Monday, January 7, 2008

A Little Prayer…

Pictured are my daughters current favourites!

We’ve always been getting story books and nursery rhymes for the little one ever since she was born. Although she can’t read yet we’ve, well mostly wifey, has been reading a little to her each night at bed time to calm her down.

Initially, the little one, understandably, had no patience and would just flip through the books even as we were reading them. As time wore on, however, she became more and more interested in the stories. She’d ask questions about the characters and what they were doing over and over again. I guess it was her own way of confirming if that was what the characters were really doing LOL

Now, what really got me was yesterday as I was watching tv while wifey was putting her to bed the little one wanted to come out. Wifey said that the little one had something she wanted to tell me. So she brought out her children’s prayer book and started reading the prayers. I was amazed. Normally she’d just follow as we recited the stories or rhymes or prayers. This time she was reading it….Well I don’t know if she was really reading it (okay okay no way a twoi year old can read right!! ) or if she had just memorized it but either was good, isn't it!! And it was not just one prayer…she was turning the pages and reading/reciting several. Actually I don’t know how old children are before they can read or memorize but I felt a sense of pride in my little one’s achievement and am just plain happy that she did it!!

And the journey continues…


Shemah said...

That's amazing.. whether she read it or memorizes it. Either way, that's a lil genius right there.. and she's not even 3 years old, is she??

I started reading when I was 3 and a half years old. Just like your daughter, I had my late dad read me this one book (The Berenstein Bears) over and over and over again.

Then there was this one day, when they were just too busy and I picked up the book and read it myself (Impatient little thing). My parents too thought I memorized it.. but then after shoving me a couple of other books and a newspaper, they found out I could read.. hahaha..

So try that out with your princess.. :D And a great applause to both parents for raising such a beautiful and smart little girl. :D



Hello Adrian, it's my 1st visit here. Got to here through Jackie's blog.

This post made me smiled.

Kiddos to you and your wife as you have started to nurture the love to books in your daughter since a very young age.

You are definitely rising a very cute little reader :) :)

*** I hope you don't mind I'm sending your little one a HUG *** :)

Take care,

Nick Phillips said...

Wow, that's cool bud :) I knew she was a smart little girl unlike he dad. I'm sure she got her smarts from Mommy ... LOL!

But on the serious side, I'm impressed with her. Maybe she'll read me a story the next time I drop by :D

Hugs to my lil girlfriend. Catch ya later bud!

Hazel said...

wow so many interesting story books..

Mariuca said...

GK!!! Ellie makes me wanna have a baby girl of my own. Thanks for sharing ur wonderful stories. :):):)

Emila Yusof said...

Amazing! She is so clever!!

Adrian said...

Shemah!! I think kids nowadays are smarter than we were! LOL She turns three in March! :)

I can't remember when I started reading but I know I never stopped... I just love to read!!

Sorry to hear about your dad! I'm sure he enjoyed reading to you as much as I enjoy reading to my little one!! The Berenstien Bears huh...maybe I'll add that to the shopping list...if you loved it so much, I'm sure she will too! :)

Wow you were a smart little girl to read at such a young age...and to remember what you did too!! :):)

Cheers to you! :)

Adrian said...

Welcome Annita!! Always nice to see new visitors here! :)

We both love to read but have not been able to actually catch any new books lately...except for childrens books we just don't have the time anymore!!

Hopefully once the little one can read on her own we'll be able to continue reading again! :)

Thanks for giving the little one a hug too!! Cheers to you and I hope to see you here more often! :)


Adrian said...

Hi Buddy!! Thanks huh!! LOL

Yesterday she was playing "telephone" and you'll be pleased ot know that she said "Hello Uncle Nick, Miss you!! Merry CHristmas and Happ New Year!" LOL No kidding bud...of course next she said the same thing to "pretend" Sean too and then everyone else...but you were first!! hehehe

Yeah I think she memoried it more than read it lah dude...but you never know right!! LOL On the other hand we did cahnge pages and she recited those prayers too!! :0

I'll get her a book next time you're here and we'll see what happens, ok bud!?!?

Will give her a hug from Unca' Nick!! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Hazel!! Those books are jsut the tip of the iceberg! LOL We have a ton more books for her!! :):)

Cheers! :)

Adrian said...

GP!!! Well there is nothing stopping you!! LOL Hurry up lah then Ellie can be big sister LOL And can go on playdates too! hehehe

Glad you enjoyed the story...I enjoyed writing it too! :)

Adrian said...

Emila!! Well it's too early to tell but I think she's on the right track! :):):)

Nick Phillips said...

She did? Wow, cool :) You just made my day ... LOL! I knew we were destined to be together ... LOL!

Ok, ok, you can keep the shotgun away already! :D

Adrian said...

Yup bud...I'm not kidding! :):) Nice to know I made your day...well Ellie did I suppose! :)

Cheers bud! :)

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