Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Awards For and Against

Mariuca SUPERSTAR Award

Chapter 1
Marzie thinks the Genie King is a Superstar! Isn’t that great…well it is an honor to me! I really don’t know if I am but I’m not going to doubt an expert on the matter. Being a Superstar blogger herself she’s certainly an authority on the subject.

Thank you Genie Princess that was a very pleasant thing to do! I wish I could give this to other bloggers but this is your award to give!

Congratulations to all the other recipients of the Superstar award too!

Chapter 2
Since it's supposed to be better to give than to receive I’d like to take this opportunity to give out an award that I received from the Genie Princess some time back. I’ve been saving this for a while along with a few others that I’ve been hoarding but shall pass around in due time.

Please come up as your names are called to receive the award…acceptance speeches should be kept to a maximum of five minutes or you’ll be thrown off the stage. LOL

Jackie, Bobo, Ann, Ladyjava and Nihal deserve this...

Chapter 3

Oh wait...Marzie just gave me another award as I was preparing this post...the Shibumi award, which looks pretty! I have been skipping my Japanese lessons and didn't know the meaning of Shibumi so I copied this from Marzie's site 'Shibumi is a Japanese term which used in the following context is a noun. Its meaning refers to a ‘particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty” which can be applied to almost anything.' Wow one word says a lot doesn't it! Thanks Genie Princess! (Hope I picked up the right award... there were so many there LOL)

And the five people up there (namely Jackie, Bobo, Ann, Ladyjava and Nihal )...are also my recipents of this award...not bad two for one day at First Time Dad!

Chapter 4
Oh well while I'm at it, Mariuca also tagged me on the 5 Things Meme a few days back. And I told her that I'd do I'd better or I might face the wrath of the Genie Princess! hehehe Good thing she tagged me early...because I'm planning on starting a MeMe FrEe MoNtH soon!! Probably in December! Who's with me??? LOL

What is a meme free month? Well I've been getting tagged pretty much every week and sometimes I feel that there are too many tags going around. Unfortunately, one of those tags was started by me and the Genie Princess with the help of our trusty Genie Buddy! Don't get me wrong...I don't think tags are bad but just want to take a little break for a month. This way folks will know not to tag me and if they do I'll only do it later! Of course I may like some so I might do those...okay okay...It's just thought so i have decided on anything yet!

What about you guys? I know you get tagged a lot too and I know some people also don't like doing tags too. What do you think about the idea? Please let me know even if you think it's the dumbest idea ever!

Anyway back to the meme Marzie tagged me with...what was it again...oh the 5 Things goes...

5 things found in my room:-

My Wife...err does she count...I guess people don't count right...only things...let me start again...

1) King Size bed anything smaller and I'd fall off LOL
2) Bed for daughter because she doesn't want to sleep in her cot anymore yet sleeps with us!
3) Wardrobe and dressing table
4) A/C
5) Carpet

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:-
1) Go to Europe
2) Open a restaurant called Eddie's Hot Pot!
3) Go to Liverpool and watch a match
4) Tap Dance
5) Be an actor

5 things found in my bag:-
Sorry! I don't carry a bag so I don't have to answer this do I!! Nyah Nyanyah Nya Nyah

5 things found in my wallet:-
1) Money...sometimes
2) Credit cards
3) Daughter's photo
4) Lottery tickets (one can hope)
5) Gym membership

5 things I’m currently into:-
1)My daughter
2) Losing weight
3) Chess with my computer
4) Blogging
5) Liverpool Football Club

Oh I have to tag five poor unsuspecting sods! LOL Can I have a show of hands please as to who would like to do this, you...yes in the back is your hand up or is it up your in front with the tie on...and lady quit jumping up and down ....I see you! Okay you're all tagged! thank you very much for volunteering! Hope to see your posts up soon! :)

You know what...the five people (Jackie, Bobo, Ann, Ladyjava and Nihal ) up there that I passed the awards to...I'm gonnna tag you with this too...I guess nothing in life comes free LOL

Cheers guys! (Now who's the laziest blogger? hehehe)

Chapter 5



Mariuca said...

GK, you are too cute! LOL!! I like the Shibumi award and I'm so glad that noone gave it to u yet ha ha ha.. I think u already have all the rest right?

So ur really gonna do this no meme month? I don't mind certain memes la, like LJ said, they make pretty good interim posts! :):):)

Genie Princess

Adrian said...

GP! hehehe Thanks for thinking of old GK! :) I have most of those but not all...eventually it will come I suppose as it gets passed around...:):):)

Don't know lah...don't want to skip and then later regret becaue no one will tag me any more...I like doing some but not all...then again nowadays with Screamyx so much easier to don't know how difficult I had it was ultra slow lah :(

Even just now i was looking at my old posts and saw so many tht I had not answered comments to...probably thought I di because I actually did but my system mmust have messed up and not post my embarassing! :(

The Bimbo said...

GK!!! Thank you for the awards! Two in one day!!!! So happy! hehe...

But I did the meme already... in the SAME post on Sunday :)

Adrian said...

COngrats to you Bobo! It's okay about the meme...lots of people have done it already! Cheers! :)

LadyJava said...

I like to thank my hubby.. my mom..hehehe...:D

Wah.. you finally collected all your awards as well ah.. hehehe... and ohh so sweet.. two awards for little ol' me...thanks so much GK... much appreciated and will put it up with pride and pass it on as well.... oopss my acceptance speech is so long..lah


Christy said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with taking a meme break if you need one. Sometimes they're fun and sometimes they're a pain. Just save them all until you get into a meme mood and then go nuts!! LoL.

Hope you're having a great day:)

Vic Grace said...

Hi just came to say Hi from British Columbia. I was awarded the Mariuca award and saw your blog on it.

J@n!ce said...

Looks like its an award & meme month. Most of the bloggers have all this posted up. I dun want to be left behind. Gg to do mine tmr too...
Congrates on your awards, Adrian :)

Janice Ng

DiamondsSaphire said...

Holy memes!! Anywho..Eddie's Hot Pot sounds like a great restaurant name!!

Mariuca said...

GK!!! I didn't see the jive bunny here yesterday la!!! Ha ha ha ha, so cute, now I understand ur LOL yest! Thanks GK! :):):)

Genie Princess

Adrian said...

LJ!!! Double Congrats to you! :):) Your acceptance speech was very nice LOL

I have more awards in my cupboard that I need to dust off and send to unsuspecting bloggers :):):)

Cheers! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Christy! Glad you agree! A few too many memes going around right now hehehe One courtesy of marzie and me too.

yeah you pick the good and save the harder ones for a day when you're high on caffine! LOL


Genie King

Adrian said...

Hi Vic Grace for BC!! Thank you for stopping by and also congrats on you award too!


Genie King

Adrian said...

Hi Janice! Yeah lots of awards and memes this month...looks like more to come too! :):)

I think Jean just gave out a couple earlier...she wrote the funniest post...made me burst out laughing!!

Cheers! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

DS! LOL Yeah I have wanted to do many different things in life LOL but having my own restaurant would have been great...problem was I can't stand the smell of fish! SO how can one have a restaurant that doesn't have fish LOL


Genie King

Adrian said...

HI GP!! Didn't see my bunny? Not reading my posts properly are we? Hmmm...or maybe it's because I put it up after your comment LOL

Cheers GP! :)

Genie King

Mariuca said...

Oh, okay then! Ha ha ha... and here I was feeling bad abt it LOL! Cute la the bunny! :):):)

Adrian said...

GP! Thought you'd like it! :) Cheers!

Shinade said...

GK...first let me say thank you and congratulations both on the awards and your presentation of them. We have a hard day of driving but I will try to work on the meme today if the roads aren't too bumpy. If they are I will simply do it tonight when we park.

Shinade said...

GK...I think a meme free month would be great. I myself am getting tagged so much as of late that I can't keep up with my personal blogging and general upkeep. Also, I have had a few complaints from people about so many tags and memes going around and they are not doing them even if I tag them. I am scared to tag anyone anymore.

Adrian said...

Jackie! Congrats to you too! :):) I hope you didn't have too bumpy a ride today aand have reached your destination safely! :)

On the mem free month...yeah there are so many memes going around and mosot people have either been taged or are waiting to tag you LOL
We shall see...i might December my meme fre month! Are you with me? I want to start a movement and have a little badge that folks know it's nothing personal. Then there are also those memes that are fun too which I like doing so will really have to see how much support can garner for the movement to get going :)