Saturday, October 13, 2007

Journey to the Land of Broadband!

Ever since I started blogging those dark lonely nights in May. I've been using my old dial-up modem to connect to the internet. Believe me the speed on that thing was slower than a tortoise on razors! I could not get much done every night apart from a post once in a while. Whenever I tried to visit any other blogs it would take literally ages to do and when I got there and wanted to tried to leave a commet it'd just go blank. It was oh so frustrating!

So this went on for all those months. I had been planning on changing my old PC too for ages. That trusty old faithful thing should really have been mothballed but I was so out of touch with the world of IT that I didn't really know what to get. So I looked around for a good system and also for a good deal.

So as my daughter like to sing "A hunting we will go" for a new PC that is. I finally found a Dell system and an offer I couldn't refuse. I won't go into details but it's superfast and has a ton of memory too. The best feature was the 20" widescreen that came with the package. (me being me and never satisfied opted for the 22" screen and was in for a shock when I opened the box)

Madre Dios it was huge , almost twice the size of my old faithful! Woo hoo!! Anyway I was so excited to order it but I still had my old dialup system. I had been trying to get broadband for a while too but because I still had my old system procastinated as usual. Once the new system arrived I was spurred to get my broadband service and tried to go online but was advised that I should go to the outlet for faster service. So I went on a was also the day before their promotion ended. Procastination!!!!! So went there bright and early to to my dismay the outlet was closed. But they told me over the phone that'd be open I kept repeating to my wife as we drove home!! Arrgghhh. So nevermiond, I decided to log on and register online...afterall it was a broadband service provider wasn't it. So I did! Successfully I thought.
I then waited...and waited...and waited some more. Now I've been warned before about the "service" of this broadband provider and it made me wonder. If this was the service before I even received it what ws it going to be like when I did. I decided to call a few days later and enquire about my application and to my dismay they said that they had no record of
my registration. I asked for their supervisor and waited for so long that I hung up...I was mad as hell! I had missed on the great package because of thier ineffiencies. If you advertise that the package is available until the 30th of September then you should be able to receive applications until the last day, right!

By then my new system had arrived. I removed my trusty old faithful PC for the last time. Then I unpacked the new system and carefully removed the components from their boxes and placed them where I wanted them. Then wifey and me set it up. She used to work with computers before so I was not going to waste her expertise. Besides all the wiring had to fit in tiny slots that my large fingers were not too fond of! It looks great I must say! But alas still no I rummaged for the old dialup modem and tried to log on. Couldn't get a signal! I was preplexed. Stumped even!

Tried again the next day...and the day after! Finally on Saturday called Dell helpline. They were very professional and so helpful...not forgetting to mention polite. So this is how that conversation went.

Me: I'm having problems using my modem.
DELL: Okay sir please try this and please try that. Okay now lets try to install your software again.
Me: sitll can't...nope...what was that didn't work either.
DELL: Sir is your modem plugged in to the right place...
Me: Yes
DELL: Sir is your modem plugged in this place...
Me: Yes...
DELL: Sir that is the network slot for your broadband...for your dialup there is a slot below for the line...
Me: (DOH! red faced already) Err...but I tried the other place and it wouldn't fit.
DELL: Sir please try to turn the jack around...
Me: (DOH Again) wonder...I tried to do it the other way...(I guess I must have had DOOFUS written in large bold letters on my comment card back at DELL HQ)

I really wished I had the powers of a Genie King and could wish away the embarassment LOL

After several still didn't work properly (managed to get in once but that was it) so they actually did a conference call with my dial-up service provider to try to fix the problem! Still no go! They said they'd look into it and call back on Monday! Me wasn't happy cause got no internet over the weekend...but what could i do. My beautiful new toy was a lame duck!

I called my good buddy Nick to come over...we've fixed many a problem together in the past and I had more confidence in us than in DELL (even with their great service). So my trusty buddy comes and we still can't get fully connected after trying! I'm totally frustrated by now. We make an evening out of it and have some garlic bread and wine to drown my sorrows. LOL

On Sunday night I finally managed to get hooked up after deleting all previous connections and starting from scratch. I was happy but was clocking 28.8 kbs. But that was normal for me at home so I didn't care. The next day we were off so I decided to try other service providers. We went to a mall that we knew for sure had another service provider.

My luck was running thin because I went to the first one and they didn't have a line in my area. they directed me to another service provided...but this one also didn't have service in my area...although they keep advertising about their great's like putting the cart before the service don't advertise so much until you do! So there I was again...with no broadband service!

We roamed around the mall and even asked information if they had any others and they said no. So we went to the supermarket to get a few items. After that as I waited for wifey who had to go for a pit stop...i wondered when I'd get my broadband service. I decided to walk over to the restrooms and I saw her smiling gleefully. I was wondering what she was up to.

Wifey: You saw it ah?
Me: "Yes"...but we were on different pages...I was thinking of the roasted meat they usually sell at Chinese New year but were now selling for Hari Raya albeit the halal version.
Wifey: No, the Broadband counter...
Me: Broadband counter?
Wifey: You walked past it.
Me: No lah...where got?
Wifey: There...
Me: (DOH! AGAIN!) I didn't see it lah...

So we see the guy (Ali) and he said he has still got the package I wanted (although it expired a week earlier) but that I'd have to sign up before 2.30 was 1:30 pm!! I wasn't too sure and though it might be a sales ploy but hety he was giving me my broadband service at the special promotion price I wanted....woo hoo. The guy even fixed everything for me and told me all I had to do was wait a couple of days and then could log in. I had finally done my broadband! But the story doesn't end...That night as I was watching tv the guy calls...
Broadband guy: Mr. Adrian you left you IC in the shop...
Me: (DOH to the power of 4) Okay okay...thanks for calling...I'll pick it up tomorrow...
So the next day I pick it up and I see the signs advertising the offer are no longer there, so he was telling the truth and not up to salesman type tricks. Good!

The following day...I get a strong signal and am now able to use my broadband. Or so I thought, because I try logging on but keep getting error messages. I try and try repeatedly but still the same. I try the CD too that came with it but that doesn't work either. So I call the broadband guy.
Me: Ali...I can't get into my broadband lah...I've tried everything but can't get it...
Broadband guy: Did you activate your account?
Me: (DOH!!!!!!! for the last time I tell ya!) Oh yes ah...I have to activate my account...okay thanks I'll give them a call now.

Ten minutes later I finally get broadband at home! LOL The first song I hear is from my blog and it's Bing singing "White Christmas" (remember I love Christmas) One of my daughter and wifey come over to inspect the noise and we play her little computer game called "Purble Place" on the PC.

Call me crazy, call me doofus, call me sentimental...I don't care I was happy!


darlene said...

ohhhh....i am 1st to comment....hee hee hee!!......
am so happy for you...this will make it way easier for ya!!...congrats!!....;-)

Nick Phillips said...

Dude, that was one l o n g post and I thought you said you didn't like l o n g postings ... LOL! Thanks for the mention on our failed trouble shooting experience, but the wine and garlic bread was good though ... LOL!

Adrian said...

Hi Darlene! Yes you are the first commenter...and for that you get to pick what's behind door number one! Woo hoo...
Oops...there is nothing behind door number one is there! LOL

Adrian said...

Buddy! Okay long it was but it was only one long one! Sue me lah! LOL Besides you should be talking LOL

Cheers bud! BBQ on Monday nite if you still don't wanna go tmr! :)

Genie King

My World said...

oh wow! this was one long story! enjoyed reading it though. nice to hear you're now clicking your way in and out online.



Adrian said...

Hi Juliana! Welcome! I don't write posts as often as I should but whe I do I let it all out LOL
Genie King

LadyJava said...

hahaha.. very funny post. I don't how you endure with dial up for so long though. I gave up on them a long time ago.. although I can't say broadband in Msia rocks.. in fact it kinda of sucks... but congrats on the successful broadbrand move and the new pc.. am eyeing a laptop going to lowyat tomorrow to see see.. touch touch...hubby say i'm very fussy but i want one that is not so heavy.. what do you think?? hehe

Adrian said...

Hi LJ! Welcome! I really stopped using my pc after wife got pregnant and then baby came and it was almost 2 and a half years before I touched it again! LOL So when I started surfing this year I was so far behind! LOL

I wanted a laptop too but thought better of it because of the hassle of charing the darn thing all the time. Even my phone I have trouble charging LOL

BUT After getting the new pc found that there is so many wires to conted with...can get real messy! :) So have some regrets about not getting a pc but just minor ones! :)

While looking I did check out Dell's XPS whic is supposed to be very thin and light! Might suit your needs. A less expensive model is the Dell 1420 laptop which is pretty nifty too and not that bulky. Right now they have some really great Raya offers too! Check them out before you do to Low Yat! At least you can get an idea of what to ask the Low Yatters what to put in your PC if you already don't know! :):):)

Cheers and I must add that the prawn thingy you posted looked good too by the way! LOL

PS I went to PJ Old Town market todayu and it was practically deserted...most stalls were closed too! Everyone balik kampung I suppose! :)

Genie King

WaterLearner said...

Hi Adrian,

I am happy that your broad band is finally up and running after your concerted efforts to set it up.

Way to go!!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Haha..Adrian, i remember those days with the slow tortise dial up. Even loading a page takes forever, hehe....Congrats to your new PC!

Adrian said...

QiQi's Mummy! Welcome! Yeah it was sometimes...well most times intolerable...I used to open several pages and hope one would open first...but of course doing that only made things slower...guess I was a sucker for punishment LOL
Thank goodness those days are over! LOL
Genie King

Adrian said...

Karen! Welcome! Yes! It took some effort and a lot of patience and also a bit of luck...added with a large dallop of doofusivity!

Cheers to you and thanks! :)
Genie King

WaterLearner said...

Hi Adrian,

Just popping by to see if you have any delicious new post. Not yet I guess.

Thanks for popping by my site. Now that even our Genie King is also gracing my humble site (with Genie Princess), I guess this would definitely add magic to my place huh?

Have a Good Week Ahead, Magical One!

Jean Chia said...

no wonder i see so much of you lately! so, this explained all. :)

congrates GK! i understood your excitement! btw, love your new PC!!!

Miss Yummy-licious

Adrian said...

Jean....I've been struggling in silence for so long! LOL But seriously haven't been able t reply comments and visit you guys over the weekends or at night! But that's in the past :)

Now to look forward to what the future hold LOL

Cheers Miss Yummy-licious...I just love that name! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

Hi Karen,

Been catching up on my sleep LOL...yesterday turned in early because hae been burning the midnite oil the past couple of nights! And today have been busy preparing for a BBQ we're hosting for some family and friends! nothing special....just to celebrate the holiday!! :)

Genie King

Baba Doodlius said...

Broadband? I prefer birdband. Much more reliable, and cuter to boot.

Adrian said...

Baba Doodlius! Welcome!! Birdband...that sounds interesting...where can you get that? A petshop! hehehe


Genie King

Joanne said...

lol @ Nick's comment: I'm always making long posts...I really need to work on shortening it.

Your new computer screen is WIDE, wow! For a desktop, I think I like the ones that are wide and long...means less scrolling.

Adrian said...

Joanne!! Well sometimes long posts are fun too! All depends on content and humor injected to keep it going! :)

Yeah until I figure a way to get it wide and long this'll have to do! LOL

Genie King

Mariuca said...

Hi GK! Ha ha... poor thing! The trouble u had to go through just to get ur PC and broadband huh? ..

GK, this broadband "provider" is always putting customers on hold for the longest time! I think it's their tactic.. cannot resolve our problem so put us on hold until we get fed up and hang up!!! :(:(:( (Yeah, I'm still bitter abt my experience with them obviously!) ;)

Adrian said...

HI GP! Well at lesat it finally resolved! Now can surf happily at last LOL

Yeah bet it's a tactic to annoy you...what can you do right...hang up or shout at the music they have! Don't hink anybody will pick up for a long time by which time you've forgotten why you've called in the first place! LOL