Wednesday, September 5, 2007

4 answers & 8 questions ...

Janice tagged me a long time ago with very simple meme (my apologies for procastinating Jan...but better late than never mah and I will try very hard not to be late for another of your memes again). All I have to do is give 4 answers for each question.

4 jobs I’ve had
HR geek (would you believe that I've been here for almost 20 years)

4 films I could watch over and over
It's a Wonderful Life, The Lord of the Rings (I, II & III), Star Wars (I to VI), Jurassic Park (I), The 5th Element (yeah i know that makes five

4 Favorite Foods
Fried Kuay Teow, Burgers, Curry Puffs, Nasi Lemak (this list goes on for miles actually LOL)

4 Websites I visit everyday (of course I visit more)
This is a miracle... A Great Pleasure Anything Goes Wishing Upon a Falling Star

4 Places I would love to be
Europe, USA, Africa, Antartic

4 Favorite Colors
Blue, Green, Black, Liverpool RED!!!

4 Names I love but would/could not use for my children
Ethan James and Sara Samantha (that's four right LOL)

I'de like to pass this on to anyone who would like to participate (mainly because all the people I know have already done this thanks to my procastination)!


Nick Phillips said...

Urrmmm, Antartic buddy? You feeling okay today? LOL!

Who can not like the 5th Element with that Big Bada Boom woman :D

Adrian said...

Buddy! It's wifey who wants to go there so you can talk to her about the state of her mental health! LOL

Yeah big bada boom! :)

Anonymous said...

I found this link through speedcat ..good stuff.. I enjoyed it..

4 jobs turck driver,truckdriver,truckdriver,truckdriver..there that covered 32 years..

4 films..smokey and the bandit i,2,3 and days of thunder

4 foods..burgers,anything barbqued,kraft dinner and sea bass

4 websites..speedycat,auntie dar,shinade,jessie the cat

4 places I pretty well seen em all

4 colours black,purple, red and blue

4 names for children..I got stuck on.. I have two kids grownup and I have about 4 names apiece for each of them ...which are unprintable for the most part....but I love em dearly

Adrian said...

Robert! Welcome! Glad you enjoyed it....I enjoyed reading yours too...especially like the unprintable names for your children LOL Cheers and hope to see you here more often! :)

J@n!ce said...

Adrian, how come "Janice" link becomes Maketraffic's link there? hehe ;p

Btw, thanks for doing the tag.

I like the name Samantha too. But you know when it comes to 3 syllabus words. Pple will slowly call "Sam" instead of Samantha... OMG, then it becomes a boy's name ...LOL :)

Janice Ng

Adrian said...

Janice! Didn't realize the link was wrong...will change it asap. Sorry lor! :)

You're right! Sam or Sammy...but it's okay if she looks like a girl LOL

Most people will also find a ways to make fun of a name...well that's what I do LOL