Monday, December 24, 2007

The Party

Some of the kiddies

Well my Christmas party has finally come and gone! It was a lot of hard work and preparations and although we are all dog tired, it was well worth all the effort. All our guests came except for my sister and her son who were flying off to meet her husband last night and Sean and his wife because he had to work on a last minute job. I missed them all. I knew my sister might not make it but Sean really wanted to be here however in the advertising line there is no mercy! In the twenty over years I've known him this is this is the first time he couldn't make it!

The food table and the guests

This year after our usual struggle to decide between catering and cooking we decided to cook at home. We knew it would take a lot of effort but with everyone chipping in the load would be lighter. Plus we had to be organized too or everything would be a mess and even then there were a few hiccupps LOL Anyway, we had roast pork, Sheppherd's Pie...well Cottage Pie because it was made out of beef, Chinese style mixed vegetables, spicy prawns and chicken curry accompanied by almond and raisin rice. I think everyone liked the food judging from the reviews! We served the usual assortment cookies and cakes and murukku and beverages.

Some of those who used ot be the kiddies

Apart from feeling tired because of the work I also felt a little old too. You see for the first time one of my nephews brought his girlfried to the party and it was a sign that the next generation was starting to grow up.

The kiddies singing carols and playing with sparklers

Even Santa dropped by for a visit to give presents to all the little children.

Santa arriving on his sleigh

Santa giving out treats to the guests

Some of Santa's happy customers!

Santa with my little one and a family picture with the Jolly Red Guy

Santa making a hasty retreat!
Thanks Santa for dropping by before the big day...
will catch you again tomorrow!
The party may be over but the clean up now begins! Boy that task sure feels daunting right now. Also need to go and get something for tonight's supper which is after the Midnight Mass. That is another tradition and my brother and his family will be over as usual. After supper we all get to open our presents! Woo hoo
A Blessed and
Merry Christmas
to You All!


Nick Phillips said...

Wow, it is a blessed christmas indeed. I'm actually the first commenter here ... LOL!

Yeah, missed having Seansy around and this really is the first time all 3 of us weren't together at your Christmas bash. Well, there's always my house tomorrow :)

LadyJava said...

Hehehe Nick..let you be the first one this time.. takut you cry lahh..heheh...

GK! Looked like a fantastic party.. even Santa made an appearance eh?? Awesome...

Merry Christmas GK and family! Ho Ho Ho!

Nessa said...

Merry Christmas GK! :D

Mariuca said...

Hi GK! Everything sounds and looks perfect, especially the spicy prawns! Too bad your friend Sean couldn make it. Sounds like u had a successful party, well done! :):):)

Adrian said...

Nick! Woot First actual first first commenter too LOL

Yeah it wasn't the same not having Seansy around for us to buly LOL

But I had a great time at your party today and it was good that Seansy was there with us this time!

Looking forward to our impromptu do on the 29th! :)

Adrian said...

LJ!! yeah good thing you gave Nick a giving lah you...especially at Christmas time LOL Forgive my spelling today because I'm not using my glasses LOL

Yeah Santa was dool to make a little visit! Ho Ho Ho!!

Merry Christmas LJ!!

Adrian said...

Marzie!! Yeah we were so tired at the end of it!!! But there is a certain satisfaction you get knowing that you've accomplished what you set out to do! :)

Yeah I'd say the party went well and most of the folks liked the food. So it was well worth the effort! :) The prawns was spicy at first but I had to tone it down a little with some sugar and tomatoes...otherwise I'd have to eat it all by myself LOL

Yeah we missed Sean and I'm glad we met up the night beofre for dinner and Carols and I'm also glad he came by today for a visit! Christmas isn't Christmas without some people!! :)

Merry Christmas to you and B, Genie Princess!!

Adrian said...

Merry CHristmas Nessa! :) Thanks for dropping by !:)