Tuesday, October 2, 2007

On your marks...

I received a wonderful surprise this morning from Jackie of A Painted Veil has generously awarded me this new award. I love getting awards they let me know that I'm doing something right! :) It also give me the opportuinty to pass something special on to fellow bloggers whom I like and enjoy!



Nick Phillips said...

Hey Buddy, Thanx for the award, gimme a little time to modify my awards cabinet and then I'll have this up, you can bet on it ;)

Mariuca said...

He he Nick is gonna get his 3rd award cabinet! Hey, we shld have an award room like Jean LOL! ;)

Congrats GK on an excellent job on ur blog. You've definitely come a long way and I'm so happy that u gave the award to some of my fav bloggers! :):):)

Genie Princess

Jean Chia said...

adrian! congrates on your award! you definitely have make it right to be receiving this award!

thanks for the award. It's my great pleasure to receive this award from the Genie King. thank you! :)

marzie, thanks for promoting my award room. hehe. and yeah!! you guys shd hv an award room too! but i am a little worried that you guys might need a whse instead of room. LOL!

Adrian said...

Buddy! Glad you found some space in that cramped up cabinet what with all you collection of awards...LOL Err can you make me one too ah? Taking up space on the sidebar LOL

Enjoy giving this award out to your fav bloggers too buddy! Like Ellie likes to say ...must share
Genie King

Adrian said...

Marzie! yeah lah that fellow must have at least three cabinets to keep all his goodies!

Thanks...yes the journey ahs been interesting and with interesting people too.

PS I picked them before you could nyanynaynaya! hehehe
Genie King

Adrian said...

Jean! Congrats to you too!! GK loves giving out awards lah! :)

So now how do we make our own Gudang for awards? LOL Maybe I should wish for one! :)

Genie King


Hi Adrian

I am inviting you to join in our cause and to unite all bloggers to stop child abuse. Please do drop by.

This will increase awareness among us all.

An 8 year old girl was raped and murdered brutally and the suspects are still at large..

Full story here

J@n!ce said...

Thanks for the award Adrian.
I got problem to load up the pictures on my sidebar now. I duno what is happening. Perhaps I need an award room like Jean too... hehe ;p

Janice Ng

Adrian said...

NAFA! Thank you fo rthe invite...I shall try to have the story up soon! Thank you for your noble effort to make this world a better place!

It just takes one to make a change!


Adrian said...

Janice! Congrats to you ...yeh preety soon we'll all need cabinets and rooms for the awards! I'm gonna build one soon too! :) Cheers Supermom! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I hit the mark? Who??
Ohh, ME!!
Genie Homer First EddieJohn Time Adrian King Dad, you are King of the Blogosphere's. An Award from you is like winning a house... a big one with green shudders and a cool double door entry!!!! :-)
I will "post with pride"

Sorry for being a little tardy, I was flying around on that carpet of yours. You left the keys in the ignition.... (LOL)!

You the BEST Genie King

Adrian said...

Speed almost didn't recognize my name there! LOL You're so funny dude! If thats the case you'll soon be a property magnate because I'll keep sending more awards your way! :):):)

So that's where that darn carpet of my looking high and low and wanted to post an APB out! :):)

Cheers speed and TGIF!! :)

Anonymous said...

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