Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Night to Remember...

Well the big day for my other best friend has FINALLY come and gone. It was all what we expected it to be and then some! You can read about it at Nick's Anything Goes! I'm going to put up the pictures and just give my short account of how the weekend went for us.

It started on Saturday morning (well the dress, shoes and shirt buying all started much earlier but I'm not goign to talk about that) and we were all set. The little one was one of three flower girsl and we were so excited for her. (It was her first time we had her practice form the moment we knew.) We had alsop planned to spend the night to at hotel Nikko where the reception was due to be held because I didn't want to miss out on the fun! Especially with the little one's bedtime so that meant a lot of packing.

It didn't help that I'd read in the newspaper the night before that there was a Charity Christmas bazaar being held at the hotel on Sunday (today), so that meant more clothes because there was a little fancy dress thingy for the kids!

Well to make a long story short we got to the church and Sean was happy to see us...I said you look cool and he said "I'm so nervous!" LOL That's life isn't it! The mass went off without a hitch. Wifey and me were the witnesses and I was proud to have been chosen.

After mass we headed to the hotel. We were supposed to rest there but you know how it goes. Daughter had slept in the car on the way there and when wee reached she was raring to go. That was okay because I didn't want to sleep anyway.

There were still lots of things to do. I hooked up with Sean nad helped him run around tying up loose ends. We went to the ballroom to see the arrangements and trust me it looked like a scene out of David Turterra's Party Planner. There was people everywhere and people attending to the music, the decorations, the flowers, the video feed. It was nice to see and be a part of.

Well pretty soon it was time to get ready for dinner and the dreaded speech Nick and I were supposed to present. As usual in Malaysia no one is ever on time so we waited in the suite until the hall filled up. I was hungry! LOL Yet we waited until a little past 8 and then they made a dramatic entrance. Nick and me made sure we got to him first after he had settled down and raised our glasses for our first toast to the happy couple!

Dinner began and the food was excellent. And before we knew it the time to make the speech was upon us. Before we went up unfortunately Patrick Teoh gave an excellent speech that had the crowd in stitches. We got really nervous to the point we forgot to take our glasses up for our speech and toast. We were nervous to say the least and pretty much read from the script which. Let's just say Patrick was a hard act to follow! And buddy the speech was good but the audience was terrible!

After dinner the dancing started. I wanted to dance with the little one but she got sleepy and so off she went to the room with our helper. I really wanted her to be part of this night a little more but it was a good thing I had anticipated this. Sean had his uncle Tony Warren the Malaysian Tom Jones belt out the frist few numbers. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it because he's really good! The dancing began and although DJ was good but the music failed to get the crowd really going as in most Eurasian weddings. The Genie King didn't care because he just wanted to have fun. We lliterally danced the night away as the crowd trickled away. In the end it was just his family and Nick and his family and wifey and me on the floor! Nick wanted to have a slow number but that was not to be. It was dance tunes all the way. (Bud maybe this Christmas I'll have a little dancing like our old days...not enough of that nowadays!) We were tired and soon Nick went home! We didn't do much after that too just talked a little and then went to our rooms.

The next morning we were still a little tired but we got up early because of the little one. We had breakfast and took her to the hotel pool for a little while. She, as usual, loves the water and enjoyed herself. I'm glad we had planned for this. Next we went to the Charity Bazaar and had a good time too just walking around. I didn't find and Santa Claus figures that cried out "buy me" to add to my collection though but did find some Christmas pudding. There was a lot of colorful characters and we took pictures with some of them. They also had a lovely brunch prepared by the hotel and we had grilled bangers anb mash with sauerkraut for a very reasonable price. After polishing off the meal I thought about pictures of it but it was too late,

THen it was time to go home we went to the happy couples suite and hung out a little after checking out and the we all left together. We were really tired and after getting howe we all had a nice long nap!

And so ends my tale for today but the adventure continues!

Hope you enjoy the pictures....


Ratu Syura said...

Woww.. sounds like you guys had a blast dancing the night away. Btw, your daughter looked simply adorable in that flower girl dress! :D

LadyJava said...

Wow.. what a fun day and night you guys must have. Dancing till the wee hours... now that's nostalgic...hahah... Glad everything went smoothly and little Ellie looks so beautiful as flower girl... you have a making of a grand beauty there friend :-)


Adrian said...

Ratu Syura! Welcome! We sure did! I't was fun and I was sad that the night ended like the song goes...."I could have danced all Night! :)

Thanks for coming by and looking forward to having you here more often! :)

Adrian said...

LJ! We did it all! :):) Yeah I mis the good old days where everyone would dance at the drop of a hat! LOL

Besides as a sign of my age I really can't understand some of the new dances not that I know what is the latest dance craze is either! LOL

And thank you and Ratu too for the compliments about my little princess! :):):) Just makes me so proud to be her dad! :) I am sincerely touched!

Nick Phillips said...

Dude, we had great time didn't we :) You make sure you have that dance session for your Christmas bash, K? And let me handle the music, at least this time we'll get some sentimental music so I can gapip with wifey ... LOL!

Adrian said...

Dei! This is family type blog laah! What is all this gapik gapik business ah? LOL

Dude...slow can but only christmas music! :)

Mariuca said...

Hey GK! Sure sounds like u guys had a lot of fun! Ellie looks totally adorable in the pics and I can just imagine her practising for the big cute!!!

Got Santa claus la, snowman la... wonderful!

Here's to ur friend Sean, happiness always with his new bride! :):):)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! We really had a great time! I didn't want the day to end because I was really happy for my good buddy! :):):)

Yeah we had fun teaching her. She is one little girl who doesn't walk...must run all the time so for her to actually do it was an acheivement! :):):)

We were so proud of her that last night we gave her a musical box and told her that that was for her being such a good girl. She was so excited and just lied there watching the pretty ballerina going round and round! It was a so nice watching her enjoy it!

Santa, Toy Soilder, Snowman and the guy in the fairy outfit were from the bazaar the following day! Had fun there too! :):)

Cheers GP!

Adrian said...

Hi Sandee! Welcome! Glad you dropped by and liked what you saw. I hope that you will be back to share with us more! Cheers!

J@n!ce said...

Beautiful pics. What a fun day :)
I need to take a walk down our Orchard road. Have not been there for a while now I want to experience joys of X'mas :)

Janice Ng

Trinity said...

The kids looks fabulous! You really have a great day.. :-) and I loveee swimming! May the couple live happily every after and have a happy family just like yours!

Trinity from Rooms of My Heart

Mariuca said...

GK! I love musical boxes he he he...I can picture lil Ellie entranced watching the pretty ballerina dancin daintily!

Btw, what is gapik la wei???

Adrian said...

Janice! thanks! We had a fun time and made the most of the time there! :):):)

I enjoy going down Orchard road and watching all the Christmas decorations...have they started already? I was supposed to go this year but might not make it! :(

Take pics when you go and post please! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Trinity! Yeah we had a gret time! You love swimming too huh...just like my little one!! :)

I prefer the cold air of the mountains and warm and cozy! :)

And thank you for your kind wishes to the happy couple! :):)

Adrian said...

GP! I'm not surprised that you love musical boxes too! :):) and she was lost for a quiet and like you said entranced by it! If I knew that was all it took to quiet her down...I'd have done it sooner! LOL

Gapik means hug or get cozy...I think...isn't that a Malay word...I thought it was! LOL

Shinade said...

Oh Adrian she is just beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful pictures!!

I am so pleased and happy that it all came off without a hitch.

Our little Noah was the ring bearer for his Auntie when he was four. But, he wasn't quite so well behaved.

After he realized that he was on stage and that he could pretty much give us all a show and not get into too much trouble...well let's just say that he had us all in stitches just when everyone generally cries at a wedding.

Have a great week!!

Emila Yusof said...

Hi GK! Great pictures! Lil Ellie is so adorable! I would love to pinch her chubby cheeks! Congrats to Sean!

Jean Chia said...

wow, what an enjoyable day to remember! :) So, now i bet you and your buddy nick is waiting for your seansy and wifey to give birth huh! :)

and oh gosh, little ellie is so cute as the flower girl! :)

love the pictures, but i was hoping to get to see the beautiful bride. :/

Jean Chia

Adrian said...

Jackie! Me too! You know how weddings can sometimes's like an orchestra that has to be directed properly from start to finish and I'm so happy that the night turned out so well!

Thanks for your kind remarks...:):):)

Little Noah seems to have been the life of the party! Sometimes you need someone do do something different to keep everyone happy!

Cheers to you and have a great weeek too! :)

Adrian said...

Emila! hehehe Thank you! :):) Don't think her mummy will let ou pinch her cheeks though LOL

Thanks for your well wishes for the happy couple! :)

Adrian said...

JEAN! Yeah we can't wait to be uncles when the time comes! :):)

She does look sweet doesn't she :)

I didn't want to put up a full picture because of their privacy, hope you understand! :) But there is a side profile shot!

Hey I'm going to Cameron Higland's tomorrow! Hope the weather is cool! :)

The Bimbo said...

WOW Your little one's Super adorable!!! And that's the kind of wedding I love! where everyone gets to enjoy. *envious*

Adrian said...

Bobo! :):) Super thanks to you! :):) Yeah it was a wedding not to forget...I wan tto post some of the pictures from the dinner when I get them because the place simply looked magical! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Hey Adrian!
I just wanted to leave a quick comment here telling you how much I enjoyed reading this post. Well done friend.
I guess you still have some steam in the engine.

Eric "Speedcat Hollydale"
Whhooooo Hoooooooo!!!!!!!!

Mariuca said...

Malay word, sure or noooooot? Anyway thanks for teaching me a new word LOL!

Genie Princess

Adrian said...

Eric! LOL Yup you could say that! In fact this old engine is plannig on rekindling some old times by having a little dancing together with my annual Christmas bash! My best buddies are all for it too! So I better start fine tuning this old engine befor eit breaks down! LOL

Cheers pal! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Well that's what I thought! I could be wrong...maybe it's al old term from my generation LOL

Ask around and see please because you've got me wondering now! LOL

Anonymous said...

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