Saturday, May 5, 2007

Day Two - CATastrophe averted

No the CATastrophe had nothing to do with my little one. She slept like a baby (pun intended), although she did get up a couple of times looking for mummy. I managed to soothe her to sleep again without too much fuss. What i'm referring to is the feline maternity hospital i seem to have in my attic. In the past year there have been no less than three deliveries to i don't know how many kittens. For the life of me my neighbours house is empty but no they must snuggle up in my roof. I'm no cat lover nor a cat hater...but this is too much. Maybe cats love me...haha. Anyway the little monsters mew throughout the night and play cat type games up there (that's what probaby woke up my little one) and it can get pretty noisy especially in the dead of night. I'm trying to evict them but they always come back. So any cat lovers out there who want to share in the joy of having a little kitty to play with just give me a buzz and i'll see what i can do. No promises because those darn critters have sharp little claws just waiting to give you a gentle reminder that they like to be treated with care. Yo bud, thanks for the invite, might take you up on it but will give you a call first. Little one is asleep again...thats what i should be doing...but the indian rice i had just now hasn't digested yet. For indian rice lovers there is a little place down in old town that serves a mean prawn varuval (dry curry). If you can brave the smells of the market, it's right next door in the medan selera and is called Usha's. Give it a try sometime. Okay i'm starting to feel a little sleepy, might as well sleep now cause once the little one gets up it's playtime. believe me this morning was filled with Little Einstein's, and Handy Manny and Johnny and the sprite's. Don't worry these are all on your very own astro channels just that most folks without kids may never steer into the depths of the Playhouse Disney channel (63). Believe me i never did until recently too. Ah the joys of parenthood. Ciao.


Nick Phillips said...

Cat's huh? Thot you love those pussies (pun intended) ... hehehe ... went to usha's without me? How cud you! Oh, those cartoon channels, I know what you mean, I can practically hum and sing all their theme songs la :) I guess you're either too lazy or have not yet figured out how to add your header ya? Not to worry dude, Slick will be there tomorrow to save the day. LOL.

Eddie John said...

Dude this a family site lor...hehehe Yup with Nigel and Darren i'll bet you know them there CN channels by heart. What time you coming? I can't wait to get me blog up to speed. Maybe we can do lunch too...ciao!

Anonymous said...

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