of Superheroes...okay so I'm a DC fan. She on the other hand loves the Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry and Ben 10 so of course dear old dad has to keep her company....I must say I am still a pink panther fan and although I never liked Tom and Jerry after watching their antics...they kinda grow on you. Now BEn 10 you say...what is a little girl doing watching Ben 10...don't look at me...I started watching becaue of her. The cartoon is pretty nifty and the dialogue is quite funny too. So like I said when it came time for her party the Ben 10 theme just screamed at me. I had an idea for the tables...gonna make them look like Omnitrix's...Ben 10 special aliean changing watch thingymajig. I elicited the help of my best buddy to come up with the back drop and he didn't disappoint me...he never does. I'll bet you'll see pictures on his party blog tomorrow night...well before mine being the avid blogger he is!
Now it's just time to wait for morning to come to give her her present...of course the latest Omnitrix...boy do those guys sure know how to squeeze a parent dry. I don't think it's worth the price...but you can't have a Ben 10 party without a Ben 10 toy I guess. To my delight Secret Recipe also has a Ben 10 cake promotion. No not a price reduction type promotion, more like a higher priced specialized Ben 10 type cake. believe me I went to the branch next to the restaurant I was catering from last Sunday to place the order after ordering the food and would you believe that y it was their last day in business and they were of course not takign any orders. DOH!! Godo thing I knew of another nearby outlet. Talk about luck! Anyway, February was a pretty bad month for me luck wise and I hope all that bad mojo is gone.
Today after the exam we rushed to get some party packs for the kids. We didn't invite many folks just some close family and friends. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Can;t wait to see the look on her face when see sees what we got her!! :) She's really looking forward t the party and I hope the weather holds. We ned to put up the balloons and the banner and decorate the tables and pick up the cake too! Oh this is gonna be so much fun and such distraction from studies!!
Cheers or in the words of Benjamin Tennyson...It's Hero Time!!