Friday, July 6, 2007

One Two Three - I Can Not Believe It!

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! My good buddy Nick has bestowed upon little old me an Awesome Guy Blogger Award. My second AGB of the day if you can believe it! We both were recipients of this cool award from DiamondSapphire (see post below) this morning! Together with the Power of Schmooze Award I received from dear old Marzie yesterday (see the post below the post below) that makes THREE!

Man I feel like it's Oscar nite at Bloggywood and I'm Brad Pitt or something (more like something) LOL. Thanks Buddy! I'm not going to send it on today because I seriously think that there are too many awards out there as it is and that the awards are losing their significance! Maybe next week LOL

Hmmm Maybe I'll get "Fore More" (check ye older posts for this reference) tomorrow and it'll really be 7-7-7 DOH ! Ka-ching LOL


Wonder Woman said...

Each of these awards is well deserved! Congrats! I love your cheeky baby- adorable!!

Bobby Revell said...

Mr.Pitt, your limousine is ready! Congratulations!

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Mr. Pig ... urrmmm, I mean Mr. Pitt :) ... couldn't think of anyone better to give this award to! Now if only all these awards came with some cash attached, that would really be something else altogether rite ... hehehe ...

Mariuca said...

Hi Adrian, Bloggywood sounds like a cool place, enjoy your fame for the moment! :)

Adrian said...

Wonder Woman! Glad to see you here! :) Thanks! She's even cheekier now! :)

Bobby R! Glad to see you here too! I was waiting for my limo but it never came must have got stuck in traffic! LOL Thanks and Congrats to you too! :)

Nick! Mr. Pig eh! Don't forget I know where you jog and if you happen to see an X-Trail bearing down on you it just might be me! LOL Thanks bud and COngrats to you too!

Marzie! Don't worry I know my fame is only fleeting! :) Probably won't get another award for a long as I'm in Bloggywood! :) Darn! Now does that mean I'll have to cancel the champagne I ordered! LOL