Thursday, June 21, 2007


It was a warm night and the police were everywhere looking for clues. The family members were huddled in a corner praying for the safe return of their beloved father. Homer J. Simpson has been kidnapped. The news first broke in the Malay Mail so clik on the link for the full story.

Homer at at a recent fancy dress party!
Yes, folks, it had to happen sooner or later. This huge celebrity icon refused to hire additional security or move to a more secure neighborhood. Instead he choose to stay in his home in Springfield. However, that was not where the loveable character was kidnapped from. While on a promotional tour in Malaysia for the upcoming and much eagarly awaited Simpsons movie, he was kidnapped from righ under his family's noses.

This reporter managed to get some exclusive interviews with the family and friends. This is what his beloved wife Marge had this to say "Oh who would want to do a thing like that? Where's my Homey! Homey!" and then she broke off into tears.

Lisa, his brainy daughter was on hand to console her "Dad will be okay but who would want to do this to us? If you're listening, Please bring my father back, we miss him!" Young Bart Simpson put on a brave face too and recollected the time he was kidnapped and said "Sideshow
Bob! It's me you want! Let my father go or ELSE..." and he left it up to his main suspect to conjure up what devious punishment that would be inflicted by Bart. When approached little teary eyed Maggie Simpson had only this to say "Chup, Chup, Chup".

We managed to call some of Homer friends back in Springfield for an interview. Bartender and long time confidant Moe Sizlak said "Homer there's a beer waiting for you at the when are you gonna pay me!" barney Gumble wanted to say a few words but could only manage "Buuuurrrppppp" before passing out. Mr. Burn's his employer at the plant had only this to say when told abou tthe kidnapping "Excellent!".

Well there you have it folks. The inside scoop of how the family and friends of Homer Simpson are reacting while they await his return. And to the kidnappers I make this heartfelt plea - Please return Homer -The world just isn't the same without him!


Mariuca said...

LOL! Happy that you wrote this, my thoughts immediately turned to YOU when I read MM last night, nice post Adrian!

Adrian said...

I'm glad you liked it! :) The moment I saw the MM last night I knew I had to write about it! :)

Mariuca said...

There's a follow-up story today. Apparently YOU are still missing :(

Adrian said...

Is there? Haven't read it yet! Need to log on to the MM now :)

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Hey, I saw homer around the corner near my office, the bum was swallowing down this huge stack of dough nuts. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Marge said...

You saw my Homey! Oh! please don't call my Homey a bum...he may not not be the world's best dad but he certainly is no bum.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself young man! What would his poor childen think when they see your nasty comments. :(

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Marge, that really you Marge? Or are you just Bart fooling around ... hehehehe ....

Anonymous said...

Bart said...


Mariuca said...

Homer! Thank god they found you! Bet Marge must be having a ball now that you're back to bug her :)

Adrian said...

What! What! What! I was kidnapped? I thought those nice men were taking me out to the tavern to chug a lug a few cool Duffs. No wonder they kept hitting me on the head, I thought is was some kinda new game! DOH!! Why do bad things always happen to me? FLANDERS!!!!! Did you put them up to this???? Why I oughta......

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