Monday, October 1, 2007

Blogging Tips from Around the Globe

Morgan who owns The MiracleProcess tagged me with this one is all about blogging tips…

Here are the rules:

You are to copy the list, add your tip and pass it on. You are also supposed to add a star beside the tips that you like the best. Sounds easy enough, so here goes:

1. Look, read, and learn.
*2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other.
3. Don’t let money change ya!
4. Always reply to your comments.
*5. Blog about what you know & love.
6. Don’t use filthy language-buy a dictionary.
7. Blog about something educational
*8. Be yourself; others will follow
9. Don’t have too many blogs that will become a chore to maintain
10. Keep it simple, user-friendly, interesting and organized!
11. Keep the blog simple and sweet!!
12. Share with others your thoughts and don’t be shy!
13. Never ask for
link exchange. Blog hop to increase traffic.
14. Don’t clutter your blog with ads all over the place. IT’S IRRITATING.
*15. Don’t comment for the sake of commenting. Some looked too fake and its a big turn off!
16. Share something interesting and you will gain more readers.
17. Show that we care to all bloggers, treat each other as friends.
*18. Pictures say a million words. Keep them coming!
19. Blogging should be fun or you’ll get tired of it pretty soon.
20. Don’t think people will come to your blog if you’re not willing to pay a visit to them.
21. Everyone loves read short posting and best, illustrated with a picture
22. Try not to publish more than 5 posts in one blog a day. Even if it’s from feed reader, it’s quite hard to digest and catch up reading everything.
23. Blog, the other window to peek into people’s life, minus the trouble. keep a certain level of privacy to yourself.
24. Never tell your readers that you are going on vacation. That’s basically telling them to not visit your blog for a week. Instead, write several posts, and take advantage of the timestamp feature.
25. Try and write with people in mind that are “somewhat similar to you”. Allow your audience to identify with your blog and feel “at home”. 26. The key to a good article is a good introduction. A joke, a question or a picture does wonders.
27. If you are looking to earn an income blogging read and, you will be amazed at what you can learn.
28. Write for yourself first. Remember that it takes time, effort, patience…and above all, daring.
The Laidback Buddhist
29. Don’t offer opinions that are not based in the realm of personal knowledge…share yourself and your experiences…they speak louder then words
The MiracleProcess
*30. When you look make sure you SEE, When you listen make sure you HEAR, and when you talk make sure you SPEAK! First Time Dad

Now these are the next few whose wisdom and experience I would like to have a peek at… so I tag the following people because I know they will get a big kick out of finding out who they are too!

Janice Ng, Jean, Barrett, NAFASG and last but not least Nick! Okay, folks that is it for now…If you weren’t tagged don’t worry you will be soon enough!


J@n!ce said...

Adrian, thanks for reminding me that this is one meme that I've been tagged several times but havent get it up. Now that you posted it, I rem it... hehe ;p

Janice Ng

Joanne said...

Insightful words! I'm glad this meme brought your blog to my attention =)

(ps: nice song choice!)

Mariuca said...

GK, this reminds me that I have yet to do this tag for Morgan too! So many memes to do yet so lil time ;) I hope ur having a great day GK!!

Genie Princess

Jean Chia said...

hi adrian! thanks for the tag! but i've done this already!

i will add you to my list! :)

Colin said...

Hi Adrian,
Soooo many memes soooo little time :)

I’m just mooching around visiting all those tagged with Santa’s Christmas Meme and adding them to Technorati Fav’s along the way.

Have a great week

The Bimbo said...

And you've been tagged again!!! :) Happy doing!


simon said...

Good morning,

A few months ago I started to write a blog about my relations to other people, and to women in particular. As life takes its course, I have repeatedly been disappointed by women, but currently am courting a very nice girl who I am falling for.

To cut a long story short, I wanted to ask you if you'd be willing to exchange links with me? I believe my blog visitors are likely to be interested in your web site.

My blog's url is (not nearly as shallow as it sounds).

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Beste wishes,


Shinade said...

Whewwww....I did this one long ago. By the way...I am trying to figure out someway to get my page to load faster....I have a lady looking to do some design work for me....I know that will help everyone not on DSL...have a great day!!~Jackie

Adrian said...

Janice! Hope you get it done soon so that we can see what precious gems of advice the Supermom has for us! :)
Genie King

Adrian said...

Joanne! Welcome oh Laidback Buddhist! Yes this is an opportunity to check blogs taht are outside the circles we develop! Cheers!

Genie King

Adrian said...

Marzie!! you're right...we need to have a tag free month! Or we'll all be doing nothing but tags soon! LOL

Have a great day too Genie Princess! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

master Chef Jean! You've done it oredi! Good for ya and thanks for adding me to your list! :) Cheers!

Genie King

Adrian said...

Colin! Welcome! Thanks for dropping by and "mooching" you're welcome to mooch some more! LOL Cheers! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

Bobo! Thanks for the tag...I'll pick it up soon! :) Cheers! :)
Genie King

Adrian said...

Simon! Welcome! I'm really awful at putting up links and I'll try to put your up together wiht the others one of these days....when I get broadband at home. It should be soon but that's really wishful thinking! :) Cheers! :)
Genie King

Adrian said...

Jackie! Great athat you've done this already...I must admit that sometimes in my haste to get things done I just scan quickly through!
I'm glad you're trying to improve your site...I should be too cause it takes me ages to open up sometimes and even harder to leae comments! :) Cheers! :)
Genie King

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Buddy, why am I the last bu tnot least, huh!!!!!! Shouldn't I be the first ... LOL! Will work on it soon :)

Mariuca said...

GK!! Got ur scarf LOL! ;)

I finally did this meme, added u to my list, pls add me in here too! Thanks.. Tis the URL

Adrian said...

GP! You sure know how to make a wish come true! YAY!!! :):):) You really must be a genie princess! :)

I've added you to my list too! :)

Mummy to QiQi said... far the meme has travel. And with the tips given, am sure it is a good one to help us improve our blogging skill :p

Adrian said...

Hi Mummy! Welcome! yeah I liek this one...where I can give my five cents and have everyone read it! I like it cause it gives us an idea of how people think in a few short sentences! :) And I hope it goes the distance! :)

Cheers! :)

Genie King

Adrian said...

Nick! Opps I thought I answered your comment! I apologize! You're last because I saved the best for last! And if you believe that there is this bridge in Penaang I want to sell's going cheap! LOL

Cheers buddy! :)