Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Food! Glorious Food!

One of the things I love to do is eat! I like most types of food and with the exception of seafood (except prawns) and spare parts (innards) I eat just about anything. So doing this meme should be a snap for me right? Two things cropped up the first was now that I'm watching my diet I try to eat out less. The second was I was assumed that the pictures had to be taken of the places I frequent and I had to go there to do that! When I told Marzie that it'll take a while for me to get this post out I found out the truth! She copied her's off the net. The cheat LOL and on top of that she laughed her head off because I was actually going around getting my photos of my favs with a camera (phone cam not so clear). Thanks for telling me that after the fact okay!

I would like to thank two of my good friends, Marzie of Wishing on a Falling Star and Jean of A Great Pleasure for tagging me with this food meme!

Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles in Jalan Silang - This place has been around for ages. My Mum first took me there when I was seven. That's more than 30 years ago. I remember having my first coke there too. A typical order would be wanton noodles with minced meat sauce (where have I heard that term before) and vegetables. The beef soup would contain the succulent beef balls (we always order more balls)! And the chili sauce is simply the best. I usually finish half a pot, I'm not kidding! My friends will vouch for that! Each element of the meal is enjoyable on it's on and that's the beauty of this place! Only problem is the lack of parking. But there is always the LRT! This is my all time favourite place!

Chutney Mary's in Bangsar serves authentic Indian food. However for lunch they serve banana leaf meals. No you don't eat the serves as a plate! DOH! Banana leaf meals is fast gaining popularity among all the races in Malaysia. Restaurants are mushrooming up all over the place. Even with all the competition they remain crowded throughout lunch and beyond! A meal consists of several types of vege dishes, chutney of the day, papadam (google it) and usually chicken/fish/dahl curry. Meat dishes are available and they a huge renage to choose from. Problem is can get very crowded and stuffy. This is where Chutney Mary's comes in! They get most of their business at night because of the Bangsar night activities. SoO during lunch they have special menus that have really reasonable prices for good quality food! It's cool and cozy and we can bring daughter without any problems. One time she even slept through the entire meal on the cushioned seats by the wall that quiet and cozy it is! My favourite Indian food place since I discovered it. Before that it was Sri Paandi's in Section 11 which serves the more tradional banan leaf meals but is just too crowded to enjoy the meal!
Chilis - We used to love the steak and protebello fajitas until they took it off the menu recently. So we switched to Mushroom Jack with Steak Fajitas. Turned out pretty good so that is now our new favourite dish at Chilis. Then again because I was lugging a camer aroud they might have thought I was a food critic or something because the service that day was better than usual! Daughter likes the grilled chicken with veg nad kids eat for free too!
Old Town Char Kueh Teow - under the Yum Yum Tree - Actually I don't think this place has a name because he sublets from a larger restaurant. I discovered this guy about 25 years ago. He fries in the morning at one restaurant and in the evening at another. Both times there is usually a long queue and sometimes the wait can take up to half and hour or more. But people still come back because it's just plain good! Instead of reinventing the wheel I'm just gonna use Marzie's description because it's the csame everywhere. Hope you don't mind Marz! "Char kway teow is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia and Singapore. It is made from flat rice noodles, fried over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chili, prawns, cockles, egg, bean sprouts and Chinese chives. "

Tai Thong Dim Sum - This place has a chain of restaurants and serves some pretty good dim sum. The dim sum is very fresh and they have a lot of varieties to choose from. We usually go there for lunch. We're also planning on introducing this to the little one soon becaue she loves prawns! Since everyone knows about dimsum I won't elobrate anymore and let the picture do the talking.
I'd like to pass this food meme on to the following folks (If any of you guys have done this before jsut skip it or let me know and I'll pass it to someone else):
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Emila Yusof said...

Great review Adrian! I love Chilis too and I will definitely try Chutney Mary's! I love banana leaf rice. My husband will roll his eyes whenever I pour the dhal/green bean dhal all over my rice! Itik can swim inside my plate!

Anyway, your daughter is so adorable! If my son sees your daughter, he will definitely walk around her while smiling and blinking his eyes, his way of letting girls know that he likes them!

EddieJohn66 said...

Emila! I love to drench my rice with curry too! Because of this post I had to just limit the curry or no one would be able to see the rice LOL The dahl curry there is very nice but not spicy! So sometimes I take half chicken curry and half dahl curry! :) My favourite is the lamb varuval (dry spicy).

You know they also have fish & chips or pasta for the kids or those can't take spicy food!

They open at 11 until the wee hours. I'm usually the first customer! hehe

The rasamis also good and served in a bowl! Cool or not! :)

Mariuca said...

Mmmmmmm yum yum! It's been ages since I had banana leaf, hubbs not so into it ;)

I used to go to Yum Cha (Bangsar)for dim sum but since it closed down, am still searching for the perfect dim sum place.

But I have to say that ur kway teow looks mighty spicy and yum, I'd like to taste that one first!!! Better gimme directions Adrian!

PS. Ha ha ha ha about the picture taking! I mean it does make sense to just look for the pics here rather than actually going there LOL! :):):)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Go with Emila! She loves BL! Trust me you won't be disappointed! :)

Directions...hmmm okay I'll try to give you a simple map one day! hehe

Okay I have to admit that once you told me that I felt rather silly...going around with a camera and all! Yes taking pics for the here is so much easier but my pics are so much nicer LOL :) :) :)

J@n!ce said...

Adrian, you post came at a good time & its my lunch time now... Chay Keow Teow seems to be all of our fav, marzie, jean, u & me... good choice. I love CKT with vege & yours looks like a perfect one :) ~~~
Emila's comment make me laugh. Yassin & Your gal really do make a perfect match :D

Adrian said...

Janice! Yup we all love CKT! Yeah can ask for more ngah choi also mah!

Emila! Talked all about food I forgot about Yassin! He sounds so cute! Walking around and and making eyes! heheh Daughter would probably get a kick out of it! :)

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Buddy, thanx for tagging me again, just when I thot I was tag free ...LOL!

And Marzie is not the only picture cheat, I am too, like she said, makes sense la buddy than having to go there just to take a pix ... LOL!

Adrian said...

Well I'll erase my tag if you erase yours and we'll call it even! LOL

Looks like everyone is a cheat! How can there be photos to pick from if no body puts up any! :) Anyway, I cheated on two too LOL

Mariuca said...

Yay! The laziest blogger is also a picture cheat ha ha ha...

Adrian! U should also post some of the fab dishes u make, then can get the recipe too! :):):)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Who's been saying that I'm a fab cook! I only dabble a little in the kitchen and while I do love to cook I'm not sure people like my food! LOL

Besides I don't really have recipes...mostly it's all hidden in my demented mind LOL Really no two dishes are the same! hehehe

Mariuca said...

Adrian stop being modest! We know u can cook well, out with the secret recipes oredi LOL ;)

Jean Chia said...

adrian, i love my CKT with extra chili and ngar choy!! hehe..

i love banana leaf rice too. there's one in taipan usj called 5 star. It's not bad, really! since nick is staying in subang, you two cantry to eat there one day. :)

your daugther is so adorable. her eyes are so attractive. Jaga-jaga dia, if not emila's yassin will go after her. LOL!

Tai Thong Dim Sum! i've heard of it too! i was planning to go there last weekend but was cancelled. I'll sure be going there. Now that you've mentioned it, can't wait to go there! :)

Nicole Tan said...

Oooh I love Chili’s too!! Miss it so much ever since I moved to Sydney....and I’ve been to the old town Char Kueh Teow too....really yummy I admit!The dim sum at Tai Thong Dim Sum is always good!

Oooh I love Chili’s too!! Miss it so much ever since I moved to Sydney....and I’ve been to the old town Char Kueh Teow too....really yummy I admit!The dim sum at Tai Thong Dim Sum is always good!

Adrian said...

Marzie! What secret recipes? I can't cook well! Just dabble a bit only here and there!

Besides I don't use recipes so there can't be any secrets now can there LOL

Adrian said...

Jean! Another CKT lover! :) Yup always more chili but mine usually with two eggs. Wifey prefers more ngar choy!

You love banana leaf too! Emila another BL kaki :) Must try the 5 star with Nick one day! You must try Chutney Mary' won't regret it! I promise! :)

Yeah Emila warned me about Yassin oredi :) hehehe

Enjoy your TT Dim Sum and keep som efor me too! LOL

Adrian said...

Welcome Nicole! Another Chili's lover. I'm sure Sydney got something comparable, but can never be the same! :)

Hey you've been to Old Town CKT!! woohoo The uncle never stop frying! Really worth the you miss that too! :) TT Dim Sum should open a branch in Oz bet they'll make a ton of money! :)

Cheers! ANd pelase do come again!

Suja said...

Great to hear about Indian restaurants serving food on plantain leaves!

Adrian said...

Suja! Welcome! Yes, most Indian restaurants serve meals on banana leaf but of course if you want a plate and cutlery they will be only too glad to comply! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I totally loved the stak and portebello fajita's! They were a featured item, and they didn't seem to run it very long in the States. It was REALLY good though! Adrian, your little girl is a cutie! Take care!

Adrian said...

Barrett! Funny that they should take it off the menu since we know we both liked it at least so I'm sure others must like Steak and Portobello Fajitas too! :(

Thanks Barrett! and take care too pal! :)

NIHAL said...

Hi Adrian,

Wow, I didn't know we liked the same kinda food. The beef noodles at Jalan Silang is "happening" and Chilli's, boy they're servings are so huge. I personally like their Monterey Chicken.

Oops, now I'm all hungry...gotta go

Adrian said...

Hi Nihal! Great minds think alike! LOL

Another Jalan Silang fan! Cool!

Chili's portions are huge alright...used to be able to finish it on my own..but nowadays because I'm trying to be slim I share the portion with's not the same but what to do! LOL

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