Friday, September 21, 2007

It's close to midnight...

I'm sitting here wondering why I'm not in bed. Wifey and the little one have already gone to sleep. So what am I doing here? Well it's been a while since I really posted anything substantive and I guess I've been feeling a little guilty about that. After my trip to Bangkok I got sick and then had a lot of catching up to do at work and at blogging too! LOL

I tried to finish as many memes and tags that I could once I was feeling better and had caught up with work although most I did rather quickly just to try to get them out fast more than anything else! I still have one more to go I think and I'll do that a little's for an award that I got sometime back and I should be passing it around but I want to hold this a while and do it right!

Another thing that kept my focus off was a meme that Marzie and I created ourselves, The Magical Flying Carpet Ride...with a little help from the talented Emila! We both worked hard on creating something new and different and we hope that everone liked it! It was tough because we had to keep it a secret from some of our best friends on the blog. We had to even limit the number of people we sent it to because we wanted to send it to everyone we knew. hehehe We also had to split sending some too where we had mutual friends...of course Marzie practically knows and is friends with almost everyone there is ! LOL

Unfortunately as we were preparing our Ride a lot of memes were flying around and we were not sure how the response would be. However, judging from the results we are pretty happy with it! I guess Marzie was right, there is a blog Santa, and the Blog Fairy, the blog Elf and so many others but only we will now be known as the Genie Princess and Genie King around the blogsphere. She even believes that this was the first meme that originated from Malaysia! To tell you the truth I kinda felt proud of our little achievement!

You see when I first started blogging about four months ago (it sure seems longer than that LOL) I just wanted to pass the time and give it a shot. Would you belive that I knew nothing about blogs and blogging before that. Even my trusty (or is that rusty) old computer at home had not seen the light of day since around 2005 which was when we had to clean up the place and make room for our little ones arrival! The first time I logged on to my service provider I found that I had more than 2,400 e-mails in my inbox. Yes I was totally out of it! LOL

My good buddy Nick was the...hmmm...what's a nice word to (mamma always said if you've got nothing nice to say then say nothing LOL) who introduced me to blogging. I kinda hated the idea at first and wondered what the hell he was wasting his time for, to be perfectly honest! LOL BUT (there is always a but in my stories) as luck would have it wifey had to go away for a week and I was gonna be alone with the little one!

So after putting her to bed the first night I began my journery...after dusting off my old computer that is....didn't even remember where some of the wires went. So painstakingly I configuered everything and finally loggeed on...thank goodness I still had some credit with my service provider. I logged on and signed up...and created First Time Dad! It was easy to think about what I wanted to write little one so that's what I wrote about! For the first few days I posted everyday but was only visited by my trusty friend. I was too new to be disheartened. So I plugged on and soon was where I am now...with my trusty friend still visiting me...of course with a lot more new friends who take the trouble to visit everyday. Believe me I'm a friendly person but I'm not a great conversationalist so this suits me just fine. I wish I had the gift of gab like some people but don't! I really should mention Marzie here because she really helped me get going with blogging by giving some great tips and advice. The best part is she does this for all new bloggers she stumbles across! What a gal!

One major problem I face is this old dial-up service (you won't believe how slow it is) and computer of mine really gives me a headache when it comes to posting comments. You'll notice that I usually comment on the weekdays! That's cause at nights and on weekends I can't most of the time because I keep getting error messages all the much so I actually started to copy my comments before submitting. Alas even that doesn't work anymore! Linking (if I can't remember the url) is also a problem because it takes ages to refresh a page sometimes. I do have plans to upgrade to broadband and to buy a new pc but I am so guilty of procastination here becasue I've been talking about that for ages. Somehow I just can't seem to get it done...I must be a sucker for punishment LOL because that's how it feels sometimes when I'm blogging in the wee hours like now LOL

So what is the point of this post...err nothing LOL...I just couldn't sleep...well I could sleep but i wanted to just write a long post because it's been a while. Besides writing this reminded me of when I first started blogging! Okay Okay I got it...I got it...the point of this post is to let you know why I sometimes do not answer your comments in a timely manner and more importantly why I don't comment on your posts. I really wish I could comment more on your blogs but it's really not nice to do it in the office because I'm usually busy too! Really! :)...unless it's lunchtime (but I usually lunch is with wifey...err...we work in the same establishment but in different departments). Easy commute...none of that dropping off and picking up nonsense...hehehe that's why I married her...but don't tell her okay LOL

Okay how do I end this...TA DA!...Hope that will do becasue I don't have a fancy ending....happy weekend to you folks...I'm looking forward to tomorrow because we're having a barbeque at my place for a very dear friend who will soon be trading in his freedom for a ball and chain...errrr...I mean who will be getting married soon LOL



Nick Phillips said...

Hey Bud, nice to see you're addicted to blogging now ... LOL!

Seriously though, you've come a long way since you first got online and I'm glad to say that your blog is getting better as the days go by (not saying that cos you're my best buddy and all). Didn't really think you'd stick it out but you did :)

I had the same thoughts like you when I first started blogging which is what's the big deal about blogging but I've eaten my words since then. And I agree with you on all the great people people who visit your blog (and mine) and the support they've given to make this an enriching experience!

Ok la, gotta go get ready and get to your place for the BBQ ... it's about time already, see you in a bit bud!

Mariuca said...

Hi Adrian!! What a great post! You mentioned some of the things I was feeling and it's so nice to have it all nicely written here, good job!

Thanks for the MFC, I am really proud of both of us! And you're so right abt keeping it a secret from our friends being hard! But I'm so happy with the repsonse so far, toast to the Genies and the Genie Buddy! :):):)

I remember ur first few weeks of blogging, great to see how we've become closer friends since then! Thanks for everything, it's been swell! :):):)

Adrian said...

NICK! Aren't you upposed to be on your way here!!!!! LOL

Adrian said...

Marzie! Yeah it's really a nice feeling about our MFC doing well...even today I see more riders joining us. Zubli want's to be a genie prince too hehehe...
maybe we'll make him and a few others genie buddies!

Also got a few pats on the back from grateful riders! Boy that feels good too that people appreciate our MFC! Yeah a toast to us and all the riders! :)

Thanks to you too for everything! It has indeed been swell! :)

Adrian said...

Nick! Yeah I suppose I should thank you in a way for introducing me to blogging and getting me addicted to this...did I say thank you for the addiction! LOL

Yay my comments work today... somebody influential must have read my blog today!

Buddy that was indeed touching... sniff sniff...:) thanks for the kind words...means a lot coming from you! :) Geez this is getting soppy! LOL

Yeah it's so nice to have met so many new and exciting friends from near and far who are so supportive and seen so many different views of life! :) An enriching experience indeed!

Okay I better go get the fire started or we'll be eating at 10 LOL...errr it that your car I hear! is...LOL

Bobby said...

I was giving all the credit only to Marzie! You too deserve credit!!!!!I stumbled this post:) I want to be the Genie Magician! He he he:)

Mariuca said...

Hola! I have something special for you!

Genie Princess

Adrian said...

Bobby! Great to have you back! Thank you...coming from the guru himself that is indeed an honor! :)

Genie Magician...sure as long as you don't call me daddy like Zubli does! LOL He wants to be a Genie Prince! :)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Thank you so much for the Recommend Read award! It was really unexpected and coming from you very special indeed! You're da best! :):):)

J@n!ce said...

Adrian : I hope you catch some sleep after writing that post? You guys are so creative to have thought of that Magical Ride :)

I'm waiting to read the post of the BBQ that Nick kindly refers to you. Wow, you have a great resposibility now to write. What a clever Nick right? hehe ;p

Janice Ng

Mariuca said...

Adrian! Zubli wants to call u Daddy? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Adrian said...

Jnaice! Yes I had agood sleep that night after writing that post! Glad you like the Magical Flying Carpet was so unique! :)

THe BBQ post...oh don't remind me...:) That "clever" Nick was free so he did it fast. I guess I can't procastinate anymore! LOL

Adrian said...

Marzie! He doesn't wan tto call me daddy, he IS calling me daddy! LOL What a great kidder! LOL