Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alien Invasion

Okay the aliens are not invading...but I just liked this picture of this new species of jellyfish that was found in the deep trenches off the Phillipine seaboard. I always love it when they find new and exciting species. AND Tell me does look like a Flying Saucer, right?

Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with what I was going to post about!

What I really wanted to post was a little something about my "trainer"! Yes, my new trainer! I haven't been updating you on my exploits at he gym after my last trainer, now have I.

Well that's because my new trainer is different. His training methods are different. His style is different, His concern is different. His motivational methods are different...nil to be exact. His attitude is different. So this took a little getting used to! At first I was still reeling from the loss of my old trainer because of the bond we had so I couldn't really evaluate the new guy fairly. Like I said he's different and that too took getting used to. Besides he's not the most punctual guy but thats not bad.

One day he didn't show up for training at all. I checked around and was told that he did not arrive. When I asked him at our next session he said that we had trained that day. Boing! Duh...I wasn't sure what to I told him that he was not there...and that most of the other trainers also did not see him! Wierdly his recollection was that he had trained me. Usually I'd say something nasty at this point! But because it was fasting I thought that maybe he had passed give him the benefit of the doubt. Afterall he could have said he had a flat tyre and been done with it. He still has no recollection of that period. What do you think? Is he crazy? Or am I crazy to believe him. I don't know...but the fact is that I'm really losing my momentum, nah...I think I have lost the momentum built under the old trainer. Don't get me wrong...his training methods seem okay and he gives a great massage/stretching after our sessions but his motivational skills are lacking. I need that extra push otherwise I would have hired a trainer!

So once again I'm at a crossroads!

BUT This story is also not just about this's about someone else too! She helps to train me each day and is a real task master. Firstly she makes me run, then she makes me carry weights, then exercise, then run some more, then carry weights and do push-ups and then makes me jump up and down...and even dance. You're probably wondering what kind of trainer this is...well this is someone I've been wanting to write about for a while.

Yes, it's my little daughter! She is a little fitness nut or it just that 2 year old energy pack that she has. Always on the go and dragging wifey and me to do her little routines. You see when we first started to go to the gym we used to tell her where we were going. Strangely she has her own little exercises which sometimes fit our gym routine! I keep saying to myself that I probably don't need a trainer and just have to spend my time with her and that would be enough! LOL By the way when we ask her what daddy's name is she purposely says Jim (gym)! A regular clown she is!

She loves to run around the porch and she'll ask us to run with her, or to do jumping jacks or carry her (she loves that) up and down. She also loves to sit on my back and ask me to do push ups. The other day we were watching High School Musical 2 (that show reminded me of the those Hindi dancing films, don't you agree?) and she asked us to join her and dance. She loves dancing whenever they have a musical number. We even managed to record her little 2 and half year old girl dance routine too. Maybe I'll post it one day once I figure out how, that is!

And so the adventure continues!


darlene said...

look foward to seeing her the song playing too!!...;-)

Adrian said...

Darlene! Yeah she's really fun to watch! She loves to dance and will drag us in and of course we are only too glad to join int he fun! :)

Genie King

Nick Phillips said...

Jim. LOL! That is so cute. I can teach her better names to call you when she's older ... hahaha ...

Here's a motivational tip Jim buddy, you really don't need someone to tell what to do. Go home, take a look at that lil girl at home and that you're doing it all for her and that should be motivation enough for you :D

Keep it up Jim, urrmmm, I mean Adrian ...LOL!

Adrian said...

Bud! LOL I'll bet you can! :):):)

Buddy...I do! But that's one of the reasons/excuses to go home! To be with her! :) :( To tell you the truth I've been doing that all these months...I mean using her as a motivational tip...but human nature is such that you need new motivation. Well maybe I'm just like that! I know I wanna do it but it's just that mental block I have to overcome...again!

Thanks for the tip though!

Jim siigning out! LOL

J@n!ce said...

Hi Jim Daddy... what a cute name from the princess.

After giving birth to Zac, many pple told me no need to do extra excising too. Running & attending to the baby alone are already a good form of exercise. I believe it is true cos with Amos on board & helper to assist me. I slacked totally. Lazy mummy... haha :D

Btw, your trainer... what kind of excuse was that. Could there be 2 Adrian there he thought he had trained you before. Weird trainer of yours ;p

Janice Ng

Adrian said...

Janice! Yeah taking care of kids is not easy and is a lot of exercise. BUT like you say with a helper we tend to slack off and get lazy sometimes, don't we?

On my real trainer...I don't know what to think...I guess as long as he's doing his job It's okay. On there being two Adrian's I wish there were two of me so that one can take care of my blog while I'm at work LOL

Genie King

Shinade said...

Boy I can definitely identify with you and your little girl keeping you on yout toes after this past week-end. The Chaseman is almost three and he never slows down...whewww...he wore Mimaw and Pipaw out...but, aren't they just the most precious little things God ever gave us. I love to hear you talk about your family. My husband is such a good dad and family man I feel so blessed and your family seems very blessed too to have you...keep up the good work!!hugs~Jackie

Anonymous said...

Wow she is truly beautiful...I can't even think of something funny...she would take your breath away...My first granddaughter looked a lot like her and now she is sixteen and such a beauty, you have so much to look forward to...send her to me..I love baby sitting.


Adrian said...

Jackie! At this age they seem to have boundless energy! Jumping from one spot to another, running rather than walking and of course trying to squeeze out every bit out or the day before finally succumbing to slumber! :) Amazing and precious! :):):)

Adrian said...

Maunie! How I wish I could send her to you to baby sit! :):):) I'd have some free time...but then again I want to spend more time with her too LOL

I'm sure your granddaughter must be very pretty...and I hope my little one will turn out the same :):)

Cheers and happy Sunday!

Mariuca said...

Adrian! Ellie is so cute Jim it seems ha ha ha... What a wonderful post GK! The jellyfish does look like a flying saucer and I bet hubbs would find it interesting, he loves all these big octopus, jelly fish underwater creatures LOL!

My streamyx came back on yesterday, finally can ease back into routine after so long not being able to use the PC! Oh btw, I like la the Dell Inspiron notebook, it's so cool esp the spring green! ;)

Adrian said...

Marzie! Back online again :):) Say I like thoe large octopuses too...always hoping they find a full specimen that is alive! Wehn I was young used to enjoy watching Jacques Cousteau and his underwater adventures. :):):)

A friend of mine got the green Dell and I like the colour too...metallic somemore...if I had chosen a laptop that would have been the color! Cool green like uncooked ketupat! LOL

I know you're tried of rendang but I had lemang and rendang for dinner today! :):):) Was really good! :)

Cheers GP!

LadyJava said...

Something is really wrong with that trainer of yours.. but your "little" trainer is worth all the trouble..


Adrian said...

LJ! Yup my little trainer is so cute and so much fun to "work" with LOL Who know one day she might be some fitness guru! :):)

Cheers! :)