Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Community Blogger Award

I have been awarded the Community Blogger Award by my dear friend Ann of A Nice Place in the Sun. I sincerely enjoyed receiving this award because it means that I'm doing something right and am proud that Ann thought of me when presenting this to her deserving bloggers! Thanks Ann!

The community award originated with Cellobella at the Sultana blog, who said, "I wanted the award to say - this is a person who reaches out and makes my blogger community a better one." I think that is so kind and I'm thrilled to be in the position to pass it along as well as be included in the blogroll. Cellobella asks that nominees of this award e-mail her at (cellobella at gmail dot com) so that she can add your nominees to her blogroll.

The Genie King would like to nominate the following people who he thinks deserve this award for their contributions to the blogging community!

NafaSG for really taking the time to help the community!
Jackie for her role in spreading the love via her Candy Canes and much much more!
Emila for her lovely illustrations and generosity!
Mariuca for her kindness and contests that keep people happy and buzzing with excitement !
Janice for her wondrful posts about her family that makes the whole community smile!
Jean for her lovely recipes that keeps us wanting more!
Nick for his great stories that just makes you want to read more!
Eric for making blogging so much fun and exciting with his humor and wit!
Zubli for his dedication to making blogging better for all!
Bobby for all his techno tips and ideas in trying to make us all like him!
Bobo for her truly amusing and quirky blog that is great for everyone!
Barrett for his great deeds in helping people in real life!
Congrats to you all!


J@n!ce said...

This is a wonderful award. Those pple in your list have made my blogging so much fun & memorable with their constant presence on my blog :)

Thank you for sharing the award with me :)

Janice Ng

Nick Phillips said...

Thanx for the award, bub ...

NIHAL said...

Hey Adrian,

Well done, you're definitely doing everything right, my friend. Congrats on the Award.

Take care and wish you continued success.

Kim said...

Congratulations on your award Genie King........sounds like you belong to a great community :)

The Bimbo said...

Thank you GK!!! :)

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Genie King, Great post, and congrats. I've been meaning to tell you that I'm having trouble with my genie codes. Can you leave me a message on MyBlogLog to help? Thank you, I really want to post them on my site.

Have a happy day~


Emila Yusof said...

Hi Genie King! Congrats on the award! And thank you for passing it to me! Yay! I'm so honored! Thank you!

Adrian said...

Janice! Congrats to you! I was only too happy to share this award with all you nice folks! Cheers! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

Buddy! Why so glum? Hope your day got better in the end! Enjoy the award...because that the only thing you'll get from me besides memes LOL
Genie King

Adrian said...

Nihal! Thank you! It's nice to be given awards for doing something I enjoy! :)

Cheers friend!

Genie King

Adrian said...

Kim! Welcome! Thank you! I do belong to a great community of bloggers! I guess we look out for each other! :)

Cheers an please come back!

PS Congrats on your too! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

Bobo! Congrats to you! :):):)

Genie King

Adrian said...

Ann! The great provider! :):) Thank you for the award and giving me the opportunity to share it with friends who make blogging fun!


PS I shall send you a message on MBL! We should be able to fix the problem easy! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

Emila! Welcome back from your holiday! I'm only too happy to pass this award to my favourite artist! :)

PS I did a little Raya post for you and my other Muslim friends!

Genie King

Jean Chia said...

Genie King!! *a big kiss* to you!! thanks for the award! im so happy that my recipes kept you wanting more. Dont worry, i'll come up with more good recipes for peoples on diet! hehe..

oh, btw, i love your music. christmas is just 2 months away! yay!!! :))

Jean Chia

Mariuca said...

Yeeha, a new award for me! I love it! Thanks GK, genie hugz for u! Congrats to u and all ur recipients as well! :):):)

Adrian said...

Miss Yummy-licious!! Congrats to you! Yes, invent "healthy" recipes to help my diet LOL!

Yeah Christmas comes in two months and I can't wait! :)

Cheers Jean! :)

Adrian said...

Hi Marzie! Congrats to you! Genie hugz!! Happy to give awards to all of you! :)


Hi Adrian,

This is such an honor. Thank you so much for recognizing our community work.

We are only making
small contributions with hopes that it will make a difference.

We are glad that we have made friends with you, Ad.

Thank you.

Your Friends,

Adrian said...

Nafa! That's why I put you first on the list. Your role in trying to help the community in one way or another was truly deserving of this award!

My hat off to your team!

Cheers guys!

Bobby said...

Thanks Adrian!!!!!!! I don't really deserve any awards...but I'll take it!!!

All my techo-tips are all aimed at making us form a better community to help change the world!!!!:)

Adrian said...

Bobby! I know you don't but I decided to give you one anyway! LOL
Congrats to you for trying to make the community a better place!

Cheers and TGIF!

Genie King

zublizainordin said...

Dad. This is so nice. A level of nicenessnization I feel now. Wow! You really know who deserves what. I agree with you. This I deserve. I salute the award initiator. To you, thanks a million.

Adrian said...

Zubli! Cool you've arrived! Woo hoo...Yes you really do deserve this for your contributions to our community! :):)

Genie King