Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Five Old Posts Meme

Cbenc12 and Markeff ( and maybe a few others too) have tagged me for ‘5 Old Post Meme’. Thanks guys and I humbly apologize for taking so very very very long to post this but it's finally out! Here are my five favaourite old posts (which are not really that old because I've only been blogging since late May this year) not in any particular order:

Homer Kidnapped

Something Ends

Good Night Sweetheart! Hello Basil!

A Walk Down memory lane

Monster Meatballs!

Now I'd like the following bloggers:

Now I'm looking forward to reading your five old posts and please don't procastinate like I did! LOL


darlene said...

i was tagged awhile back with this and never got around to it
but will try this time!...
thanks for the remind...hee hee

Adrian said...

Darlene! Good on ya! I hope that you enjoy it and would love to read your old posts! :)

Mariuca said...

He he, finally u have this one up! I've read all of the posts and I believe have commented on all of them too, good picks by the way! :):):)


Adrian said...

Marzie! Yeah I realized I don't have that many posts up! Maybe I should have put my very first few...where had only one or two comments...but shy lor LOL