Thursday, August 2, 2007

Face Off!

Nick of Anything Goes! was the @$#%!! % who tagged me to reveal the face behind my blog. Like as if he doesn't know what I look like! Thanks bud...with friends like you who needs enemies! LOL Besides the lowlife didn't even reveal his own face! Okay okay now that I'm stuck with this tag I shall be a nice guy and comply! So here I at last!

Blog Title : First Time Dad!

Description : Tall, Dark and Handsome...err seen my pic already huh...Okay just an ordinary looking chap... DOH! You mean my's about my experiences growing up with my little daughter and then some!

Why "First Time Dad!" : Doh! Because that's what I am now! I thought I'd be cool to post my thought about how I "grow" up as I learn about parenthood and being a Dad. I hope my daughter will be reading this one day and know the ups and downs we had while bringing her up!

Name : Adrian (named after a Pope, if you believe)

Country : Malaysia

Occupation : That's means work right! Blogger....Err...and sometimes a HR type person

Email :

Birthday : July 9

Fav Color : Blue

Fav Drink : Iced White Coffee (no it is not a racist type drink) Yummy!

Fav Fruit : Pears

Fav Dessert : Anything chocolate....MMMmmm chocolate

Hobbies : Reading, Fishing (although I haven't gone in a while),

Some of the blogs that I know which put up picture(s) of me are : Playgirl (LOL) of course none!

Here are the next bunch of mystery men/women who have to unveil their faces:

Jim & Emma of GO! Smell the flowers

Joe of all is one, one is all

Nick of Anything Goes...yes you can run but you can't hide!

Be sure to follow these simple rules: Post a short article and include your photograph (or more if you want to). If you already have a pix online somewhere, the get creative with a new one :)Next include the link to the others who have displayed their pix, or even include their pix in your post, adding a reference to it. So far, these are the brave ones :)
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The last thing you need to do is after you do link back to me, please give me a ping and I'll try very hard to include links back to you. It's that easy! Now let's see those pictures!!


Nick Phillips, MY said...

Buddy, you filthy 'aminal' you! You just had to go and tag me again, didn't you :) And I sure don't think your mommy had the pope in mind when she picked Adrian as your name buddy ... LOL!

J@n!ce said...

Adrian....I should say you have a very friendly face. Tall, dark & really MACHO lah... :) :)

Firstly, I want to say a belated birthday greetings to you :)

I'm trying to figure out what exactly is an ICED WHITE COFFEE? Is it extra creamer to make it more WHITE? or is it ICED VANILLA with pinch of coffee? Anyway, so long it is COFFEE sounded NICE to me :)

I bought a few chocolate ice-cream & nice to know that we have another friend who just loves it. So here's a pint for you as well... YUmmy :)~~~~

Mariuca said...

Adrian!!! Here's a huge Phoebe HUG for u! I'm so proud of u for having ur pic up, yay!!!

As for Nick, he he...yeah Nick, we are dying to see the face behind the jokes! Come out already LOL!

Happy to see u tagged Joe, been wondering how he looks like too!


Adrian said...

Janice! You're really funny lah! :)

Thanks for the belated birthday greetings! :)

White coffee! I don't know how to's kinda like Nescafe but it tastes more like coffee! No vanilla or anything! It's really famous in Ipoh! As long as it's coffee!! hehe

Adrian said...

Marzie! I am in half a mind to take the pic off...feel funny seeing it up! LOL Who know's somehting might just happen to it...wink!

Thanks for the birthday wishes...but it's August already hehehe

Adrian said...

Nick! If you don't put your picture up...i just might! LOL How's that you sneaky lowlife friend of mine!

And my mum did pick my name based on Pope Adrian! No wisecracks from you! :)

Cheers later! :)

Mariuca said...

Adrian, am wishing u AGAIN la... ;)

Uh oh, Nick had better watch out.
One of these days he just might see himself on ur blog Adrian!

GO! Smell the flowers said...

Thanks for the tag - will link back and try n find the time to stop flower smelling and get tagging..

Love your 145 days to Christmas header! Thanks again n hi from Dubia!!

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

I am so proud of you! You are so cute! You are right Maurica! Nick 's turn! LOL! Adrian the picture I have up doesn't count? I hope so since my camera is on the blink. It's so frustrating but it is, honest. At least I already have a picture posted. :))

Thanks for the tag Adrian!


Diamondssaphire said...

Adrian, nice to see you were brave..(I think it is Nicks turn to show his face)

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday...

Jean Chia said...

Adrian, im so glad you're willing to share with us!! :)) High-5! Good job, man!

yeah.. i had to agreed with janice. You have a friendly face and you seems to be approachable. :) Now that i know who you are and how you look like, I'm happy to have u as my friend! (hey, it's not that i dont befriend with not good looking guys.. what i meant is, it felt so much closer to know someone when you know how they look like)

oh, i love ICED WHITE COFFEE and chocolates too. So far, taiping have the best one (i think-la)! yummy!!

you've really got Nick this time! I wonder what is he going to do. :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Thanks AGAIN! LOL Not everytime I get wished twice for one birthday! hehehe

Adrian said...

Sorry to interrupt the Flower Smelling with my little tag! :) Not enuf people stop to do that anymore do they! :) Cheers to Dubai! :)

Adrian said...

Ann! That picture doesn't count! :) We'll wait patiently for you to post LOL Cheers! :)

Adrian said...

DS! Thanks for the wishes! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Jean! High 5 back at ya! :) So you're into face reading huh? LOL I know what you mean...besides there is nothing to hide! And we're all friends so it's no big deal! I was just worried someone would ask me to put the mask back on! LOL

Yay for another Iced White Coffee lover! My favourite is in Ipoh (check out my old post on Ipoh for more details) where I had two long cool glasses each morning at my father-in-laws fav shop! IWC in KL is nothing compared to this! haven't tried Taiping but I'm sure it's just as good as Ipoh! :)

Another chocolate freak...woohoo...

Special Iced White Coffee Cheers Jean!

Adrian said...

Buddy! Quit milking the attention and put your face on already! I'm getting tired of folks asking to see your mug on my site! LOL

If you don't post it then I'll just have to do something about it!
All I can say is I won't put the best pic of you up, so you decide! :)

I warned you not to send me this tag LOL

Nick Phillips, MY said...


Adrian said...

Eeepss! Is that a warning or a threat? LOL Okaylah bud your secret is safe with me! :) If you want to keep your identity a secret I shall honor that! :)
But then again when have I ever listened to you! LOL ;p

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Your kidding? Fine, hard-headed person! :))


Dennis Bjørn Petersen said...

Thank you very much for the link love.

Perhaps I could persuade you to change the link in Dennis Bjørn Petersen from The Beta News to this:

instead of

Thank you :-)

joezul said...

I was looking for a very suitable up till now...but still cannot find anything suitable as I think all of my pictures shows me up as too handsome .
Just afraid marge will be too smitten with me ........ :D

all right, I'll put it up later on. :)

hmmmm...wonder if emila can do a mugshot of me.....hmmmm

Adrian said...

Ann! But Homer is a hard headed old fella! LOL Do what you pressure :)

Dennis! My system is acting up a little! I'll try to do it on Monday okay! Cheers!

Joe! I tried to Simpsonize my face too but the darn machine was always giving me errors and so I finally had to find a real pic of me to put up!

I'd be smitten with you too if you brought me a box of donuts! LOL

Yeah Emila does the best pics doesn't she! :) Good choice! Cheers! :)

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Adrian , I was only joking, it's no pressure, its just taking me forever!

Plus, I haven't any place discussing hard heads! :))


P.S. I'd do anything for a first time Dad! :))

Adrian said...

Ann! Aha! I see that my reverse psychology guilt trip worked LOL

Hope to "see" you soon! hehehe

Cheers Slugger!

Mariuca said...

Homer!!! What did u do with Adrian?! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Homer was hungry! He finished all his donuts and was still hungry so he ate the sweetest thing a"round" LOL

Lisa said...

I'm on vacation and just saw your challenge to reveal my true self. I'm working on it, and will let you know when it's ready for viewing. ;)

Adrian said...

Lisa! Thanks for taking the challenge! Great picture of you! We're you and Angelina Jolie separated at at birth or something LOL

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

It's up! Although, I did use the same picture, but I did add a description. And I will post another picture when I get my camera fixed I promise!


I just didn't want to hold the links up any longer.

Adrian said...

Hi Ann! :) Yes I was at your paae earlier and I left you a comment too! :) Nice post! Looking forward to the other picture too! :)

Cheers and have a wonderful day! :)

joezul said...

Hi Adrian..

Finally, I've found a pic that will not take marge away from you. :)

and one more things, I've tagged you back here he he :D

Adrian said...

Joe! Hahaha! Let's see what your handsome mug looks like! :) Cheers