Friday, August 3, 2007

Photos Phor Phriday!

Janice! Here are the durian pictures I promised you! She just loves the stuff! :)

Pics of some of the flowers in our garden taken by wifey!

Surprised! (santa collection in background)

Shrek fighting with Homer over which movie is better! /Getaway Driver!

Homer T's for dau and me!!


J@n!ce said...

Adrian, thanks for sharing the photos :)
Now your whole family can enjoy yummy durian together. I think I've got to wait for a few more years before the elder could accept it.

How much do you pay for the tike toy car? Zac loves the car, if he sees it, he's gonna snatch it from Princess.... LOL :)

Love her in the Homer T's. She look good in red. Those eyes are really beautiful. You just make me envious with such a lovely gal. Will I have a Princess too?.....:)

Mariuca said...

Hey look at baby girl happily enjoying her durian!! Adorable pics of baby girl Adrian! No wonder u can't get enough of her, feel like pinching her cheeks and hugging her the whole day! KISS and HUGS for her :):):)

Ooooh, I can see the Santa collection, they look interesting too!

Nessa said...

I'm loving those flowers:) I'm amazed Eleanor could eat durians, the boys just can't stomach it. I love durians tho... can't say much about that buddy of yours:)

Jean Chia said...

Adrian, your little princess is so sweet and pretty. Any boys going after her ar? hehe..

i got the shrek toy too. It's frm Mc'D rite? :D i gave it to my niece to play. :)

Diamondssaphire said...

She is too cute!!

Adrian said...

WOOHOO! I finally got in!

Janice! Yup good to know that we all eat durian LOL In fact the other day my bro came by with durian too. His family all don't eat except for me so they came over and the eaters of durian had a feast while the non eaters looked on disgusted! LOL

The Little tikes car cost around RM350. Your boys are welcome to use it but she doesn't really like to share her toys being a single kid and all LOL Come to think of it no kid like to share! LOL We're still trying to teach her! :)

Homer t's I got from Bossini in 1 Utama! Daughter loves hers so much the first night she wore it she refused to take it off and insisted on sleeping with it. Currently the only things she asks for! At the back of the t it says "DAD - Hip hip hooray He's our dad, he's not perfect but he's not half bad!" LOL I got the same one for me too! :) It's Homer as a dad just like my avatar and blog too! LOL

Marzie! Yeah she is! and yes I can't get enough of her! :)

Entire Santa collection will be featured closer to Christmas! :)Don't know if anyone will be interested but who cares! LOL Besides Santa gave me the prestigious "Santa Certified Award" yesterday too LOL so togther with your wonderful Thoughtful Blogger Award it's been a good weekend for me! :)

Nessa! Yeah after the bird park wifey said she take some pics for you. In fact the purple hibiscus was meant for you so feel free to add it to you collection! I only found out from her that the rest she was just taking for practice and not meant to be posted. If you look closely at the ginger plant it's layu according to her! LOL

Sorry Nigel and Darren don't like durian! So you have to eat alone? Just make that buddy of mine eat it! He's always like that! Will never try anything no matter how much you tell him it's nice! Then if he one day he does try it he'll not stop eating it again until you get fed up! Such a stubborn @$$ he is lah LOL Don't know why I'm friends with him at all lah! LOL

Jean! Yeah shes like a princess to me! In fact yesterday when we were out grocery shopping in Carrefour and I saw this huge PINK Princess castle (the collapsible kind) with four turrent's and rushed over to it...wanted to buy it for my little princess but then wifey gave me a reality know that look of you are not buying it because there is no place in the house to put it...and can't put it outside because the stray cats and squirrels would have a field day in it! So logic prevailed :(

Yeah Shrek toy was from McD's the Shrek ear's we got from Singapore McD's! :)

DS! Yes she is! You should see her in person because she doesn't smile for the camera! But we're working on that! LOL

Mariuca said...

Ho ho ho! Santa came and visited you! WOW :) That's so cool! Well, he should seeing you have hundreds of him collected and displayed! :):):)

J@n!ce said...

Adrian : How nice when the non-durian eaters brought the durian for you... what a FEAST... *slurp*

The tike care really v ex. Same as my boy, if he ever sat in that car, it will be his already... LOL. Difficult to share things, kids are all alike :D

Its gonna be cool when daddy & gal wear the homer tee out to watch that homer show. Best if wifey could join in the fun too... hehehe ;p

Adrian said...

Janice! Yup Nothing like having a durian feast with family!

Yeah we aleady wore ours out once. :) Now we have one for wifey too so whole family can go "Simpson" LOL

Thanks! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Sorry! I missed your 2nd comment...Yup I have hundreds of little Santa held imprisoned in my little cabinet and have lots more hidden in boxes all over the house! hehehe opps hope Santa won't think I am bad boy and put me on the naughty list LOL

darlene said...

love your site, she is an adorable little girl!!
peace out!!

Adrian said...

Hi Darlene! It's late I know but will reply nonetheless. Thanks for your kind comments...very nice to hear that! :)

Peace to you too! :)