Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let's Reunite...

I've only known the Jackie for a very short time and in that time shes been such a warm, thoughtful and friendly person. I can't imagine the heartache she must be feeling over this and I wish her well in her quest!

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Please spare some time to read this post that we have written on behalf of a good friend of ours in the blogosphere. By reading this post and spreading the word to the others around you, you could reunite two people who shared an extraordinary relationship. You could be the one to reunite two sisters.

Her name is Jackie Hooper, also known as Shinade. Her biological mother was Maxine Soape, but a couple had adopted her. According to her, besides her mother, she also had a younger sister as a family member. Just like her, her sister, who was born in 1959 or 1960 and is three years younger than her, had also been adopted out to another couple, by her own paternal uncle.

Both were born in the same hometown of East Texas, but are now being adopted by two different couples and have been separated since then. The sister is currently staying with her adopted parents in Pueblo, Colorado.

Jackie has never stood a chance to watch her younger sister grow, and has never even known what her sister’s name is.

As painful as it is to be worlds apart from your friends, it is even more painful to be worlds apart from your own flesh and blood. So readers, we hope that you can show some sense of empathy towards Jackie ‘Shinade’ Hooper who longs to rebuild her life with her younger sister whom she holds very dear in her heart throughout the years.

This is your chance to do something good for someone in our global society who is in need of our helping hands.

If you can provide any information about Jackie’s sister that would be able to assist Jackie in her search, we urge you to keep us in the loop or directly inform Jackie at her blog. Your liberality towards helping out in this search would be greatly appreciated by all of us here, but the one who would be most thankful to you is Jackie herself.

A little kindness goes a long way. Readers, please show your compassion towards someone who wants nothing else but to reunite with her beloved younger sister once again. They share a strong kinship, and they deserve to be together till the end of time.

Please read this special message from our friend, Jackie, and start doing your part in finding her long lost sister.

“My only message would be that I would so like to have the opportunity to get to know her and her family. I know she has children also. And, that I love her even though I don't know who she is or where she is.” – Jackie ‘Shinade’ Hooper


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Mariuca said...

Hola GK! Yay, good to see the GK helping out Jackie too! Good luck to Jackie, wonder if there has been any news yet? :):):)

Mariuca said...

Oh and YAY!!! I'm da first commenter!

Adrian said...

Marzie! Yay first in again! :) I actually saw this post on many blogs and thought that well it's pretty well covered...teh I got to thinking that every little bit helps! WHo knows what can happen right? So i did my bit!
I must say that Jackie is a wonderfully kind person who does things for people without expecting anything in return! That is such an admirable quality that I wish more people would display! :)

darlene said...

thanks Adrian for helping Jackie!! real sweet of you!!

Shinade said...

Oh my Adrian everytime I see a new one of these posted it brings tears to my eyes. This was so very kind of you. thank you seems like so little to offer to all of you who are helping me...but, it's all I have. But, it's a thank you that comes from deep within my heart. I hope Ellie enjoys her candy cane...she is so adorable!!! Big hugs to both of you,Jackie

Shinade said...

Hi Adrain, Could you please drop by and pick up a little something that I have for you? Thanks and hugs,Jackie

Bobby said...

How nice:) Let us hope the right person sees this post on one of our blogs!

It's a very noble cause and I wish Jackie some good luck. Thanks Adrian:)

Adrian said...

Darlene! It's the least I could do...thank you! :)

Adrian said...

Jackie! I just hope that one of these posts will bring the right result and some happiness to you!
You are a kind soul and kindness deserves kindness! I wish I could do more and will pray that this wish comes true!

And Thank you too! :)

Adrian said...

Bobby! Yes I hope that someone out there can get the message and give this touching story a happy ending!


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for joining in the search.
I have added your link into the nomination roll as our certified partner in the post.

Have a great week ahead.
~Kindness goes a long way~

Adrian said...

Hi Nafa! It was my pleasure to do this little bit to assist Jackie in her search! Every little bit counts! :)

Genie King

Anonymous said...

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