Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend at Tony Roma's

No Tony Roma's is not a friend or a hotel but read on and you'll find out. You see last weekend was actually my little daughters 30th month on earth! Yup she's 2 and a half years old. Time sure flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? LOL

We wanted to take her out and spend the day with her doing fun things. We cancelled everythign else on the calendar...which was nothing much to begin with but it's the thought that counts! So in the morning we took her out for a hearty breakfast of thosai (Indian savory flat pancakes served with curry and chutney) and roti chanai (a kind of brea I think). She enjoyed her meal and even dipped her thosai in the dahl curry...which is something she never used to do! Another little milestone!

After breakfast we had actually planned to take her to a nearby park...but she started coughing (the chesty congested type) again and we (the overprotective parents which we promised ourselves not to be) decided to go home early so we could take her out for lunch later without exerting her too much! However, when we got home she started to feel sleepy (of all the days) and quietly fell asleep! By the time she got up it was too late to go out for lunch so we just had something simple.

That night we decided to go to Tony Roma's for dinner (Yes, it's a restaurant in case you didn't already know...LOL). Tony's recently opened it's door to Malaysia and we've been planning to go for a while. The place was crowded and there was a queue to get in but we left our name and took a walk around and did some window shoping! The restaurant folks called back pretty quick and gave us a nice booth. We ordered the Mushroom Burger and the Blue Cheese Burger (we love burgers and the blue cheese burger was recommended by Marzie) and they were pretty darn good. I wasn't too sure about my Blue Cheese Burger when I ordered it (I'm not a fan of blue cheese) but it was a pleasant surprise. Daughter didn't want to eat because she had milk on the way there...she's like that. When she's hungry she must be fed immediately or there'd be hell to pay LOL. Anyway she nibbled on some fries and cheese and had a little hot chocolate and wouldn't eat anything else.

I must say taht I noticed the ribs that everyone else were ordering and they looked mighty fine and smelled even better. We thought we'd try that the next time we came...which was probably the following week cause it did smell wonderful!

The next day (Sunday) we were just relaxing and lazing about because wifey had to go to go to work in the afternoon to meet some people! What we forgot was the pest control guy was coming for his usual rounds (errr...the appointment was made the night before and we both about getting old and forgetful...LOL). So now we had to go out (the fumes are not good for the little one)...and well I was tired of Chili's (one of my fav joints) and really wanted to try the ribs so off we went LOL. We ordered the full rack without bone because we wanted to finish early and thought the portion on the menu looked large enuf for the both of us to share. WRONG!! It came with a measly three pieces of meat. It tasted good (especially witht the four types of sauces that came with it) and though the three pieces were sizeable they just wasn't enuf. So we ordered the Onion Loaf (a nest of onions deep fried in batter) ...I wanted the big loaf but the waitres said it was very big so we settled for the regular size. When it came it was a little small we polished it off pretty quick wondering why the portions here are so small compared to other American food joints.

Anyway, we were nearly full by then but not satisfied. As we were waiting for the bill the manager came over to ask how was the meal (he had come over yesterday too and did the same...actually yesterday we wanted to complain that the burger...wifeys was a little too rare but she was not that hungry so we left it at that...and the manager suggested we let them know next time...not knowing that I'm a big complainer ( careful what you wish for) so we said okay politely) err..where was I...okay the manager asked us about our meal and so I said your picture shows a huge portion and asked how many ribs comes with the meal. I added that last night when we were here we saw the ribs and said we'd try it one day and would share because the portion looked huge but was instead hugely disappointed by the small portion. He explained that the pics were from the US menu, he also said that the regular Bountiful ribs comes with 3 ribs and the full rack comes with 5. However, the regular boneless ribs comes with two ribs and the full rack only three. Boy was I surprised.

However, the manager was very nice and said that the waitress should have told us about that. Guess what? He offered us two more ribs for free. We actually were getting ready to leave bacause daughters nap time was approaching and wifey had to go to work. Then again not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth either, we said "Can we have that to go please?" LOL So a few minutes later after settling the bill we got our hot towels (Yeah they give disposable towels after the meal) and mints...and also a box of ribs. Yahoo!

We drove home and daughter even slept on the way back. When we opened the box there were three meaty ribs there...LOL so we feasted again (hey the drive back was pretty long and made us hungry LOL) and then wife left for work! What an experience huh! Best part is we never complained or anything and still got good service!

Oh! I almost forgot...that night my other best buddy and his wife to be came over. They want my little one to be a flower girl at their wedding! I am so proud that they chose her! They came over to actually bring the flower girls dress for her to try. It was really a sweet little dress and fit like a glove. I won't describe the dress because they want to make some changes to it and it was just for a fitting although it looked great to me!

After that guess what? They wanted to go to Tony Roma's (they are regulars there) too (thats why I said weekend at Tony Roma's). I was game because I wanted another shot at the Blue Cheese Burger LOL but thank goodness we decided against it at the last minute. Had we gone would have been three main meals in a row and they would have probably given me honorary membership LOL

Hmmm...I wonder what I'll have for lunch today? LOL


Mariuca said...

Yum! Am still thinking about the onion loaf, it looks cute and it tastes even better, kinda like the dip too. Oh I also enjoyed the bread they serve with garlic butter at the beginning of the meal. Was all warm and fluffy! I'm gonna try their pasta next!

The hot towel was pretty cool huh, esp when the waitress kept on hovering nearby, waiting to rush up to us the moment we're done! :):):)

Nick said...

Yo Buddy, nice to hear lil Eleanor gonna be Seansy's flower girl, bet she's gonna be a stunner :D And happy 2 1/2 years to her. No bday party huh? LOL!

And it's great to have that buddy of ours finally settling down for good. It'll do him good ... hehehe ...

Adrian said...

Marzie! Yeah the onion loaf was great and that's why it probably seemed small beacuse we couldn't get enuf LOL Yeah I liked the dip too! Aww you're making me hungry now! :)

Hot towel reminded me of Chinese restaurant LOL but it was good to be able to refresh ourselves!

Adrian said...

Nick! Yeah exciting lah for me LOL

Birthday party will be for when she turns three...well at least thats what we're planning for...I'll keep you informed about developments!

Yeah it's sure nice to have that bum finally tie the knot! LOL When are you going to get back to me about his bachelor night bud? Not much time left! Ooops was that an exclaimation mark...let me change that to a full stop . LOL

J@n!ce said...

I was here yesterday & din realized that below the "fill in the blanks" meme there are so many posts. Luckily I'm not too late to read all of them. This is really a long post that you have written. Looks like you get better service at Tony Roma's there. How cool to have another feast at home. Yum yum... compared to my lousy pizza hut trip... errrkkks :)

Janice Ng

Adrian said...

Jan! Glad you didn't miss anything! Yup put up a lot of posts! You remember you asked me the other day where are my new posts? Made me realize that I hadn't up up anything in ages. SO decided to do everything...all at once LOL

Yeah it was rather unexpected at Tony Roma's...but I'm not complaining! hehehe

J@n!ce said...

Sorry that my word made you a busy person that day. But its good motivation now that you are all clear of debts. I envy lah :):)

Janice Ng

Adrian said...

Acutally thanks for giving me the prod in the behind LOL Otherwise would still be lagging behind hehehe

BTW Still owe one lah...from Marzie...don't tell her okay! hehe