Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm back!

Wow it's been more that a week since I last posted something and it's good to be back! As most of you know I was in bangkok for a few days and then got a seriously bad cough/cold/fever/flu thingy! In fact I'm still at home now recuperating for the third straight work day. Haven't been this sick in ages and hope it doesn't happen again for a long long time! At least I'm feeling better enough to write a little although I'm not completely out of the woods yet!

Let me start by thanking all my blog buddies Santa, Ann, Barrett, Janice, Jean, Marzie and Nick for their concern during my illness....guys you made the dreary days at home seem so much brighter! Cheers! :)

I want to write a little about my trip to Bangkok because nothing else happened since then except for me lying in bed! I let on Tuesday and to start the flight was about getting off on the wrong foot. I've been to Bangkok many times and always enjoy the trips there. Usually I'll meet my friends there and we'd either go sightseeing or just plain old shopping but this trip was in the middle on the week and besides the family couldn't come so I didn't plan for anything! We landed at the new airport which seemed nice.

I stayed at the Conrad Hotel which gave us such excellent treatment that I just had to mention them. Firstly the buffet breakfast and lunch were marvellous. The in between our training there was a whole array of other goodies each day. Thank goodness I was dieting or I'd had really had a feast! During the break afternoon they'd serve wonderful mocktails along with more food and cookies and fruits and expresso and a variety of teas. I've been to many such training sessions in the past but this one really took the cake. And as if that was not enough the hotel even gave us each a complimentary head and shoulder massage after the session one day. It's so nice to be pampered.

After the training we were of course on our own. I did my usual walkabouts to places I usually frequent. Before you think ill of me because of Bangkok's notierity, it was to my regular tailor to have my suit altered. Yes, losing weight had had it's effects on my clothes. I also did a little window shopping and bought some stuff for the office. I was feeling good the first day.

On the second day I was tired (didn't realize that I was coming down with this) so I stayed in and enjoyed the long bath which is a must. On the third day I walked around with a friend and colleague from Indonesia. We took it easy and caught a Skytrain to MBK (Mah Boon Krong) which is a huge mall with countless outlets selling more or less the same thing. My friend want to buy some souveniors for his family and colleagues too. He managed to get some tshirts and I who really didn't want to shop this trip bought some lovely wooden carvings of Buddha (no I'm not buddhist but I liked the carvings). Also got some cute hair clips and girl stuff for the daughter. However, since we had eaten such fantastic meals for breakfast and lunch we skipped dinner each night. I had the fruits from the fruit basket which they filled daily in the room.

On the fourth day we went to Central a department store with some great food and stuff. They have this high-end food court, called food Loft that we tried the last time I was there. That time I had wifey and daughter with me too. They have food from all over the world and the prices are reasonable. Like I said earlier I couldn't eat anymore for dinner so we gave the Loft a pass this time (Man the things I have to sacrifice to lose weight besides by then I had no appetite and didn't realize that it was due to the illness). I scouted around for some toys for the little one. I wanted to get her a baby doll becase that's what she been doing lately...playing pretend at feeding her dolls but didn't find any I liked...most had small parts and were meant for older kids. Wifey had asked me to get the little one some wooden alphabet blocks so that she can start to form words. I found a nice one but was short a few Thai baht (those things were not cheap and cost around 850 baht/RM85/USD25 but they were really nice and I liked them) and just my luck the moneychanger there had just closed so I had to go back there the next day to get it. After that I was starting to feel tired but I had to go pick up my suit so one quick Skytrain ride later we were at the tailors. As usual they were not ready but said they'd send it to the hotel later. We took a slow walk back to the hotel after that. The suit came soon after.

On the last day (Saturday) I really had lost my appetite and was feeling the cough. My friends suggested we walk around again and for lack of anything better to do I agreed. Besides I needed to buy the little one her blocks. I had difficulty breathing and was thinking boy do I need to work on my stamina, DOH! Yeah I was worng and didn't realize it. So did a little more shopping for some t-shirts for my nephews from the street vendors before the department store opened and I got the blocks! I was rushing for time by now because my flight was at 2 and I needed to leave by 11.30. My friend wanted to buy a skateboard for his son too and by the time we had done all that it was time to go.

So I rushed and got ready and it was a good thing I packed the night before because it saved me time. Got to the airport on time and found out that my flight had been delayed. Go figure! Well at the airport after checking in and going to the departure hall and surrendering my bottle of water there was none to be purchased. So there I was thirsty as hell, tired and sick waiting for the silly plane. It was an hour late. I only had loads of warm water on the flight back and couldn't eat a morsel. Well reached home safely around sevenish. Daughter loved the the blocks. (Wifey didn't want anything but I told wifey that she can get something she likes over the weekend)

On Sunday BOOM! I was out until noon and went to the doctor with a high fever. The doctor said it might be pneumonia or asthma and gave me a fright. Got a jab on my butt and had to use a nebulizer for the first time. Cough is still bad and I've been home the past few days recovering. Went to the doctor again yesterday and she said that was not pneumonia but a very very nasty cough. Gave me stronger cough medicine and stuff owsy. Good thing is my appetite is back...well at least little. The bad news is I think I passed the cough to the little one and she had to have the nebulizer yesterday too. Poor girl has been coughing so badly the past few nights. So I'm more concerned about her than myself.

To top things off my car battery died while I was away. What a week wouldn't you say!

Well at least I'm feeling better enough to write a little and I'm home relaxing! That's a plus!!

PS Barrett I will have some pictures from my previous trips up to complement this post later. Cheers!

PPS To everyone who tagged me...I'll start working on that as soon as I can! So sorry for the long delay!


J@n!ce said...

Looks like your trip didn't ended up in good note.

Hope you & little princess recover soon. As parents, we just felt lousy when the kids are sick, more worst that we passed on the virus to them. You are such a good daddy & not forgetting to buy things for your little on that trip. Did you eventually grab that wooden blocks that you are short of a few dollar? :)

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Adrian said...

Janice! Of course I did! :) And she loved them! Made it all worthwhile! :)
Yeah parenting is tough! Learing that out each day and she's only two...what about the teenage years...Aiiicarmaba!!! LOL

Barrett Laurie said...

I am so glad to hear you are on the mend! I am so sorry to hear the little one has a cough. I went over to my god-daughters tonight because she got stitches and she had to show me. She is three and absolutely has me wrapped around her finger. She was so sore, but so proud. When probed as to what happened, she sighs, "stuff fell on kiki." Her name is Mikiya, we call her kiki. She was one brave little cookie.
I certainly hope you and your little one both get to feeling better soon! What about the wifey ... has she been lucky enough to not be 'infected?'
Sorry the trip ended badly. Still, I have always wanted to go to Bangkok and was excited to hear about your travels! Take it easy and welcome back, we SURE have missed ya! Just has NOT been the same!

Mariuca said...

Hi Adrian! Welcome home! Wow, complimentary head and shoulder massage sounds divine!

Looking forward to seeing some pics with this post! Am glad to hear you're feeling better and lil Ellie too! I just hate coming home from a trip with some sort of sickness.

Take ur time with my tag (although mine is really easy to do!) and get more rest until you've fully recovered ok! :):):)

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Adrian said...

Barrett! Yeah it's good to be back at work in a way...don't feel that worthless anymore LOL

Wifey also got the cough but hers has been there for a while and it the dry type and not so bad. We're a family of sickos right now LOL

Barrett, your god-daughter Kiki sounds adorable! What a proud god-father you must be! :)

Cheers my friend! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Yeah can you imagine the whole group including trainers all lining up for a free massage... good thing there were four of them but boy did it feel good! Unfortunately that was the only massage I got...didn't get my Thai massage as planned...but something was better than nothing LOL

Mariuca said...

Oh, what a miss! Next time you go to Bangkok, make sure u schedule in at least 1 massage! :):):)

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Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Adrian. I have an award for you on A Nice Place In The Sun 'cause I think you're a star blogger! Come by and pick it up, o.k.?

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

LOL, Your comments box cut me off! I guess it thought I said enough!

lol :)


NIHAL said...

Hi Adrian,

Wow, what a trip! Bangkok, that's another place I have yet to visit, they say there's plenty of shopping to do there.

Talking about massage's, I tried the so-called 'famous' Thai massage but boy, was it horrible to say the least, maybe since I was the 106th person or so she was massaging for that day... *he he he*

I personally enjoyed Phuket though (long before the Tsunami incident), it was kinda our (wifey and me) very own 'Fantasy Island', been there 3 years in a row.

I really hope you're feeling better now. Take care and all the best :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Yeah I will! This time didn't have buddies to go with otherwise I would have! :)

Adrian said...

Ann! You are such a dear! Thanks for the lovely award! :) I relly appreciate it! :)

I too have problems with my comments sometimes! Thats' why on weekends I hardly ever comment on anything :(

Cheers and thanks again for the wonderful award! :)

Adrian said...

Nihal! I think Bangkok is great! Love going there and the food is simply great! Unfortunately for me I was sick or I'd have done a whole lot more!

Yes shopping is great there too! You can bargain for anything. You ought to go to Chatuchak weekend market where there are literally thousands of shops and bargains galore! People actually buy stuff wholesale there and sell at some of the other places! There is also the Suan Lum Nightmarket at Lumpini Park which sells more of the same but in a more orgainzed area (if you can call it that). Wooden items are particularly cheap. Well everything is cheap if you can bargain! :)

I kinda enjoyed my Thai hurt a little especially when they try to make your body move in ways it has not done in ages LOL If you don't like that you can try the oil massage...I didn't but some friends did the last time and we all had a good laugh because of the sounds made! Kinda like kneading dough! LOL

Wife has been asking me to go to Phuket too...but I prefer Bali although I haven;t been there either! Next on the list I suppse LOL

Anonymous said...

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