Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Today we had our office Halloween Party. We are encouraged to decorate our offices and even dress ourselves up! Yeah my office is tell you the truth (not boasting) we usually win the prize for best decorated (both Halloween and Christmas)

I do enjoy decorating the place and coming up with new and exciting ideas. The theme for our office this year was Arabian Nights! One person in our little section could not make it so were were a little short and we didn't decorate much because we were busy too but we still had an Arab Sheikh...which I promptly named Sheikh Yourbooty! hehehe We had Princess Jasmine in a cute pink bellydancing outfit. And we had a visit for the mighty Genie King...err me of course LOL

This is what we looked like! (Turn away now if you have a queasy stomach hehehe)

As you can see it was pretty hard to stand on a real flying carpet...had to keep my balance or I'd have fallen off! Some folks though I was a pirate...and at first I wondered why...hey I don't have a full length mirror in my office okay! (and I didn't want to wander around looking like that either) And don't anyone dare ask me about the earrings, okay?!!!!

I actually assembled my costume myself. Had someone sew it though! I did buy the material (with wifey of course) and bling bling! Would you believe I was actually shopping for earrings and pendants and shiny wrist bands...but the wrist bands are way too small LOL I also got a sword and the only thing I didn't have was a I tried to make one (as you can see it didn't turn out that great because they are hard to make).

Happy Halloween to all those who enjoy the "spirit" of it! :)


Mariuca said...

GK!!! Ha ha ha ... you are so cute and it's so cool u got to be the real Genie King for a day! And ur office sounds like so much FUN. I love this post! :):):)

Genie Princess

LadyJava said...

WOW GK... really looks like a Genie lahh... a real flying carpet - double wow!.. Awesome office.. you make me miss working lahh...

Mariuca said...

Yeeha first commenter ! :):):)

Genie Princess

Adrian said...

GP! Yeah we have a lot of fun doing this together! Everyone participates and we all dress up! And yes it was fun being a real Genie King for a day! LOL How did you think I got the idea for Arabian nights! :)

We really have a ball ourselves! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

LJ! Yeah sometimes working in an office can be fun! But my colleages are fun too as you can see! :):):)

Yeah we made our own little flying carpet today...outfitted with a little wooden sofa at the back too!

The kids enjoyed it! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

Marzie! Yeeha? You like 'em cowboys dontcha LOL!

Yup you are my first commenter ! :):):) WOO HOO!! :)

Genie King

Shinade said...

Wow Gk what a party. It looks like you guys really do go all out. No wonder you's fabulous!! How are those candy canes working? Please don't hesitate to contact me. I enjoyed doing it!!:-)

Adrian said...

Jackie! :) Yeah we always have fun doing this! Sometimes we even scare the little ones hehehe

The candy canes are working great...I've put them at the bottom of the page for now...just to test them and they work:):):) Also it's the only place I can put them side by side. Problem is my blog background is dark and it doesn't bring out the beauty of the candy canes! Trying to figure out how to solve that problem! :)

Regardless, next month they will move up to the top or thereabouts as it gets closer to Christmas! :)

Thanks again Jackie :):):)

Diamondssaphire said... did an awesome job on your costume!!! The wifey gets props too!!

We have our shop party on Wednesday..Every year the owner of the company I work stops buisness for 1 hour and we have an Halloween Costume Parade and refreshments.

Looks like you all had fun!

The Bimbo said...

SO FUN! haha I wished I worked at a place like that! Lucky you!!

Bobby said...

Great Genie King costume! I thought you were the real Genie King! You're trying to act like it's just a costume. You can't trick me...LOL!!!!!
Happy Halloween:)

Spiff said...

Yo Genie King, nice duds bud :D I'm still waiting for my wish now you hear. Don't think I've forgotten ... LOL!

Adrian said...

DS!! We sure had fun! There was a party later when all the departments got together and we got to see what everyone dressed like too! :)

What are you going as? Put up some pictures too okay! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Bobo! Have you decided on your costume yet?

Yeah it sure can be fun working here sometimes! It's nice when everyone participates in the fun! :)
Genie King

Adrian said...

Bobby!'re too funny! :) Me a real Genie King...but you might be right to fool everyone this could all be an elobrate ruse hehehe ALAKAZAM!
Genie King

Adrian said...

Spiff! Where have you been...on a secret mission to save the world and win the hand of a beautiful damsel in distress!?!?! Wait till I tell your mummy! LOL

I know what you're really thinking about my costume okay Spiffy boy! :) So watch it! LOL

Didn;t you get the shoes I sent you...dei check under your carpet lah...I told you so many times not to sweep the dirt under the carpet when you do housework and now you can't een find your shoes also! tsk tsk tsk

Genie King

Emila Yusof said...

Genie King!!! You're on a magic carpet!! So cool!

Adrian said...

Emila! hahaha...wish you and GP! were here for the ride! :)

Sugar Queens Dream said...


J@n!ce said...

That's so fun. I can see that you are enjoying your day in the office with the Genie costume !! :)

Janice Ng

Adrian said...

SQD! hehehe :):):)

Adrian said...

Janice! Well we dressed up after work! :):) But it was still fun to wear a genie outfit for a while! :):):)

Welcome back! :)

Mariuca said...

GK, I enjoyed reading the comments here, you are the real Genie King la! :):):)

Genie Princess

Adrian said...

GP! i wish? :)