Friday, August 10, 2007

10 Questions For Me!

Barrett of HumaB tagged me to participate in this questionnaire. It's simple - Ten questions, five answers, and tag five people.

Instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, and then add yourself to the bottom.

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1. What were you doing ten years ago? I went to the USA for the first time! We practically went from coast to coast. Landed in Washington D.C. then stayed in Virginia with some friends, then went back to DC for some business, then went to Portland for a few days, went up to Mount Hood and it was saw snow for the first time! After that went to California. Stayed in Orange county with some friends and went to Disneyland and Universal studios! Took a tour to Tijuana and agfter that went to San Diego Sea World. Then went to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Rememmber it like it was yesterday because it was our best holiday ever.

2. What were you doing 1 year ago? Arranging for my daughters first birthday party. The theme was Pooh Bear but unfortunately couldn't find a Pooh bear character to come over so we got the A&W bear instead LOL! Had a Pinata too the string pulling kind, not the kind you whack of course! Had games and gifts for adults and kids and tried to make everyone happy!

3. What are five snacks you enjoy? Peanuts, Potato Chips, Muruku (crispy crunchy lentil snack - err it tastes better than it sounds), Sour Kana (hmm...something like pickled fruit), Keropok (fish crakers)

4. What are five songs you know the lyrics to? Oh my goodness...I'm lousy with lyrics and can only remember certain lyrics! Besides all my CD's are Christmas CD's (about 50 of them - ask my buddy if you don't believe me) Apart from that only have a Bread CD and a Eagles CD.

5. Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire: A million is not much...probably buy a bigger house and then share some with my family and good friends! Take wife and daughter to Europe and then to Disneyland and take the Disney Cruise...hear it's fantastic! If got left over want to go to Alaska too! Won't save a cent!

6. Five Bad Habits: Lazy, interrupt when people talk, watch too much tv, eat too much, never keep in touch with old friends.

7. Five Things You Like To Do: Eat! Sleep! Cook! Dance but haven't in ages! Watch tv!

8. Five Things You Would Never Wear: My underwear over my pants! Ear/Nose/Lip/Tongue rings! Ladies do they ever walk in those heels! A three piece suit! My wifes clothes!

9. Five Favorite Toys: My old toy soilders which somehow disappeared after marraige! My toy M1 Rifle which I had way back whe I was but a wee had a metal barrell and wooden stock! All my Santa's! My car! My Star Wars Chess set!

10. Five Things You Hate To Do: Work! Shave! Wash dishes! Hang clothes out to dry! Take out the trash!

That's my top ten! Now to tag five more bloggers to find out 10 questions about them! Drumroll please....

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Emila Yusof said...

Hi Adrian! Thanks for the tag! Will do it asap!!No 8 is hilarious! You should try wearing one over your pants because all the girls love Superman!

J@n!ce said...

The kind of holiday you had at US really made one envious leh !! :)

Your gal's bd party is held at your house or at A&W? Aww... I really missed eating those food from A&W, we don't have that over here now. :)~~

Zac's bd is coming up soon to, I'm thinking how to celebrate for him. :)

Anonymous said...

Man adrian I feel ya! Shaving is a real pain! I haven't shaved since Friday and now i am dreading having to shave tomorrow! Yuk!
Can't believe the wifey threw away your soldiers! What if you have a boy? Too funny! have a great week! Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

P.S.-Thanks for the link. I have moved to a new domain! It is! Be sure and check out the new digs! Thanks, take care!

Mariuca said...

Hola Adrian! Hey I like muruku too, the one they sell at Lotus is yummy!

Star wars chess set? U also a star wars buff like hubbs? Ha ha ha, what happened to ur toy soldiers, mysteriously disappeared after marriage??? LOL!

Adrian said...

Emila! LOL I'm more a Batman fan myself hehehe

Take your time with the tag! :)

Adrian said...

Janice! Yeah it was a wonderful holiday and nothing has come near since! :)

We had the party at our house! I prefer house parties and besides A&W will only let you use the place for 1.5 hours where can have party like that LOL Moreover wanted to cater food/drinks for the adults too! :)

Too bad you don't have it there anymoer...I like their fried chicken and root beer of course! :)

Adrian said...

Barrett! Yeah that's the only thing I dislike about being a man -shaving everyday single day! LOL

Yeah what if I had a boy? See wifey!! Even girls can play with boys toys too...although I must add that I did buy her a toy gun the other day hoping that she'd like it (I love guns) and she looked at it...then turned litte girl is a LITTLE GIRL! sob sob...there goes my plan to turn her into a tom boy LOL

I checked out your new digs...I LIKE! :)

Adrian said...

You like murukku too...I suppose most of us do...I used to make nice murukku but it's a lot of work squeezing the stuff out! Which type do you like? I like the star like pointy ones! :)

The force be with you! :) Yeah I love Star Wars! Guess hubbs and I got a few thing in common :)

Yeah don't rub it in about my toy soldiers, I still miss them ;p Hours of fun I had before the dawn of computers! Even had little cowboys and Indians too...oh childhood childhood whereforth art thou? LOL

J@n!ce said...

Adrian, I love their curly fries & rootbear float...aiyo... really craving for it liao... :)~~~

Adrian said...

Jan, I like curly fries too! :) Come to KL one day and we'll take you there! :) And to the CKT under the tree too! :)

Mariuca said...

Adrian, oh yeah! Hubbs is a Star Wars freak, almost bought that R2D2 toy, the one that was selling in the Gizmo Shop (One Utama) for RM500 - can move about, dance and do as it's told! And he also had his eyes on the RM500 light saber too, what's up la... good thing didn't buy them....YET! LOL! ;)

Wow, u actually know how to make muruku? Am impressed la! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! An R2D2 that works...I missed that one. Hmmmm maybe "my daughter" would like it for Christmas LOL Yeah and a light saber to go along with it hehehe Too bad I spent all my million bucks or I'd get us each a light saber LOL Better hurry since hubbs hasn't got them YET! LOL

Murukku easy cause got mums old recipe...believe me in the old days had to send the stuff to the mill so can get the best quality murukku. Nowadays everythign is prepacked so it's easy...but of course still must add some ingredients to make it special ;p

For my wedding a friend (dark guy with curly hair in my memory lane post) and I made two whole large biscuit tins using mums recipe... She had passed away the year before and if she were around I knew she'd have made some! :)

Mariuca said...

Adrian, I have to say the R2D2 was really cute, moving around and dancing all LOL! Good idea, I bet "ur daughter" would love it! It makes a good Christmas pressie, at least that was what the salesguy was telling us when he tried to convince hubbs to get it!

Yeah, hubbs recently dragged me to another star wars shop (one utama new wing) and showed me the light saber there.. Hey, u should check out that shop, it's like a nice hobby shop cum cafe and they decorated it real nicely to make it look like ur in space with star wars stuff and everything! Lotsa kids (yes, kids!) go there just to hang out but of course there are some adult fans too! :):):)

Adrian said...

R2D2 SOunds so cool! Must check out both places. Thanks for the tips! :)

One Wacky Mom said... are tooooooooooo funny!!! You know that don't you??? YOu are hilarious!!! I get the biggest kick out of you!!! You keep me rolling on the flooor!!!!

Adrian said...

Ev! Moi funny! hehehe Glad you think that! It makes me happy to know that I've made someone happy! Think there is too much hatred and violence in the world and my mission is to bring peace and happiness! Don't laugh at that cause I'm serious! :) Cheers!