Sunday, June 24, 2007


Whatisthis and Where - Those happen to be two of my daughters favourite words! The little one at two years old is starting to pick up words. She is curious and wants to know everthing about anything! I guess they all do at two! They're like tiny little computers on two feet that need to be programed except they're the ones telling the programer to program them! Amazing isn't it? :)

She picked up the term "Whatisthis" quite a while back except we didn't realize that what she was saying was "What is this?" very fast. The term is something she uses for things she doesn't know and also for things taht she does? Not sure why but I think it's because she wants to verify that that is what it is. A drive out would be filled with "Whatisthis"s form the start to the end. Can you imagine a two hour trip? Whatisthis? A bus Whatisthis? A bus Whatisthis? A lorry Whatisthis? Another bus Whatisthis? Another lorry LOL

This'll go on until she falls asleep or we reach the traffic light. Then she starts with 32, 31 30 26, 23, 27, 24, etc. because we've been teaching her numbers and at the traffic lights they have the electronic countdowns and she tries to follow the numbers. She's quite good actually, especially once it is below 20. Sometimes her focus shifts to the traffic lights and she starts with "Geen coming" because the lights are red. Once it turns green she says "Daddy Go Geen" excitedly :)

Like last night when I was tucking her to bed I told her if she slept early she could get up in the morning and watch the birds fly (which is something she loves to do each morning). The conversation went pretty much like this.
Me: Ellie if you sleep now tomorrow we can get up early and watch the bird fly.
Little One: Where?
Me: Errr fly to their nests.
Little One: Where?
Me: In the trees.
Little One: Where?
Me: Errr in the forest.
Little One: Where?
Me: Eeeeerrrr... look at the butterfly on the wall!
Little One: Where?
Thank goodness her mummy walked in and she got distracted otherwise I'd have been there all night LOL
The next phase is WHY! Why Oh Why? : )


Nick Phillips, MY said...

Buddy, you should be used to her asking you 'whatisthis' all the time. She sounds like me rambling incessantly in the car when we go lepak at Sri Paandi rite :) But of cos she sound so much cuter than me ... hehehe ... My hugs to the lil one.

Adrian said...

Lepak at Sri Paandi...ah such fond "memories"! :)

Diamondssaphire said...

LOL..My son is now 12 years old, but I remember that stage likeit was yesterday. Oh and don't worry, WHY will be next!!

Adrian said...

DS, 12 years on and the memories still "haunt" you! Great! Thanks for making my day! LOL I can't wait for WHY? :)