Thursday, July 19, 2007


Jean's just slapped me with the 10 Things I Hate Tag! Thanks Jean...It's A Great Pleasure to do it! :) (but why only ten things - I've got more things I hate than I can count LOL) Since I've never done this before, I'll gladly give it a shot! Here goes...

1) Food I hate : FISH!!! Can't stand the smell! But I love fishing and also eat certain processed fish products! Strange but true LOL

2) Fruit I hate : Do Fruit Cakes count? LOL Tough choice but I'll go with papaya for the after effects! LOL

3) Veggies I hate : Love all veggies but if I had to choose it'd be cucumber because it's so dull!

4) Celebrities/People that I hate : People who suck up and/or show off!!

5) Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : Being at work LOL Seriously though I hate being in a situation where you're helpless to do anything!

6) TV shows/movies that I hate : That's easy - The Bold and the Beautiful! And all soaps.

7) Music I hate : Rap sometimes

8) Household chores that I hate : Taking out the trash! (Think prawns shells over the weekend! Phew what a pong!)

9) Things that you hate around the world : War! Why can't we all just get along!

10) Things that you hate about yourself : Being Lazy! I'd love to laze around all day if I could! :)

So now you know 10 Things I Hate! How that is going to enrich your lives I certainly don't know! LOL Since I had to do this (and I kinda enjoyed it too) I'm going to forward this to five wonderful guy bloggers who have nothing better to do than to reveal their "10 Things I Hate" LOL


(If any of you done this before, you can choose not to redo. Just comment your post to me)


Anonymous said...

Sweet I am in! I spent today at the pool and got COMPLETELY sunburned! I promise I will post it tomorrow morning, after the aloe vera has had time to soak in! Ouch!

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Dude, check your links for the people you tagged. It looks like Jason, Bobby, Mark and Charles are all linked as one. Just thot I'd give you a heads up :) Have a nice one Bud!

Adrian said...

Barrett! Geez having a dip in the pool while I'm here slogging it out! Wanna trade places LOL

Buddy! That's another thing I hate - Getting all this to work right! Can't someone come up with comething easy to pass along! LOL

J@n!ce said...

Huma : You make me all so envy, haven't been to the pool for quite a while. I LOVE the SUN :)
Hope you get back to you 'normal skin' quickly & work on your shoutbox.... hehehe ;p

Adrian : I'm scare of RAP too :)
Marzie will be upset, the B&B is her favourite....LOL. But I think she will soon get over it knowing that you HATE papaya too....

Thanks I know you better now :)

MkF aka aWkW'dBaSt'D said...

Caramba ! You just tagged me !
Thank you Adrian, I'm honored.
Finding ten things I hate won't be too hard ;D
It's a nice way to get acquainted.
Have a great day Fella. See ya later @ Moe's.

Mariuca said...

Adrian, I can't believe you and your number 6, some more specifically mentioned B&B!! ;(

He he, but I dig your papaya choice! It's not that it's yucky but all other fruits seem to taste much better than plain ol' papaya! :)

Bobby Revell said...

Alright! BTW I added you to my blogroll. Try to make sure everyone takes the time to fave everyone on the list. I faved all the ones you added:)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, so I finally recovered and posted the 10 things post today! Sorry it took me so long! Hope this finds you and yours well!

Adrian said...

Janice! Only some kinds of rap! :) Some are quite nice actually! :) It's the hardcore bad@$$ type I dislike! :)

Adrian said...

MKF! Yup that's what I said too finding 10 things I hate is easy LOL

Yup see ya to Moe's! I'd say that drinks are on me, but everytime I try that they keep slipping off! DOH! LOL

Adrian said...

Marzie! The B&B is so lame's just like those Malay dramas with cheap lame plots that you dislike LOL

Adrian said...

Bobby! Great! I wish I had more time to do all the faving and tagging and posting and replying to comments. Where does the time go :)

Adrian said...

Barrett! Thanks! I'll pop by later to check it out! Thaks for that post on Springfield and me dude! You are the best! I owe you one ok! :)

Mariuca said...

Adrian! Where got? B&B is different I tell you LOL!!!

Bobby Revell said...

I can't stand rap music, but I love fish!!!

Adrian said...

Marzie! B&B is so daytime soapy meant for oldies lah LOL!!

Adrian said...

Bobby! Another anti-rapper amongst us! :)
I hate to eat fish. However, I like rearing fish. In fact I actually bought nine koi fish yesterday to fill a tank I have :) (the previous occupants were tiny little fish that didn't last very long) I know I don't eat fish but I appreciate them in other ways I guess! LOL I have a huge "kalui" or giant gouramy at home too! It's really playful and loves to chase fingers to try and "bite" that are outside the tank! :) Daughter likes that and sometimes when we're not looking she'll stick her face up to the glass and the fish will go real close and he tries to "bite" her! It's really funny to watch! :) Cheers buddy!