Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Woes

Well not really woes but my trust old washing machine just went kaput! Not sure if it can be fixed either. It's a darn good machine and has served us well for nigh over 14 years since the wife and me got married. It's a real quiet machine and hardly ever gave any trouble so it's sad to see that it's shiny metal drum that won't spin no more!

The woes start because I have to now try to get the service people to come fix it. Who knows when that'll be!!! And then it's so close to Christmas and there will be tons of stuff to wash too. Right now, I'm contemplating getting a new washing machine and maybe a stackable washer dryer to get the job done. Argh I hate having to do this in such a short time and so close to Christmas but because this is such an important tool I have to.

We went to the the mall to actually look at a new washing machine today but we got caught up with other things...err like watching the Christmas decorations and joining a meet and greet with Santa that the time just disappeared. (We've done that a few times this year hehehe) Pretty soon we had not done anything except take some photos and make a few cards for Christmas and that was it! Time to go home and no time for the washing machine!
#1 is the card...Nice Santa! #2 is Midvalley at night #3 is Midvalley during the day #4) Skinny Santa at the Curve #5 is "snow" at the Curve

Since that was the case I decided to check my favourite site, Wize, for product reviews because it is done by the customers. If you can't trust the uses then who can you trust!! This way I can actually save a lot of time going from store to store to find out about washing machines or even stackable washer dryers. Having a stackable washer dryer would save space and be so helpful too in our weather. Don't get me wrong we have sunny weather all year around but also we have as much rain showers too. So sometimes because of the unpredictable nature of the weather, it's impossible to get the laundry all dry and smelling fresh.


LadyJava said...

Yey.. 1st again.. doing my 1st commenter dance..heheh.... wow the washing machine served you well.. perhaps its time to buy another one for wifey GK... the first picture is really nice but so far away.. the third one is the best! elves somemore...hehehe

HO HO HO... Merry Christmas!!

Mariuca said...

You shld get the dryer, it does come in handy esp during rainy weather like now. I'm using a hand me down one from my mom, but it still works fine and I find it very useful! ;)

Nick Phillips said...

Hey, I've been to that exact place and shook hands with that same Santa too. It's at the curve right? :D

Sorry to hear about your good old washing machine bud. I know how that can just make you scream ... LOL!

Adrian said...

LL Cool J!!! Wow You're in the running for first commenter of the year...LOL My other fav first commenter is our buddy GP but she's way ahead because she's been pretty much the first commenter for a long time LOL Maybe I'll reward you both! hehehe but let me see your first commenter dance before I do...hehe might give you extra points mah LOL

I've put up a closer shot of the scene...taken from my new phone would you believe...woot...pretty decent pic huh??

Cheers LL Cool J!!

Adrian said...

GP!! Yup it does make sense to get a dryer...lets see what the Lux guys say first...I'd like to hang on to the old one if possible! It's a good old machine and this is its first problem so it deserves another shot! hehehe

Just like your hand me down... nothing wrong with it might as well keep it and use it...old or not, its still reliable!!

Now if the tv or fridge went kaput I'd be off to Harvey Norman in a flash LOL Got something in mind for those already hehehe

Cheers GP!! ;p

Adrian said...

Bud! LOL Yup at the Curve... hehehe Was there last weekend I think...been so many places I am losing track of everything LOL

Oddly enough I'm not so concerned with the washing machine as much as I am with the party! LOL You know what is more important right hehehe And how it the music...are we good?

How is your snowman project coming along too? Hope you got that resolved. Can't have christmas without! :)

Adrian said...

Oh buddy! the caroller are coming!! A little late but better late than never! woo hoo...They'll be here on're welcome to come by and join the fun! :) Bring the wife and kids too!

Cheers! :)

Nick Phillips said...

Woohoo, glad to hear they're coming. I'll try, I need to go to Section 4 to pay some deposit for the cake and stuff on Tuesday so I'll try to be there :) ]

Urrmmm .... the music, ah? Welllll .. ahh, urrrm, eehhh, just stand by your CD's in case ... LOL!

Adrian said...

Hi Bud! Hope you can make it...the more the merrier!! :):)
Don't worry about the music...I have loads of cds in backup...except we might jsut be listening to the Chipmunks becuae that's all the little one will allow us to play LOL

Sugar Queens Dream said...

all good things must come to an end LOL and so it is with your washer! Mine will need replacing this year also, lets toast to finding the right "new" one! Hugs

Adrian said...

Judy! We managed to fix the washer and hope that it'll last a few years more and justify the cost of the repairs ! :):):)

Heres to your finding the right one when your search begins!!! Hugs!!