Thursday, July 19, 2007

All Aboard - The Technocrati Train!

IF YOU WANT A HIGHER TECHNORATI RATING (you'd be silly not to) - TELL ME! HOP ON BOARD! It’s easy and worth it. If you want to move up in Technorati there are 2 ways to get there: gaining massive amounts of links to you from other blogs, or getting the most favourites. One thing you can do is get lots of favourites who favourite you in return! Before you start you may want to grab this supercool autofave program from Eng Tech. All the people who have favourited you, this automatically favourites them in return. No more excuses for not returning the favour!Automatic Technorati Fave program the coolest program ever! Finds fans that have favorited you and automatically favorites them!

grab the program here [2.4MB].

(Reword the following paragraph a little. The techbold link should be changed to link to who you got this from {me}. Move the 4 new faves (one is you) to old faves below Gary Lee. Add 3-4 new people to new faves. Each name linked to their blog, and Fave the site is the link on their technorati fave widget on their site. AND, NAME THE WHOLE POST DIFFERENT FROM MINE!)

Bobo the Bimbo who blobs d bImBo WiF D tWiSt has gracefully added me to the Technorati Fave Train recently and I only just got around to this today unfortunately. Sorry Bobo me was busy and I wish there was 48 hours in a day too! FYI The Train was started at Gary Lee.

SO if you wanna boost your rankings don't get off the train! Chuga Chuga! Chuga Chuga! WHOO!! WHOO!!

You know you want to take the train ride so here it goes...

***Start Copying Here***

Here are the rules:
1. Write a short introduction paragraph about what how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

2. COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, go ahead and change the titles of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog.

3. Take “My New Faves” and move them into the “The Original Faves” list.

4. Add at least 3 Blogs that you’ve just added to your Technorati Favorites to the “My New Faves” section. Remember to also add the “Fave Me” link next to your new blogs (i.e.

5. Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave the Site.” (Please FAVE EVERYONE on the List prior to posting the list or a Kitten will Die Alone in a Dark Alley Tonight). Those who want good karma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New Faves

The Original Faves
Jeff Kee - Fave the Site

* - Train Engineer
** - Last Wagon


J@n!ce said...

Adrian, welcome onboard the train...noticed that the 5 fav of yours are not in this link format ""
You may want to check back again.
Thanks for joining :)

Adrian said...

Janice! Thanks for the heads up! So much to do, so little time ! LOL said...

You are very nice :) I write your blog name on my blog to Linkler page See you :)

Mariuca said...

Homer! Told ya it would be a breeze for u to get yourself on the train! Guess Marge and the kids are comin too LOL! ;)

Nubia said...

sounds good!

Adrian said...

Eda! It's nice to be able to pass this to some new faces around here! I hope it helps boost your ratings like it did mine when I frist started! Cheers! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Marge and the kids are getting ready for the premiere of our movie! LOL Don't forget to watch me in action! DOH

Adrian said...

Nubia! Welcome to my world! :)

Jean Chia said...

hey, thanks for the add! and welcome aboard! oh, there's a cafeteria down the private cabins that i sselling yummy finger snacks, go help yourself! :)

Adrian said...

Jean! LOL Finger snacks eh! I'll be there! :)

Ian said...

Thanks for the links and fave.

Adrian said...

Ian! Your welcome! Hope tos ee around more often! :)

sonmce said...

Hi there,
I saw your blog on the Technorati Faves Train list and added to my favorites on Technorati.
I'd appreciate if you can do the same.
You just need to click on the following link:
No need to approve this comment :)
Many thanks!

Adrian said...

Hi Cenk, I'll certainly fave you too! Thanks for the add! Have a good Friday! :)

sarah said...

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