Saturday, July 7, 2007


Seven seems to be a lucky number or at least a significant number in our everyday lives! A lot of things refer to seven in some way or another. Take for instance the bible says that you must forgive your brother not seven times but seven times seven! In movies James Bond is 007, and there was a movie called Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and the Magnificent Seven, oh and the movie Seven about the seven mortal sins in the bible. And if you break a mirror it's seven years bad luck! What about 7Up, can you imagine drinking 5Up. Even slot machines have 777. The list goes on and on. Today being 07-07-07 seems to be a special day for many but for me it was just anopther day but I decided to mark this day by writing about seven things I did today that were significant! So here goes:

1) I woke up (coincidently at 7)! We sometimes take waking up for granted but with life so fragile in certain quarters of the world we need to sometimes think about how lucky we are to just be alive!

2) I felt the sun in my back and the wind in my face. Okay, I went to the gym (at 7.45) and it was hot outside and the sun was really shining on my back through the glass panels and the wind from the AC was in my face LOL. Okay going to the gym sounds lame except to me it was significant because yesterday evening I went too. So that was twice in slightly more than 12 hours. Moreover it was also 4 times in a row (Wed - Sat). That's a big achievement for me! LOL

3) Took the little one to Tumble Tots in 1 Utama (shopping mall) for the first time after talking about it for months. She was a little shy at first but soon got the hang of things. I enjoyed sitting there watching her and wifey climb, and balance, and tumble and slide all over the place. We all had fun. Want to do it again but not ready to commit time. Classes are weekly. We're in denial! Because once it starts, taking her for classes, that is, it won't stop! I want to send her for ballet and swimming and Tae Kwan Do and piano too. That's all! LOL

4) Looked for a birthday present for my godson Craig whose 8th birthday is on the 12th. Wanted to buy him a Transformers robot but they were all sold out at Toys R Us and Jusco. Jusco had a few that made noise but nothing that transformed. What's the use of buying a Transformers that doesn't transform! Anyway, I also saw an Optimus Prime helmet that talked and had a voice changer. I wanted to get it for myself...errr and my daughter (yeah sure). Yes, I can still be a kid sometimes! Had it under my arm and was ready to go but wifey said NO! sniff was so cool! I'll get it somehow! LOL

5) Went for lunch at Chili's. We've been going there pretty regularly except for the past few months and we found out that they had taken out our favourite item off the menu. Steak and Portabello Fajitas! Yummy! Actually we found out a few weeks back but didn't realize it because we went to a different branch and thought that they had a different menu. So when we went to our usual joint and saw the new menus we were so disappointed! The Cajun Steak Fajitas just didn't taste the same! Need to find a new joint! (You guys from Chili's reading this better put it back on the menu or lose a valuable customer! LOL)

6) Went to Church!. Yeah I don't go often enough but sometimes when the moon is aligned with the sun and Venus and Jupiter I do go. Anyway, I ran into some friends whom I haven't seen in a while and they said that I had lost weight and looked good. HAHAHA It's was so nice to hear! LOL

7) I'm going to sleep early! Why? Because I'm so bloody tired! It's been a full day! Besides I'm planning on hitting the gym again tomorrow morning bright and early! LOL Problem is someone in the neighbourhood is getting married and they keep letting off fireworks. The big and loud kind! Hope they quit soon! :)

So that's my significant seven! Hope you all had a fine day too!



Kin said...

I think i miss the 070707's celebrations and fireworks. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have recently been walking trying to drop a couple of pounds! There is nothing better than when someone else notices your progress! Someone saying that I had lost some wieght was usually a great motivator for me to keep working out! Sounds like you had a pretty great day!
I have never heard of Tumble Tots? What is it? An indoor playground? Take care, great post!

J@n!ce said...

Its my bro's birthday yesterday 0707 & we had a small celebration over at his place. I think it is really memorable day 070707 ....

WAH, your gal is gg to be talented lady soon with so many programs line up for her.... ;P

What a THOUGHTFUL dad :D

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Hey Buddy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So, you're still able to use that senior citizen's pass huh? LOL!

Adrian said...

Kin, Yeah should have thought of it as 070707 fireworks display but when you have a 2 year old trying to sleep it's not that exciting LOL

Barrett, Say my friend have you picked up your awards from down below! Congrats!

Yup noting like people noticing the shedding of those extras to give a boost. Good luck with your weight loss program too!

Tumble Tots is kinda like an inddoor playground but with a little supervision and a few extras like songs and activities thrown in for good measure. :)

Janice! No that's what I plan but it's really pretty unrealistic! :)THose are the things I want her to do but in reality I'll have to pick a few that is best for her and let her enjoy her childhood! :) I don't want to be an overbearing parent and force her to do every activity under the sun! No! no! no! Just wishful thinking LOL

Adrian said...

Nick! Thanks bud! :) Senior Citizen eh? well don't worry I'll reserve a seat for you until next year when you reach my age! LOL

Mariuca said...

Awwww, you didn't get the Optimus Prime helmet for your "daughter"...he he he... well you should! If it makes "her" happy and smiling all day, I suggest you make a quick stop after your gym session today to grab it before it runs out of stock! LOL :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! LOL Very funny! :)

Nessa said...

Hey Homer! Happy birthday:)

Adrian said...

Nessa! Thank you so much! :)

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Great post! I enjoyed it! :)

Happy Birthday!


Adrian said...

Ann! Thanks and Thanks! Have a great Friday! :)