Friday, November 9, 2007

The Highlander

Before I start about the our little trip to the highlamds I want to say that after wedding of my other best friend's wedding we gave the little one a musical box for being a good flower girl.

She was simply mesmerized!!
And couldn't take her eyes away!
Still looking and probably dreaming of her musical box!

Cameron Highland's is a hill resort about 5000 feet above sea level. We didn't plan for this trip, it just sort of happened and we were there in a flash. We managed to get a good deal on the hotel rates and stayed at the Strawberry Park Resort (click for more pics...this is not PPP).

The weather was cold and wet (you can even see the mist in some of the pictures) ... EXCELLENT because that is just the way I like it and we had fun playing cards, eating (flambbe (a new attraction) steamboat, scones, hot chocolate) and visiting a strawberry farm, the Boh Tea plantation (which was even colder because it was on a hill (driving there was hard becauae it was on a one lane road that was winding and slippery moreover, each time you took a sharp corner you had to toot your horn because it was impossible to see up ahead) and also raining and quite windy - had to wrap up the little one like an Eskimo) and a fruit, flower and vegetable market. I don't know if any of you had this but when I ws growing up we used to have a toy grand piano that stood on thre legs...well I've been looking for it fro a while and I found it in Cameron's...I bought it for daughter because we didn't pack any of her toys (told you we were rushing)! Here are the other pictures...

Flower girl! and waiter with Flambbe steamboat

More steamboat dishes and view of the tea plantation.

Wifey's flowers (see the mist rolling in)

An insect in a white lily and check out the size of that hibiscus!

More flowers (in abundance here) and my flower!
On a little bridge at the resort and after falling into a puddle of mud! :(

Wifey and little one walking at the resort. Daughter and strawberries!

More flowers!

At breakfast and at the cafe on top of the hill

After seeing all my blogging friends join I've also decided to join PayPerPost and with all the money I'm gonna make I'm going to go for more trips around the country and if I really make big bucks I'll even start flying out for holidays! Woo hoo Besides with Christmas drawing near I will be able to get more Santa Figures for my collection too! Then again maybe I'll buy that Playground set for my little one that wifey ad me have been eyeing! Maybe I'll get wifey a surprise gift with the PPP money that I'll be earning! Oh the possibilities are endless!! Endless I tell ya!
Maybe I'll make enough money to buy wife another diamond earring and get the little one the pick of the toystore. On top of thta I'll throw a huge Christmas party and invite everyone to join in the celebrations and have a real good time. I'd cater of course, using my PPP money!
Errr that's all folks and the journey continues!


Nick Phillips said...

ya, i'm th first commentator for a change (i hope anyway). Looks like you guys had a great time up there, buddy :)

Must go there one day, haven't been to Camerons in my life ... LOL!

Adrian said...

Wow first commenter! It's been a while hasn't it LOL

Yeah we had a blast and wished you had joined us...maybe next time okay?!?!

You'll really like it up there bud...cold and misty! :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Adrian! I love the pic of Ellie holding the strawberries! Just like strawberry shortcake he he he...

CH looks so cool, I want to go la! Need a change of weather LOL! :):):)

LadyJava said...

Beautiful pictures GK..Been a while since my last Cameron Highlands trip just like GP..

Make sure you open account with Al Rajhi bank so can transfer the money from paypal to your acccount with the bank via a debit card ok :-)

Have a good weekend :-)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Yeah that picture was cute! LOL we were watching a little Strawberry Shortcake on the telly there too LOL

You really should go...there is a lot of construction but if you find a nice cozy place you don't need to venture out oo much...a drive to the tea plantaion and a visit to the butterfly farm and a few other interesting places is all you need to do :)

Cheers GP and have a great weekend! :)

Adrian said...

LJ! Glaad you like the pictures... there a lot cameras are so bad LOL

Thanks for the tip on the account...but I don't know how many PPPs I'll be doing...really not into it but want to give it a shot...hehehe

yel değirmenlerine karşı said...
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J@n!ce said...

So sweet of you all to get little princess a nice pressie being a cutie flower gal :)

jean also went to Cameron recently. Did you meet her there... hehe ;p

Nice to see that you joined PPP too. Earn more ok !! :):)

Janice Ng ~ invite friends ~ get paid

Anonymous said...

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yel değirmenlerine karşı said...
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Shinade said...

I never seem to be first must be because I am getting old..LOL!! Well congrats on going pro. I know I love to read your blog that is why I have something for you.

The pictures are simply beautiful and my oh my your little one is truly special!!

mauniejames3 said...

you are a wonderful Dad and she a lovely princess...flower girl.. how sweet...and buying Mom another diamond earing...did she lose one...has she only one ear...details..details...hope your next trip will be as much fun and when you become rich...remember us little people...send us cookies or donuts....Maun

Adrian said...

Hi janice! Yeah she was so good that we had to do something! :)

Unfortunately didn't meet jean there besides even if we were there at the same tiem she stayed in most of the time she said LOL

Cheers! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Project 71 (wonder what happened to projects 1-70), So you have a master do you...well that means we have someting in common because I too have a master! She is called a wife LOL


Adrian said...

Jackie! We'rea ll getting old...I haven't even had time to reply to my comments till now too! :) had a busy day today...took the little one out to see a Disney Live show this morning and then went hunting for new lights for the christmas tree yeah I know its early but I love Christmas so what can I say! LOL

Thnak you for the award...I love it and what it stands for! :) COngrats to too! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Maun! Thank you! :):)

I meant to say a pair of breaks from you huh LOL

And don't worry I'll buy you all the donuts and cookies you can eat! But I don't think I'll be making that much money in the first place LOL

cbenc12 said...

ur girl is so fair n cute.. look like a nice trip~

Spiff said...

Where the heck are you? What's wrong, I pissed you off or something? You giving blogging or anything of that sort????? LOL!

Btw, you've just been tag: A Pair Of Tags

Adrian said...

Cbenc12! Thank you! We did have a wonderful time! Someone even brought a bottle of Asti and that didn't last long! LOL

Adrian said...

Hi Spiff! Sensitive little spaceman aren't you! LOL Giving up I don't want to start a trend! :)

Another tag...Are you sure I didn't get tagged with you on that one? LOL

Jean Chia said...

GK, i love musical box. I love the classic ones with a glass doll dancing on a mirror floor. :)

LOL! ya, i agreed on Marzie. Your daugther look so cute with the strawberries!

glad you had fun up there! looks like everyones been going up to CH lately! Haha!

Adrian said...

Hi Jean! Yeah musical boxes are lovely for girls to enjoy....guys on the otherhand prefer something more err different LOL

Yeah she looks cute holding those strawberries :) thanks! :)

Cameron's is a nice place if you don't mind te winding narrow drive up there! :) I don't but I like the cold weather! :)

Monday Morning Power said...

I have something for you.

Adrian said...

Thank you very much! It's great! :):)

Happy Thanksgiving to you! :)

Emila Yusof said...

Great pictures, Adrian!

Adrian said...

Emila! Thanks! I actually am trying to take better pictures after I visited your blog and saw your great pictures! :)

Cheers Emila! :)