Thursday, August 9, 2007

A walk down memory lane

Recently I was tagged to do the face behind the blog meme. After thinking long and hard about how to do it with a little twist and coming up blank for ideas, I finally decided to put up my own mug on display! Well that night my wife gave me an idea! She said why not put up old pics of my self and a certain good buddy of mine and let folks guess who we are! Darn, it was too late to do already. Or was it? hehehe You see a couple of days ago I went through some dusty old albums that were sitting in a cabinet untouched by human hands for god knows how long and found a lot of pictures going back all the way to my school days (phew that was a mouthful). My childhood photos are somewhere else (must make a note to look for those later)! But I did find what I was looking for - old Stamford college photos of some of my best friends at one point in time.

We were really close for the two years we studied together. We also got up to a whole bunch of mischief (in a good Robin Hood way) in school. It usually started in the morning when we'd all meet at the wall! That was our assembly point! Then we'd skip classes and go for breakfast at a nearby vendor, fondly referred to as a Mamak stall (Mamak means mix between Indian and Malay). They serve the best tea/coffee and roti canai and nasi Lemak! Malaysian breakfast favourites! Then we'd mosey along to class!
In class we'd make a lot of noise (that's actually and understatement...we made the most noise LOL)! And if we didn't get to have our breakfast for some reason during break we'd run off and not return until much later. Yeah we were naughty! We had one guy who'd somehow find a way eat in class too. Our favourite time was the break time. We'd each get our trusty hair brushes (yes we were very vain then) and head to our office. That was the name we bestowed on the men's room! Hey it was the only place with a mirror! LOL

If I start to tell you about half the trouble we used to get into I'd probably be able to write a short book! Unfortunately if I do tell you that would mean our long kept secrets would be out to that's a nono! LOL But this is the place where I met two of my best friends to this day!
The first guy was a young guy (we were all young then I suppose LOL) from Muar (a small town boy) and he walked into class the first day and came and sat with me! The first thing he asked me is I was Catholic. I was and still am but what a question. Then he asked me if he ws in the correct class. Hmmm....easy meat I thought! LOL Me being me put on a straight face and told him no you've got the wrong class and asked him to go to the board in the lobby to check! He came back much later and somehow we just hit it off! This was the begining of our friendship. We still laugh about it whenever the old stories crop up!

My other best friend you all know as Nick! Him I hated on sight. He was also a new boy into class but came in seveeral days/weeks later. The fella walks into class with his bird nest hairdo and slams his books on the table! (Later he explained that it slipped) By then we already have our click of six formed. He was the last pice but we had no idea then. We went to our office and ploted against him because we really wanted to teach the arrogant fellow a lesson! Okay we wanted to bash him up not that I was a violent fellow or anything, just the look on his face made a person want to do it. LOL Anyway after our rounds in the office and the school corridors (mainly to check out the girls in the other classes) we went for our usual tea break and here he comes. Anyway he came over for tea and one of our group asked him to have a seat at our table . Anway Nick said "I'll buy you a drink" to me! (I don't know why but I took F&N Orange!) Of course I was the biggest guy in our group! So basically he bought my friendship LOL Well at least that got him off the hook because I wasn't going to whack him then! Wonder what would have happened if he didn't buy me that drink? Hmmm I'm glad I didn't have to find out! (besides he just gave me an Inspirational Blogger Award too which is proudly displayed on my side bar so I guess I must have done something right LOL) Our group practically ruled the place. We'd be doing everything but study (contrary to the pic above)! Think "Happy Days"! I was even President of the sixth form society. We used to collect funds for the class and somehow I'd get the treasurer to loan me the cash! Lets just say that I made a certain ex of mine very happy! Like I said Robin Hood type mischief that you get into when you are young and foolish! Of course no one would question the President! LOL

Okay I'll stop here for now. Here are some pictures of our glory days...some of you you already know what I look like but if you don't, just try to guess which one is Nick and which one is me! Nick good buddy...don't worry I won't tell everyone which one you are! You can do that yourself! LOLPS Buddy! You owe me for the free plug!


Mariuca said...

Oh nice one Adrian! Love the gambar zaman dulu!

Ok first pic - who is the cutie, front row on the right? ;)

Also I'm guessing that you are the one with the glasses (the tallest one).

As for ur buddy I'm trying to figure out who has the most "Stylo" my guess would be the guy with the shades? How??? Did I even come close? This was fun Adrian! Wifey came up with a good idea indeed!

Adrian said...

Marzie! Just like going back to the past! Makes me feel old LOL

The cutie...which right yours or the pic...Easier it the one with the mustache or not?

Yes. I'm the tall one with the glasses of course! So easy to guess ah?

I neither can fonfirm nor deny which one is my buddy! Sorry! ;p

Glad you had fun! I'll let wifey know you enjoyed it! :)

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Dude, those pix sure brings back some very fond memories :) We were a bunch of mischievous brats weren't we? Gosh, if we admitted to half the stuff we cooked up during our time at Stamford, we'd be writing our blogs from some cell ... LOL!

And it was just any mamak dude, it was the 'Mercedes Mamak' :) That was one classy mamak stall folks!

Well, there's only 7 people in the pix (Adrian you already know) and so it's not gonna be too hard to eventually guess which one is me! (I'm so gonna get you for this buddy. LOL!)

Excellent post dude!!!

Mariuca said...

Herbie is super cute! Am still guessin which one is Nick though, any hints Nick?

Anonymous said...

Great post ... as usual you took a normal meme and turned it into your own! Great photo's, this blogger wants to know who was running principle photography?! LOL! Take care friend, I hope this finds you well!

Diamondssaphire said...

Cool Post..I love it. I already think I have which one is you pick out. As for Nick...the "birds nest" hairdo is a goog clue!! I think I know..I'll be back with my guess..

Adrian said...

Everyone! I'm gonna be real busy today so I'll return your comments over the weekend! Cheers and have a great Friday folks! :)

J@n!ce said...

Adrian, really nice to see you put up this old photo. Looks like you really have a bunch of good friends. The 3rd picture of you guys really playful, abit like pirates...LOL :)

Thanks for sharing, your wifey is so smart :)

Jean Chia said...

man! you guys are such mischievous kids! LOL! old photos bring back sweet memories. Hmmm. i can;t recognize u in the 1st photo? i guessed it's the tallest wt spec lor. am i rite?

and which is nick? haha..nick, come come out wherever you are..

Adrian said...

Barrett! Howdy my friend! :) Those were really happy times and were all a "little" vain back then always posing as you can see. :)

That's why I inserted the last pic to show the real friendship and closeness we shared! :) And that we were not a bunch of rowdies LOL

Adrian said...

DS!! I can't wait to see how you guess! Hurry back okay! :)

Adrian said...

Janice! Yeah we were a real close back then! Went everywhere together! Did everything together! We really enjoyed those times! :)

Adrian said...

Jean! We were naughty but nice! :) Yeah old photos are great to take you back in time! :)

Are you sure that's me or not? LOL

Try to guess which one is Nick lor?

Adrian said...

Marzie! Still can't guess ah? tsk tsk tsk LOL

Adrian said...

Marzie! Still can't guess ah? tsk tsk tsk LOL

Diamondssaphire said... I read Nicks post about his hair and you said he had a "birds nest" on his head so if I had to guess from looking at these pics I would say Nick is..drum roll...(in the last picture) I am pretty sure you are the tallest one of the group and seeing as you stuck Homer Simpson over your face I can't tell, I'm going off memory and the smile is the same.

So that would make Nick either the one standing sideways hiding his face(sound familiar?) or the second one in from the left.

But my guess is the guy hiding his face!!

Adrian said...

DS! I guess you've found me out! LOL Wasn't that hard after you'd sseen the earlier picture, right! Now for Nick...I can neither confirm nor deny your guess because he's threathed me with bodily harm LOL All I can say is good guess! LOL

Diamondssaphire said...

OMG...I am so bummmed now!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Yup...those ties on the head are classic. I have done this myself!
I really like your twist on the "face off" thang - of course, I see you at the market all the time. (The little woman makes me go there)
Viva Los Hollydale!!!!!!

Adrian said...

Speedcat! I had my face up for a week and then had Homer somehow got word of it and took a bite out of the picture! LOL Yeah the ties on the head was classics wasn't it! :)

Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

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