Sunday, September 16, 2007

Don't Mess with the Princess!

Marzie the Genie Princess tagged me to do this blog lib meme created by Liz of Successful Blog.

Here are the rules as posted on Liz's blog:
1. Copy the unfinished story below into your post box.

2. Fill in the blanks to finish the story. For most of the blanks use a blogger’s name, a trait, a post title, a blog title — get creative. Finish each sentence in an unexpected way. You can find plenty of links to spark your imagination at the A-Z directory.

3. Link the text you added back to the blog or blogger you’re referencing.

4. Be creative. Change the words or storyline as you wish in order to fit in the links you like.

5. When you’re done, leave a link with the title to your version of the story in the comment box below.

Here is the story template:
Title: _______________________________
_____ was _____ , when out of the blue _____. You might think this is strange, but in _____ such things happen all of the time.
Our brave and quirky hero knew exactly what to do — _____, but our brave and quirky hero had no _____.
Seeking help for this dilemma, our hero headed down the road to _____.
The road passed three creatures — each of them was more interesting than the next. The first was _____. The second was _____. The third was _____. Our brave and quirky hero ran the rest of the way, and when he got there, he got another surprise!
“_____!” our hero exclaimed.
“_____,” _____answered.
“I was _____, when out of the blue _____.” our brave and quirky hero said, knees shaking. “Could you spare _____ ?”
And so it passed that _____ gave our brave and quirky hero _____ AND _____ and all was well.
You might think this is strange, but in _____ such things happen all the time.


This is my tale...

Title: Don't Mess with the Princess!

It was a fine sunny afternoon the birds were chirping and the flowers blooming while the Genie Princess and the Genie King were cruising around in their Magical Flying Carpet picking up new wishers. All was well in the world because of the wishes that the Genies had granted, when out of the blue the Genie Princess spotted trouble on the horizon! Santa was out test piloting his brand new sleigh, The SCS7000 ECO, before the gift giving season began and had run into some trouble. This new sleigh was not reindeer powered but eco-snow powered...well at least that's what the salesman told Santa we later found out! Of couse this so called eco-snow powered craft worked fine in the confines of the North Pole where all things were cold. However, once Santa took the SCS7000 ECO into warmer climates the snow started to melt and the craft would lose power. You might think this strange but in the North Pole such things happen all the time!

Our brave and quirky heroine knew exactly what to do - she ran over to the Genie King and told him about what she saw and whispered in his ear. He laughed an almighty guffaw and nodded and off she went to the utility chest. Quickly rummaging through she at last found what she was looking for all rolled up and neat. It was the prototype Magical Flying not the masive thing they were riding on but a small sleek one person fact it was so small that you could only stand and use it like a surfboard! Gliding through the cold air she swiftly gained speed, knowing that every second counted in her quest to save Santa but our brave and quirky heroine had no idea how to stop the sleigh!

Seeking help for this dilemma, our heroine landed the SurfRug and hid it from prying eyes and headed down the road to Santa's right hand man...err elf, The Blog Elf. The road passed thre creatures - each more interesting than the next, The first was the was the Merfish...with the legs of a man and the head of a fish. He had a glass bowl over his head with some tubes and bellows to help him breathe on land! The second was a Centaur but also in reverse...he had the legs of a man and the head of a horse! Talk about a horse face! The third was a car that could kept babbling something about it's name being KNIGHT 2000 and that it was banished to the woods after his show, Knightrider, got cancelled! Our brave and quirky heroine ran the rest of the way, and when she got there she got another surprise!

Santa! I thought you were up there in trouble with your new sleigh! Our hero exclaimed!

Ho Ho Ho, that was not me you spied, but the blog elf. He must have taken the SCS7000 ECO for a ride and also borrowed my spare suit to keep him warm. I warned him not to use it but you know the Blog Elf, he's such a mischevious fella, but obviously he couldn't resist and is now in trouble! But I've saved him using my remote control device and that's why I'm here cause he's due home any minute! Santa answered.

I was on the Magical Flying Carpet, when out of the blue I spotted you, or who I thought was you, in trouble and was so worried that I knew I had to save you or Christmas might be lost forever, our brave and quirky heroine said, knees shaking.

Could you spare me the walk through that strange path and give me a ride back to my Surf Rug?

And so it passed that Santa gave our brave and quirky heroine a ride back to her SurfRug, but not before she gave the Blog Elf a good dressing down for his antics that caused her so much anxiety. Santa was a little more lenient and said that if the naughty Blog Elf had not been up to his tricks who knows what would have happened if Santa himself was using the new sleigh at Christmas with a heavy load of toys. In fact Santa said that he will just stick to his trusty reindeer from now on and no more new sleigh as he sent the genie Princess back to the SurfRug AND then she hopped on the SurfRug and hightailed it back to the Genie King and the Magical Flying Carpet riders to tell them her tale and that all was well!

You might think it strange but in the amazing Land of Faraway, such things happen all the time!

The End.

If you find yourself reading this story and wish you were tagged...well consider your wish granted and go ahead and do it with my blessings!


Mariuca said...

Ha ha ha EXCELLENT! I loved it! :):):)

Adrian said...

Glad you did! :)

J@n!ce said...

Adrian, what a magical Santa's story. I love the eco powered sleigh. How clever of you to have thought of that. Let the reindeer have a break this season :)

Janice Ng

Adrian said...

Janice! How have you been? I tried to make it interesting and funny at the same time LOL Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Adrian, and genies I haven't forgot! Just very behind on my memes! I hope every things going great for my favorite first time dad!


Adrian said...

Ann! Nice to see you here! Glad you haven't forgot about our genie journey :) I know what it's like to fall behind on memes because I fell behind and am still trying to catch up! :) Cheers and congrats on your award! :)

Nick Phillips said...

That blog elf seems just as mischievous as Spiff himself ... LOL! Cool story dude :D

Adrian said...

Thanks bud...I didn't read the ruls too well unfortunately...didn't realize was supposed to link to everything and everyone...LOL LLP only told me yesterday! DOH! :)

Read your Spiff story...just had to make yourself the hero lah... LOL

Anonymous said...

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