Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas goodies….

My family... Guess which one is the Genie King?

Another tradition in my family is making Christmas goodies. My mum used to make cookies, and cakes and murukku and ghee balls (my favourite) and we’d help in what little ways that we could. My brother and I used to press the murukku out of the mould while my sister helped with the tarts. The other goodies mum would to do on her own. I wonder how she found the time and strength because for years now after her passing I still can’t bring myself up to her standards. I can still remember the smells that wafted through the house throughout the Christmas period. Mmmm such great memories.

Nowadays we usually buy our goodies and this year is no exception. We bought some nice little cookies which I have yet to try so I hope they taste as good as they look on the box. I also got a Christmas pudding, stollen, and fruitcake which I don’t usually get. Those are some of my favourites so I hope they taste good too.

Out of the frying pan

One of the things I wanted to make was murukku (like rice crispies but with spices). So on Saturday we found the old recipe book my mum had and we tried our hand at it. Boy was it tough! We just didn't want to open the ready mixed packet but instead wanted to incorporate some of the spices Mum used to put in. We toiled and toiled because you need to squeeze the dough out of a small hole. We managed to do it and with sore palms we proclaimed success. The murukkuu tasted better than the store bought stuff and it was worth the effort to get a taste of my past.

The final product

On Sunday bouyed by our success we decided to make another pack but it didn't turn out as good although it tasted the same. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. Wifey also made peanut cookies at the same time. So we were juggling our time and duties as the little one slept.

When we finished we were dead tired but had a great sense of satisfaction.

Now I'm wondering about either cooking or catering for our Christmas party. If I cater then it's be less work but if I cook there will be a sense of satisfaction. Although I might require a new fridge to store all the stuff that is needed. I saw a great place called Wize that had a bunch of Refrigerator Reviews. The best thing about is that they have ranks for the reviews that make it easy for you to select a top model not based on what the salesmen say but on what other customers say. To me that is important when making an online purchase espcially for a large item like a refrigerator.

My old fridge now is pretty decent and has a large capacity but you won't be able to keep two turkeys together with the other meats and vegetables that are needed for the party. For that you need a really huge refrigerator that has great cooling power and can get the job done!


Mariuca said...

Woo hooo... hope I'm the first commenter!

GK, just like the beef pie, the muruku also looks like the real thing, very menjadi lol.... Can send some over my way or not? ;)

LadyJava said...

heheh congrats GP on being first commenter.. Nick wont be so mad at me lahh..heheh.. anyway.. GK.. the muruku looks delicious.. you're right - home made always taste better...and practise makes perfect, your third batch will be perfect i'm sure..

eh if sending some to GP.. send some to me also lahh...hehhehe

Adrian said...

Yay GP is first commenter!!! LJ you're losing your touch LOL

You should taste them GP...the best LOL Self praise pulak hehehe

Of course can send some to you...just hope it won't come in pieces...hehehe

Say you didn't guess which one was me in ye old family picture! ;p

Adrian said...

LJ!! What happened? GP beat ya to it this time LOL

I think is mad at you because you're not first commenter on his blog lah...that's why giving you such a hard time lah he...hehehe

Yeah LJ the murukku is delicious...wanted to steal some but because had only fifty the first round knew it wouldn't ne enuf...thats why made a second batch LOL
DOn't think there'll be a third bach...but will ssend you some if we do make it! hehe

LadyJava said...

heheh GK...nevermindlah give other blogger friend a chance lahh... and I was trying to get a post out last night.. heheh..and Nick don't worry will try to "telescope" your blog as well so can be first commenter!

LadyJava said...

ooppss forget to guess as well which one is GK...heheh... hmm.. the small baby?? lolzzz!

Adrian said...

LJ!! heheh....Nick got plenty of first commenters oredi so you'll have to work hard LOL Better get a good telescope! :)

Adrian said...

LJ!! So easy ah to guess which one was me! :( hehehe but you're right LOL

Nick Phillips said...

Buddy, someone else besides LJ got first commenter? Heaven's be praised ... LOL!

Yeah, I'd be guessing the little girl, urrmmm, I mean fella in the middle is you ... LOL!

I must seriously try and be first commenter here one day la ... :D

LadyJava said...

Lolzz Nick.. Heaven be praised indeed!!!... I kasi chance kat GP lahh... can't have you thinking I got special treatment here right?? heheheh

DiamondsSaphire said...

Geez..those look good!!

Mariuca said...

GK I want to say the one next to ur mom is you but I remember u have a brother right? And a sister? Could it be the middle one is GK? But how come look like a girl ah? He he he...

Anyway, at the hairdresser today I was browsing through some mags, and came across recipes for muruku and ghee ball on the same pg! Your menu mah! ;)

Adrian said...

Hey Bud! Quit picking on my commenters! Don't see me commenting on your commenters do ya LOL

Dude! The little guy with long hair is me okay! And don't ask me what I was wearing! Back then it was the craze LOL Hey I was a baby and had no control of my hair and dressing okay!

Watch it Coco boy!!

And were my first and only commenter at one time to how about reclaiming your throne! LOL

Cheers bud.. :):):)

Adrian said...

LJ! Kasi chance LOL Wait till GP reads that hahaha
And don't tell anyone about the special arrangement we have hehehe

PS The check for commenting first is in the mail LOL

Cheers Ll COol J!!

Adrian said...

DS! Those taste even better that they look...they may not be as nice as the ones my Mum used to make but they taste a whole lot better than the store bought ones! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Quit embarassing me lah...I don't look like a little girl!!! Okay so maybe I did have long hair and wore strange clothes...but like I told Nick it was the craze back then and I had no control over what I wore or did...but I was a happy toddler huh hehehe

Murukku and Ghee balls...sounds like a Malaysian Christmas Song in the making....sing to the tune of the holly and the ivy....

hehehe...I would love to make ghee balls but alas...not many people like them so I'd end up eating most and that would mean sufferign at the gym...oh it jsut gets complicated after that LOL

and YAY for being first commenter again...just rubbing it in Nick! LOL

J@n!ce said...

I see that you have a mighty wok. My kitchen is so small that we are using a small one. My poor helper always had a hard time cleaning up using the small sink... LOL :)

Jean Chia said...

ah, i love muruku!! hope this one is not very oily!! GK, come drop by my place with your muruku tonight! i want to eat!!! :D

Adrian said...

Janice! You're funny! LOL A wok is a wok no matter how big or small as long as it can fry the goodies LOL

Cheers :)

Jolly Genie King

Adrian said...

Jean! Woo hoo another murukku lover! No this is not that oily...just plain yummy hehehe
I'll come by tonight with murukku...was out lst night of course LOL

Jolly Genie King

Nick Phillips said...

But Buddy, Marzie is right, you do look like a little girl, a cute one at that ... LOL!

Adrian said...

Dude! I know where you live okay so don't make me come there and do a "Lingam" on you! hehe

And for someone who daren't even show his talk mighty big don't ya! LOL

I was a little fellow okay and had no control over what I wore or how long my hair was...LOL

Cheers! :)