Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day - A "DAD"ication

In case you missed all the commercials...Tomorrow is Father's Day!

So what better way to celebrate the day and (stay on the net) than to join in this little "DAD"ication. I've started a discussion at and you can join in too! Afterall my blog is not titled First Time Dad for nothing, right LOL

Think about the your dad, papa, daddy, pop or whatever pet name you have for him, and try to write about the best memory (happy or sad) you had with him! Maybe he won't get to read it (like my Papa who passed away when I was seven and who I don't have much memories but my mum took on the job very well :) ) but some of us will! And maybe, just maybe we'd appreciate our own father that much more.

F is for the friend he is!
A if for the advise he gave!
T is for the Teacher he was!
H is for the Healer he had to be!
E is for the entertainer he sometimes is! and
R is for the Role Model he was to us!

Happy Father's Day to all who are and who will be! :)

PS If we can get even one person who has lost touch with her or his dad to as least call, then we've achieved something! Don't you think so? :)


Anonymous said...

That's really cool. My real Dad was never really apart of my life, but my step-dad has been amazing! I think that really anyone who steps in to fill that void in a childs life, deserves a pat on the back tomorrow! Good luck to you, and congrats on starting the conversation!

Adrian said...

Barrett, Nice to have a like minded person around. NO ONE joined the discussion. I wonder why? Too personal or sensitive perhaps...I really didn't think it was that bad a topic! Anyway cheers to us! :)

Mariuca said...

Adrian, Happy Father's Day to you :) I like the new header too, Homer does the trick every time! Hey, I visited your blog 3x today, talk about support! :)

J@n!ce said...

Hi Adrian,
HAppY BelatEd FaTher's Day to you...
Do visit my blog too.

Adrian said...

J@n!ce! Thanks for dropping by! I've been to your page and left a comment too! You've got a great blog! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Can't believe that I didn't answer this...this is so strange...because I thought I did! Something fishy going on! Thank you for the Father's Day wishes! And that old header is history now :) Thanks for the support then and now :)