Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A little celebration

Last night we hosted a little BBQ. It was for no real reason but just to celebrate the long holiday we had for Hari Raya. It was also a time to get together with family and friends! It was not unlike the recent BBQ we had at my place to celebrate my other best friends upcoming marraige...sort of like a bachelor night for the bum.

This time though we had no reason but that didn't stop us. I've been really wanting to get the family together for a while but everyone has been busy with work and other commitments. Even my nephews are doing their internships at local hotels right now and were almost unable to make it but thank goodness they got the morning shift yesterday!
Taking a lesson from our previous BBQ I decided to start the fire an hour early. You'd think that it's easy to get a fire going when you have all the right ingredients but alas that was not so. When my good buddy Nick arrived (minus his family who was supposed to come too) the fire was still a little lame...the coals were only smouldering. We put our best impressions of fans and fanned the flames for the longest time until we finally got it good enough to burn meat!

There is something about the outdoors and the open flame and burning raw meat that brings out the caveman in us guys! LOL We started getting the meat cooking right away. We had chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices. Pork marinated four ways black pepper, chili, sweet sauce and also a little tandoori style! Large prawns with lime and spices! Chicken sausages was the last item. We also had some wholemeal garlic bread loaves but they turned out to be a little hard. Wifey conjured up a little salad with some roasted meat inside! As a filler before everything started we also had curry puffs (beef and potato filling) but they were not as spicy as I should have made them. So there was a lot of food. Oh and wifey also wanted some fish...err me is not a fish person especially when it comes to BBQs but you gotta please the wifey sometimes LOL

I got a little worried because my brother, my sister and my favourite cousin (and their families of course) were supposed to come between six to seven but only turned up at seven. So thats when the party really began. In a way it was good because some of the meat was coming off the fire already bu then. So things worked out fine.

We had fun talking about the good old times and exchanging jokes. The kids were playing with something or another and it turned out to be a great night and well worth all the effort. Sometimes you don't need an occasion to have a good get together. The reason of meeting up and sharing a meal with good company is good enough. What do you think?


Mariuca said...

Hola GK! Did u make the curry puffs yourself? Wah... am impressed la! ;)

Who are all those cute kids besides ur Ellie of course.. and it looks like ur having ur own celebration bet u didn't miss the rendang so much then? :):):)

Anonymous said...

Please accept the Magical Golden Blogger Award. This is an exclusive award, given only to a few select "magical" people. I love you! I will email the code, if I find an email address on your profile, otherwise please contact me at for the code. You may see the award on my blog sidebar. You are GOLDEN!

Magical Golden Cat

Adrian said...

Marzie! Of course I make my own curry puffs...they are the best LOL Well thats what everyone says! hehe

THose are my nephews and nieces! (brothers/sisters/cousins kids) Three of them are my godsons! The two smaller boys and one of the big boys!

Yes we had our own celebration but still missed the rendang though! ;p

Adrian said...

Magical Golden Cat...I do humbly accept your wonderful award!! thank you so much for thinking of me! I shall await the arrival with bated breath! :)

Cheers and thanks again! :)

scart said...

hari raya? are you Islam? why are you eating pork? just wondering :)

Adrian said...

Scart! Welcome! No I'm not Muslim! We live in a multi-cultural society so there are many religions practiced here in Malaysia!


Genie King

darlene said...

nothing is better then sharing great times with family and friends!

Adrian said...

Darlene...that's how I feel! It's always fun to share! Cheers!
Genie King